SLE215 Ecotourism And Environmental Interpretation

SLE215 Ecotourism And Environmental Interpretation

SLE215 Ecotourism and Environmental Interpretation

Your Task

Develop your ideas for future interpretation opportunities at your selected site.

Your task is to write a report outlining an interpretation plan, including the following sections.

Aim And Visitor Experience

In this section you should outline the aim of your interpretation service and/or resource. What type of visitor is your interpretation aimed at? What information or messages are you trying to convey? What do you hope the outcome would be after visitors have been exposed to your interpretation service or resource? What is the visitor experience you are hoping to achieve?


A summary of the most important ideas or concepts you would like to communicate to visitors. These should be new ideas to add to or complement what is already at the site. Your themes should be expressed in clear statements and will form the building blocks of your interpretive services or resources.

Suggested Interpretation Service And/Or Resource

What would your interpretation service or resource be? Would it be an ecotour, a guided walk, a fact sheet, a sign, a mobile phone app, a virtual visit, an interpretive dance (etc.)? Select one (or more) and outline your ideas with text, diagrams, photos… however you like! You will not be marked on the actual design but you will be marked on how effectively you convey the content of your interpretation idea. That is, if you were working for a park management agency or a local council and had to communicate your ideas to a multi- media and marketing team, would they understand the content and understand how it links with the purpose of your interpretation plan as outlined above?

Issues And Challenges

Once you have developed your ideas, note any challenges you had doing so. Sometimes we start with a great idea for an interpretive resource but find there is a lack of information about the particular feature we are interested in; for example, the history of the site, the biology of the animal/plant species, the geology of the site, the sustainable or unsustainable use of a resource, etc.

Comment on any further information you would need before you could implement your interpretation plan. What would be needed to source this information?

Environmental Management Strategies

The final section of your report should include a short discussion of the environmental management implications of your suggested interpretive service/resource. For example, if your plan involves more visitors to the site, how would this impact the environment and what management strategies could be used to minimise these impacts?

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