THE201 Christian Ethics

THE201 Christian Ethics

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THE201 Christian Ethics

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THE201 Christian Ethics

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Course Code: THE201
University: Alphacrucis College is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Write a paragraph explaining why you need to plan your study timetable to be successful in your studies.Write a brief paragraph to answer the following questions: a) How many tasks do you need to complete for Course 45261 Assignment Do you think some tasks will take longer than others? Which ones? c) Are all your tasks done at home, or do you need to do some work away from your desk?
How much extra time do you need to allow for work away from your desk?

Assignment 1
1.1) It is very important to plan a study timetable before the beginning of the course. It will be better to make such a timetable so the probable time for the study can be understood. There are so many kinds of tasks to be done. The time of doing the tasks will vary on their kind

a) Five tasks will have to be done to complete the course for 45261 Assignment 1. These tasks will have to be done very comprehensively as well.
b) Yes, some tasks will definitely longer than others. These are the practical tasks as these tasks will take longer time to be understood and implemented properly. The topic is also Christian ethics that is complex than other type of ethics.
c)No, all tasks will not be done at home. Some tasks will have to be done awy from the desk as well. The tutors of the various tutorials will help in this course as well by the help of TEEC. These tutorials will help the students to get an overview of the kinds of tasks to be done away from the desk.
d) These activities will take longer times to make an impact on the entire matter. Since it will take a long time away to complete the practical tasks like going through a study of the Bible, or proper scripture or any topics, the students might have to spend some months out of their house. One very important issue in this section is about finding the relevance of the studies properly.




Kind of tasks


Morning- Work, Afternoon- Church, Evening- Family

Doing the theoretical tasks at work and understanding its proper relevance from the church.


Morning- Church, Afternoon- Work, Evening- Family

In the morning, the survey would be taken regarding the Christian ethics as many people come to pray during that time.


Morning and Afternoon- Work, Evening- Family

There will be no time for going to church because of high work pressure. The family will have to be given priority as well.


Morning, Afternoon and Evening- Family

As there is some family crisis is going on, the entire day will have to be dedicated to the family and the family members.


Morning- Church, Afternoon and Evening- Work

In the morning, the priests will be interviewed to know the essential things about the Christian ethics. The work will have to be handled throughout afternoon and evening.


Morning- Work, Afternoon- Church, Evening- Family

The work will have to be completed beginning from morning. The church will be visited to mix with the people and gather knowledge about maintaining Christianity perfectly.


Morning, Afternoon and Evening- Family

As it is a holiday, the entire day will have to be given to the family and taking them to new places.

Task 2
2.1.) Choices are an integral part of the daily lives of men and women. This is why it is very important to take the decisions depending upon the best choices that could be made indeed. It is, therefore, mandatory to make the best choices and come to the best conclusion on which choice to opt for (McGrath 2016). Ethics is generally considered as the study based mainly on science and philosophy. It is all about choosing what is right and what is wrong. The choices should be made in such an ethical way that no tensions or conflicts can rise. Human beings should be allowed to think or act in particular way driven by the different ethical standards (McGrath 2016).
2.2) There are some elements that have been experienced in the land of Southern Africa. These elements will have to be identified in order to understand the impact of change that is taking place (Migliore 2014). These four elements are the processes of the transformation of the society, deep conflicts and rising tensions between the people, making impactful divisions between the rich and the poor and the curse of violence, injustice and disregarding the human rights. It is expected that the Christians should opt for bringing the positive change to the situation by the grace of love and ethics. They should find the means to enrich one another’s capabilities (Migliore 2014).
2.3.) African ethics is a very important part of the ethical standards all over the world. The view about life on the basis of the African ethics is somewhat holistic. African ethics mainly focuses on the communities rather than the individuals (McGrath 2016). This is completely opposite to that of the Western ethics that focuses on the individuals. The experts of the African ethics mainly depend on the development and well-being of the communities (Dolamo 2013).
2.4.) There are three things that could be listed in the elements that are influenced in ‘Our Context’. These three elements are the ways how the society is seen, what the vision for the society is and how the ethical decisions should be taken. This is how the ethical decisions should be managed in the best ways (Inge 2017).
2.5.) There are some methods by which the ethical decisions can be taken. These methods will be listed and highlighted in this section. These methods are extremely important to take the ethical decisions (Anderson 2014). These four methods of ethical decision making are 1) See, Judge and Act method, developed by the worker priest from Belgium named Joseph Cardijn, 2) method developed by Philip Wogaman’s named as Initial Presumption in Moral judgment, 3) Judith Caron- a model or method for taking the ethical decisions and 4) Skilled Helper Model developed by Egan (Anderson 2014).
2.6.) Some principles have been used in the interpretation of the Bible. These principles are very important to make the process make easier and make it available to most of the people. These principles are to 1) Read the text properly, 2) Using the whole canon (the entire Bible), 3) Considering the form of the passage and 4) Looking and considering the entire historical context.
2.7.) There are some eight main themes and principles regarding the Biblical ethics. The Bible discusses about the ethical decision making of the human beings. These themes always help the human beings to make the right moral judgment about the different critical situations they face in the ral life world. These eight themes are 1) Jesus as our guide, 2) The Call to Conversion, 3) The 10 Commandments, 4) The teachings of Jesus and the Early Church, 5) Justice, 6) The Sermon on the Mount, 7) Compassion and 8) Romans.
2.8.) Four types of love have been mentioned in the Bible. These various kinds of love are very much important for maintaining the standard of ethics in different areas. These four types of love are Eros, Philla, Storge and Agape. Eos love is the love that drives the human beings to find the beloved in order to find what he or she needs. Philla is the kind of friendship in which two main elements are mutual appreciation and respect. Storge is the general love between the different members of the same family and Agape is the love for Jesus in which people can distribute the selfless love indeed.
Task 3
3.1.) Many questions are concerned with the implications to ethics. When the matter of ethics is spoken about, many issues can be detected in this matter as well. Three questions will be highlighted here relating to the implications of ethics (Anderson 2014).

Why should I do this?
What is right and what is wrong?
What is good and what is bad?

These questions are indeed very important to the context since the ethical standards should be maintained by every human being. This will surely lead them to make a better man and perform their duties in a synchronized manner (Niebuhr 2012).
3.2.) Christian ethics is a very important thing in this entire context. The different social and moral issues are looked and analyzed from the perspective of the Christian faith. The Bible states that the human beings are called upon the earth to be the light and assist to bring in the reign of God. This simply means that the things should be judged from the viewpoint of right and wrong as the God has wanted to do.
3.3.) Ethical dilemma is a very important aspect when discussing about the morality and ethics in Christianity. The term ethical dilemma deals with human beings taking the personal decisions being taken in their lives (Gill 2012). The way of taking the personal ethical decisions should be the criteria for discussing about the ethical dilemmas. The ethical principles are made clearer and very specific in order to help the human beings to make strong decisions indeed. The moral reasoning should be done by the concerned human beings before they take any decision. This should obviously help them to take the right and best decisions from all perspectives (Gill 2012).
3.4.) Ethical issues are also very important things in the context of the Christian theology or Christian ethics. The human beings many tough situations in taking thee decisions in the larger issues. The moral and logical decisions should always be taken in solving the complicated issues that are related to logic (Wells, Quash and Eklund 2017). There are many things or issues about which the Church will have to give the proper responses or inform their stand points. The thinking and reasoning should be practiced in order to get the best results. People always want to believe in the absolute things for the betterment of their souls. In the current times, people do not believe that church is the ultimate authority. This is why they can judge the things told by the Church with much logic and reasoning. The various ethical issues can be conveyed through the implementation of the ethical standards. This will surely strengthen the bonds between the human beings and the God.
3.5.) a) It has to be remembered in this aspect that there are more than two kinds of ethics in the African ethics. It has been noticed that the traditional communities are being broken down. This is why their integrity is being lost somewhere. They are trying to revive it with the help of the traditional communities (Wells, Quash and Eklund 2017). The urbanization program has become very rapid. The influence of the Western culture has given a huge influence on Africa indeed. The most important and central principle of the African ethics is relatedness. The things that are happening in the African society should be found out properly.

The meaning of utilitarianismmeans the bringing out the best in everything. The greatest good in everything should be brought out in this situation. John Stuart Mills invented the form of utilitarianism in the society. It is really very important to produce the best results for all the things that the human beings do. The traditional teaching should be provided to bring out the same (Graham 2018).
The stress on relativism is given when the main purpose is to take the most ethical decisions in everything. The more stress should be given on the critical thinking and reasoning indeed. These issues should be sorted by implying upon the best rational and ethical theories indeed. As the traditional community life had broken down the idea of relativism had come into existence. The absolute matter between right and wrong is not implemented here.
The third issue in this section is that of the virtue ethics.In this type of ethics, the traditional communities are allowed to make the decisions in the most ways indeed. The people who have contributed their merits in virtue ethics are Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas. The principles and norms in the society are given the most importance indeed (Graham 2018).

Task 4
4.1.) The ethical problem is a very important factor here since helping the poor people in the informal settlement area should be helped on priority basis. On the other hand, the purchase of car for the Minister is an important agenda as well (Frost and Hirsch 2013). The main ethical problem or issue is to choose the correct alternative among the two. In this problem scenario, the situation should be defined and analyzed properly indeed. The purchase of the car can be delayed because somehow the car can be temporarily amended. However, the lives of the shelter less people are in dire trouble. The probable consequences will have to be thought about properly as well.
4.2.) The See-Act-Judge model or concept is a very important tool to measure and find the best
way out from this problem scenario. The final step of the model or the act step is the one where the decisions are being taken indeed.
Step 1: See
Should the money be used for buying the car or to help the helpless people?
This step is the main or central step of the model. The facts in this section would have to be found and it has been found that many people have become without home. Around 30 shacks were being burnt down. This has been a huge trouble for all the people. The people would have to be helped and the only money that the church then had was the money to buy the car. The fact is the money could be spent for one cause only. If they did not spend the money for the poor homeless people, it would not be proper for the humanity (Maitland 2014).
Step 2: Judge
The importance of these two options would have to be judged in this option.
To use the money for buying the car



· It would be easy for the Minister to travel without any problems.
· The old car can be disposed.
· The new car will last for a long time.

· The money would be spent completely and no other help can be done for the community.
· The Church will take a lot of time to respond to other issues.

To use the money for helping the poor homeless people



· The society and community should be helped properly.
· Many homeless people will find a temporary shelter indeed.
· The priests in the church and others will get blessings from God (Sharma 2016).

If the money is used for this cause, the car cannot be bought for the Minister.

Step 3: Act
The decision is taken in this step. The decision that has been taken as per the problem scenario is the money should be used for the homeless people where around 30 shacks were being burnt down (Herrin 2016). It is because for the well being of the humans and the community. This would please the God and the poor souls who are left out on the road without any food or drink. This is why the Church should expense the money for this cause only. The car can be bought later but the well being of the humanity should be the first priority (Gerami 2012).
4.3.) The Biblical issues are very important in this discourse as well. The ethical decisions should be completely made on the moral judgments. The critical components should be measured in this scenario as well. The ethical decisions should be made on the basis of the Biblical guidance. The God will be pleased as Jesus has always said to help the human beings. This willingness of the human beings should depend on the ethical decision making of the human beings. The well being of the human beings should always be committed (Leith 2017). As those people were struggling, it was the responsibility of the Church to help the human beings. The responsibility sense of the church will always guide them to the ethical decisions indeed. All the sins will be salvaged through this kind of deed. Thus they should be the ones who would take the initiative to save the lives of those helpless people. The God will always guide them to do such ethical things in the future as well.
Task 5
5.1.) a) Most of the Christians always believe that the Bible is very much authoritative. The decision making issues that have been detailed in the Bible are mostly based on the Christian ethics. The Bible has inspired many human beings in a lot of ways. The Bible guides the human beings in difficult issues by helping them to take the correct ethical decisions. However, it has also been said that the Bible does not make all the ethical decisions so the human beings will have to make the decisions properly as well. The ethical decisions should be made on the various things as per the Bible has said (Leith 2017).

b) There are certain things or problems that are faced by the Christians while discussing about the ethics. Bible does not guide the guide the human beings to take the ethical decisions in all the difficult things. As a matter of fact the lives of the human beings should be shaped to be like that of Jesus Christ Himself (Jones 2013). The Bible is generally written up by several authors and the writing styles are different as well. The Scripture will have to be followed in this section as well. The Bible does not even gets the opportunity to discuss about the scenarios like international trade relations, arms control or improvements in the medical technology.

The Christians always follow the Bible and the Jesus Christ. They follow Christ as they believe in Him completely. The Bible and the Holy Spirit always guides us in this matter as well. The use of the ‘proof texts’ has also created a problem in implementing the Christian or Biblical ethics as well. The Bible is believed to be a sacred text for all the Christians but it has also been said that the above mentioned issues are not described in the Bible as well. The conversion in Christianity has been an interesting thing since the people would have to turn to God and it is a lifelong process as well (Chan 2012). These different problems should be overcome by all the human beings in order to enjoy the life without committing any sins. The lives should get easier if the teachings of Bible can be utilized properly.
5.2.) A member of the Christian community will help the common human beings in the best ways to learn about the teachings about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has always asked the human beings to help and assists the poor and oppressed people within the society. The member in the Christian community will always ask the concerned people to do the needful to help the poor people in the society as well. He will guide the people to stay away from all the sins the world has witnessed. He will ask them to forgive the sinners because Jesus has always asked to hate the sin and not the sinner (Mill 2016).
Both the strangers and the enemies are there within the society. The member in the Christian community will guide the others to show kindness to the needy. The inner feeling and the attitude of these people will be a huge thing in this course as well. Everyone should be loved. Everyone should behave religiously and with kindness just like the Good Samaritan (Mulgan 2014). The member of the Christian community should ask the common people to be compassionate towards the others. This would lead them towards the gate of Heaven and salvage their sins. The evil of death can be overcome by the compassionate behavior towards the needy people.
5.3.) Women are considered to be one of the most beautiful creations of God indeed. The women should always be looked and treated with proper respect. As the women are the future mothers and the givers of life, the respect should always be there for them indeed. The God is the ultimate persona who has all the good in Him (Banks 2012). God is the person who directs the human beings and gives them the proper inspiration. God is the primary source of all the moral requirements within the human beings and women are the embodiments of pureness and love. This is why they should be treated with love and respect and not any types of violence or disrespect (Lo 2012).
5.4.) The role of the women in the church should be discussed in this section. There are two types of notions in Christianity that centers on the role of women in the Bible and in the Church. The traditional view in this aspect can be considered as women to be very passive and submissive. It says that the women should be confined within the household and depends on their husbands. The women can have her own sphere of life where she can practice her own spiritual beliefs but at the end she must surrender to the male dominance within the society as well. The men should be the ones who would be the leaders in the home and the church as well. The hierarchical relationship is the thing in this context that will have to be looked upon in this section.
There is another view in this context in the role of women in the Christian community and Church. This view is called the Egalitarian view. This view has expressed that there are no reasons as to why the women cannot turn out to be the leaders at the home or in the church. It has to be believed that the God had made the human beings in the image of both male and female. Therefore, it has to be admitted that both the men and women can share the same relationship with the God. They are the same and they are the reflections of the God only. The women give birth to the children that the men cannot. This is why the women have the power of giving birth and extend the order of the human beings in the society. This is why there is no point in making the women as submissive or bowing down to the authority of their male counterparts. This should be applied to both the Christian community and the Church as well.
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