Tour 423 Tourism Planning and Policies

Tour 423 Tourism Planning and Policies

Tour 423 Tourism Planning and Policies



Its a case study on over tourism and mass tourism Case Paper As mentioned in class, mass tourism or overtourism is a prevalent phenomena that puts tourism development in question. Typically the lack of planning and overly promoting the destination are to be blamed. In this paper, choose a mass tourism case but one that emphasizes a unique history or circumstance how it happened, as opposed to mass tourism that has been brought about merely by irresponsible marketing. Thinking as a tourism planner, what can you propose to mitigate this situation? Provide realistic and effective solutions for the improvement and resolution of the given scenario. Also, provide an example of another destination that has used this solution and how it worked properly. How effective do you think were the solutions? The Case Paper should have a well-articulated critique, deep analysis, a unique and novel issue, and outside-of-the-box thinking for your proposed mitigation strategies. Grade Weight: 15% Paper Format: Single space Times New Roman, or Arial, or Helvetica Neue Font size 12 No margin adjustments One column only Three full pages minimum – text only, excluding bibliography/references Others: APA referencing — in-text citations and references Minimum of four articles from tourism-related journals References must have: References — Tourism Journals References — General On your paper, do not summarize the story; go straight to the point and avoid lengthy “fillers” No use of first person (i.e.: “I think…”, “In my opinion…”, or “it gave me…”)

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