Re-Sit Management

Re-Sit Management

Re-Sit Management

The assignment:

The assignment consists of three questions. Make sure you provide an answer to these questions and an argument supporting your answers.

Question 1:

One example of a company that has changed the whole industry is Uber. Even as recent as 5 years ago the taxi services business seemed like a very saturated market without a lot of room for improvement or innovation. Nevertheless, a new concept was pioneered by Uber and the company value has sky rocketed creating a $68 billion company. This innovative (disruptive) change has had a big effect within the taxi transportation services. The official description of Uber is that it is an e-commerce services business that provides e-commerce services for car hire. The company offers a website that allows users to request a car for hire from any mobile device text message.
If you apply the 7S model, which three factors have contributed most to the success of Uber and make sure you clearly state the arguments about why you think these three factors have been important for Uber. To answer this question you can look at the attachments 1-4 below but please do your own research as well in order to have a better understanding of the internal organizational environment of Uber.

Question 2:

Apply the Porter 5-forces model to the taxi services industry in South-East Asia. You need to tell something about all forces, reference to your sources and comment on the importance and the strength or weakness of all the forces. Last but not least you need to give an overall judgement over the industry with a particular focus on the Asian market (see Attachment 1 and 3). When you provide your overall judgment of the industry please consider that traditional taxi companies and many governments have complained about unfair competition from Uber and other similar companies and a lot of legal issues have arisen (see Attachment 2 and 3 as a starting point).

Question 3:

Give an example of another (existing or future) transport industry concept and explain why you think this is or could be successful in the future. When you provide your answer please consider the competitive forces in the industry which you have already considered in question 2 for the Asian market. To answer question 3 you can focus on the taxi services but you could also think of other more traditional examples (airlines, trains, boat etc.). See Attachment 4 as a starting point to generate some ideas for answering this question.

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