SBM1300 Research Project Management

SBM1300 Research Project Management

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SBM1300 Research Project Management

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SBM1300 Research Project Management

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Course Code: SBM1300
University: Asia Pacific International College is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


What is the relationship between ageing aircraft and registered country of aircraft Commercial airline accident data taken from Aviation Safety Network’s database of airline accidents Are there CS R&D issues which could lead to enhanced CS process application in aerospace industry and more efficient aircraft operations Hypothesis testing
What is importance of electronic wiring interconnecting systems in aircraft safety The answer been directed on the expert opinion (Xiao Nve, 2011). In here the expert opinion is applied which compare a formal pair experimenting acquiring the wiring the rate of failure of data. The main keywords looked in details being comparison pairing, Environment wiring and failure in aircraft wirings.
What is relationship for probability of wire failure and influencing factors in an aircraft environment The answer been directed on the judgements of the experts indicated or denoted as Expert Judgment in the Journal (Mazzuchi, 2008). The answer being directed on the failure of the wires that attributes to factors and assessment of the risk wire failing to become a task that is important and increasingly rapidly.
What are impacts of aviation accidents on aviation safety development The answer side-lined was based on the timeline approach and Accident analysis. The analysis shows that the accidents have led to very major changes in policy, regulation and the technology inn general but the results are termed to be very reactive as it may be opposed to solutions that are proactive (Motevalli, 2006).
What are problems against efficient aviation safety in Nigeria and minimize aircraft crash occurrences in Nigerian air space Interview of Directors of Federal Airport Authorityof Nigeria, Civil Aviation Authority and Nigeria Air Space Management Authority. The answer was answer based on Nigeria experience. The study indicated that the aviation industries were underfunded which gave rise to problems or issues such as cargo screening machines, lack of adequate security personnel and outdated directional amenities amongst others. The keyword being aviation, policy and legal and mostly how it affected Nigeria (Omoleke, 2012).


Aging aircraft issues has caused a lot of issues to many aircraft in Australia. These problems are mainly or due to frame of time, the usage and the factors such as obsolescence (Iyyer1, 2008). Management problems that faces the operators of aging aircrafts in Australia are:

How to maintain the inventory and readiness of operational requirements?
Maximizing the latest technical advances and minimizing the cost of impact?
The need for ensuring any age related problems prediction and mitigation by ensuring fleet safety and ways of minimizing the risks associated.
What is required for keeping the Aging Aircraft to be always in service beyond goals designed originally.

This chapter introduces us the analysis of the case study. This may be explained in reference to the demographic or the population working within aviation area with wide knowledge in Aircraft. The analysis is with reference to what the data of the population entails that is in terms of the respondent’s profiles taking in to consideration the age, years of experience and the level of education. Also the research questions will be answered with reference to what our respondents will answer us. The last section is a brief summary of what this chapter will discuss.
4.1 Demographic data analysis.
Demographic analysis in terms of data and with relation to our case study Aging aircraft issues can be explained as the technique that will be used so that we can develop an understanding of the age, based sex, and the decomposition of race in a population and how this has been influenced or altered over specified time through the basic processes of demographic that is birth, death and migration in total (, 2010). In chapter three we discussed the research design in details where data analysis was done in an effective way that is in terms of quantitative data collection method.
The research uses the primary data collection wherein the survey became conducted by usage of a well-established questionnaire meant for 10 plane producers and 10 aviation enterprise specialists chosen purposively for the research. A total of 20 respondents who were questioned in form of answering a questionnaire booklet where 49% were female and 51% were male. All the respondents were aged 18 and above and the large number were aged that is between 30 to 55 years totalling to 70%. 75% had attained masters or above in their education level. 60% were employed on fulltime basis while the other 40% were on part time workers. This survey covered the entire Australia Aging Aircrafts producers and aviation enterprises that work in or very close with the Aging aircrafts in Australia. 
4.2 Descriptive profile of the variables (e.g. independent and dependent).
Many research projects rotates around variables. Variable is defined as the attributes of an individual, group, system of education or the environment of interest to be studied in the research. Variables can be up-front and very easy while measuring them, this include the sex, age of the participants and the course of the study at that particular time. There are other variables that are very complex including Socioeconomic status, achievement in terms of academic, the school attitude.
Variables includes other aspects such as the educational system, specifically the teaching methods programs such as counselling. Environment features or the attributes may be also variables in that some of the situation such as amount for funding the school or the computers availability. Therefore, once we have identified topic to be researched, the researcher of the topic have to identify the key interested variables that are key for the research.  There are two types of variables i.e. the dependent variable and the independent variables. Dependent variables are those variables depending on other measured factors. This types of variables are always expected to be altered as an effect of an manipulated experiment of this independent variables. It is referred to as the Presumed effect. Lastly the Independent Variables are variables that are remains stable and are not affected by other variables one may be trying to measure. This is termed to as the condition of an experiment that can be systematically manipulated by the researcher. It is referred to as the Presumed Cause.
This chapter above describes the demographic data analysis of the aging aircraft that is in terms of the profile of the respondents with reference to age, the number of years in experience and the highest level of education. The later was the variables definitions in terms of the two classifications that is the independent variables and the dependent variables. The last part was answering the research questions with reference to the assigned articles. The above chapter will help us in detailing the findings as it is supposed to be in the next chapter.
This chapter introduces us in to more explanations on our findings in the previous two chapters. Much will be the discussions on how the aging aircraft factors to make it a success in managing its risks while exploring. Discussing the major findings in details after answering our research questions in chapter four above. After discussing the detailed findings, a summary of the findings should be indicated and given in brief. The other issue to be approached is how exploring critical success factors in managing risk in ageing aircraft has really contributed to this study. The limitations of the study and how this is implicating the current practices and for future research in case there happen to be another research in the same area. Lastly is the overall conclusion of the study and the summary the chapter in general.
5.1 Discussion on the findings
The finding for research question one was ageing aircraft risks –such as operational usage, aircraft value, squadrons and age. The knowledge gap experienced in the findings was that the technologies for proactive condition-based inspections for ageing fleet safety. For the second research question the finding is that Travelling risk in older aircraft is higher. Permanent monitoring, detection & remedy for heavily used older aircraft. Safety culture shift to master-oriented type from production-oriented type. Need for sound internal safety system
The other finding was the availability and price of new aircraft weighed against operational efficiency and maintenance costs of older aircraft. The recommendation on the findings was the Physical detection of multi-site damage as it is the knowledge gap. The fourth finding was the accident frequency increased with aircraft’s age. Knowledge gap being the differences in safety and maintenance regulations across the world.
Another finding realised was that the ageing aircraft are affected by continual exposure to environmental operation conditions. The knowledge gap being the incorporation of Cold gas dynamic spray in lifecycle management activities of aircraft.
Wiring environment principles and failure rate comparison methods for aircraft risk assessment was the other finding. The finding was Based on one aircraft type for two wiring environment hence widening the knowledge gap. The next finding was the wire failure probabilities estimated through environmental conditions, vibration and wire gauge. Only theoretical basis being the knowledge gap in the findings.
Aviation safety is mostly affected by ageing aircraft and maintenance summing up to our next finding. Examined civil air transport accidents over 15-year period (1988-2003) Human & material resources problems, institutional weaknesses & agency underfunding causing use of older aircrafts. Implementation of national and international aviation laws.
New work arrangements increased supply chain usage to quickly develop than responses raised by airline and regulator to safety problems. No public scrutiny of aviation regulators and government agencies in Australia to revise inspection protocols and enforcement. Elastic wave propagation & electro-mechanical impedance used simultaneously with piezoelectric-wafer active sensors on existing aging aircraft structures. Advanced signal processing and identification of spectrum features sensitive to crack presence required
Reliability evaluation of aircraft fuselage lap joints under corrosion and fatigue. Corrosion Fatigue Reliability of Aging Structures not examined on actual ageing aircraft. Aircraft accidents due to pilot error caused by ageing aircraft System reliant on flaw detector performance. Safety designs to be introduced for ageing aircraft to prevent functional defects and fatal breakdown. Separate accident prevention measures for various aircraft types
Safety aviation records different in commercial aviation and in the world. Proactive steps to promote aviation safety Global safety regulations decrease aviation accidents. Current aviation regulations cannot accommodate global oversight. Newer materials necessary to upgrade life expectation of aircraft. Requires substitutes for retrofitting.
Aircraft maintenance can lower aircraft downtime and enhance quality. Air fuel costs not considered in operation and maintenance. Individual components reach end of life faster than the aircraft. Holistic approach of obsolescence of the aircraft
One of the contribution that came up was building of a team work within this aviation learning institution. The other contribution in the study is implementing of systems that are in compatible with the current technology as this will help in exploring the critical success factors in managing risk in ageing aircraft.
The research took some time. Some of the limitations encountered were that when data was being collected. Some members selected for the questionnaire were not pleasing. The response of some members was incomplete. The effort needed was much more considering the time frame.
The other limitation was that the cost of doing research was more considering the transport. Performing the demographic data analysis was very complex as many felt uneasy in disclosing their level of education as well as the number of years of experience in the institution.
The other limitation is the availability of the respondents. How reliable and open they were in answering the research questions.
Lastly but not least is the lack of team work within the organization. This made the research design formulation and implementation hard as some of the work or research required team for easy and detailed analysis at the end. The schedule set collided with the aviation and aging aircraft staff in many ways so it became hard to really question the targeted number without alteration.
5.5 Implications of the study
 5.5.1 Implications for current practices
The current practices in the current ageing aircraft has been widely described in that they have resulted to some desired and undesired implications as listed below. The current ageing aircraft risks in travelling is becoming higher. Another implication is that the frequency on how the accident are happening in this ageing aircrafts is going higher in that they are bringing in the fear and worry to flights boarders. The safety in this ageing aircrafts has been affected deeply especially by terrorism as their systems are prone to attack by armed terrorists.
5.5.2 Implications for future research.
As seen from the current practices the implications for future research will be to close the knowledge gaps between them such as the need for sound internal safety system in those ageing aircraft. The gaps such as advanced signal processing and identification of spectrum features sensitive to crack presence required will be in need. All these research implications for future will be allowed or will come to take effect if all these mentioned knowledge gap mentioned here are closed.
5.6 Overall conclusion of the study
The study took in to consideration the answers given by the 20 respondents selected to participate in answering the questionnaire. The answers given helped in giving out a good and deep analysis in our study.
When it comes to exploring the critical success factors in managing the risks in these ageing aircrafts, these older aircrafts should not be abolished but better ways to avoid this risks while managing should be put in to implementation. Such ways are to work towards achieving the safety of the clients or customers but not to compete with the others. This will reduce terrorism acts and much more bring faith to the people that they can work also with these ageing aircrafts no matter the situation they seem to be as they are also part of the Australia Airport Authority.
As a conclusion if all discussed above in all chapters will be critically analysed and put in to consideration then it will eradicate all the issues and the challenges encountered by these aging aircraft. Bridging the gaps always solve the problems encountered currently and those anticipated to happen in the future. These will help to explore the factors for success especially in managing this risks.
To summarize on this chapter, the emphasis was based on discussing details on the findings, how this study has contributed generally, the implications currently practiced and those that are anticipated in the future same research will be done. Also the limitations that were encountered such as cost and bad experience with the respondents. In summary these chapter discussed chapter four in details analysing all what we got in chapter 4 and 3 and giving out our findings and clearly indicating how these has affected the current environment and if implemented how the will bring the success factors in managing risks in this ageing aircraft in Australia.
Ahmet Atak, S. K. (2011, February). Safety culture in an aircraft maintenance organisation: A view from the inside. Safety Science, 49(2), 268-278. (2010). Coverage Measurement, Demographic Analysis. Retrieved from
Iyyer1, N. (2008). Management of Ageing Aircraft using Deterministic and Probabilistic Metrics.
Jr, C. V. (2013, july). Analyzing aviation safety: Problems, challenges, opportunities. Research in Transportation Economics, 43(1), 148-164.
Mazzuchi, T. A. (2008, May). A paired comparison experiment for gathering expert judgment for an aircraft wiring risk assessment. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 93(5), 722-731. Retrieved from
Milan.Janic. (2000). An assessment of risk and safety in civil aviation. Journal of Air Transport Management, 6.
Motevalli, V. L. (2006, September 28). Review and Analysis of the Effects of Major Aviation Accidents in the United States on Safety Policy, Regulation, and Technology. 45, 137-155. Retrieved from
Omoleke. (2012, february 28). Legal policy and aviation industry in Nigeria: Constraints to optimal safety of air transportation. Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research, 4(1). Retrieved from
S.Pitt, R. (1997, December). Multiple-site and widespread fatigue damage in aging aircraft. Engineering Failure Analysis, 4(4), 237-257. Retrieved from
Sankaran Mahadevan. (2001). Corrosion fatigue reliability of aging aircraft structures. Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials, 188–197. Retrieved from
Sarah Gregson, I. H. (2015, july 8). Supply chains, maintenance and safety in the Australian airline industry . Journal of Industrial Relations. Retrieved from
Smith, R. A., Bending, J. M., Jones, L. D., Jarman, T. R., & Lines, D. I. (2003, march 1). Rapid ultrasonic inspection of ageing aircraft . Insight – Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring, 45. doi:
Xiao Nve, M. Z. (2011). Selection of Wiring Environment and Failure Rate Comparison Analysis in Aircraft Wiring Risk Assessment. Procedia Engineering, 17, 428-432. Retrieved from

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