PROJ2205 Risk Management in Project Management

PROJ2205 Risk Management in Project Management

PROJ2205 Risk Management in Project Management



You have been assigned as the Project Manager for the LaLaLand Library Central Branch Renovation Project. Aspart of the Facilities, Maintenance & Construction Project division, you have done several similar projectsbefore but none with the Library Division. Please carefully read the Project Charter for the Project which followsas part of this documentation package.
The Charter and budget have just been approved and you are now in a position to start more advanced planning. As part of this planning initiative from a Risk perspective, you will need to do the following:
1. Create a Risk Management Plan with a suitable risk framework diagram that will discuss yourapproach to running this project as well as include the other components of a valid risk management
plan. The use of a template is highly recommended.Components to be included:
Approach based on your framework diagram, documented step by step for the Project.
A risk matrix properly configured needs to be explained, used and provided as reference inyour risk management plan.
A Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS) linked to your risk register via a category column.
A list of Stakeholders for the project.
Documentation of Assumptions and Constraints for the Project.
2. Generate a Risk Register for the LaLaLand Library Central Branch Renovation Project fully completedand including at least 25 risks.
Please provide this list of risks in a risk register template. A sample template format has beenprovided in the appendix C of the Charter which is used in the LaLaLand City Project Office.

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