PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy

PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy

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PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy

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PHIL 1301 Introduction To Philosophy

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Course Code: PHIL1301
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Do the critical research on philosopher Karl Marx. The article link is mentioned below:


An opinion about karl marx

Karl Marx a German sociologist and thinker of politics who is also referred to as the father of communism. He believed in the theory of equalising and common ownership. He aimed to dissolve the capital class and achieve a system of socio-economic equality. The study aims to discuss about the philosophical view points of different philosophers about Karl Marx. The study will aim on the philosophy of Karl Marx, but it will focus on a particular topic that I have found interesting and would like to share it here. The topic that I will focus in this paper is “class for itself”. The paper will show how the philosopher has shown his view point, it will also include an contrary on the same view. I found it interesting because it is one of the eligible truth of society and we often see this fact in our daily life. However, I would try to show in this paper that the philosophical view had an realistic fact in the life of the deprived section of the society. The theory of class conflict is evitable and the deprived sections must be given a platform in the society.
Karl Marx theory of class in itself and class for itself highlights two different phase of thinking of the lower section of society. The philosophy states that the workers becomes conscious and shares the common problem faced by them against the capitalists that is formed by the higher section of society. The worker class forms a “class in itself” to share their grievances. Later that group or section develops an awareness thus forming a social class that opposes the bourgeoisie. This time the workers become “class for itself”. This theory of Karl Marx have motivates the social class to rise and raise a voice for them. It claims that every section of the society should be considered as equal and have equal right in everything.. On the other hand it is said that this theory does not value the concept of private ownership. The right to have a private property will be lost as this theory claims equality to all. The right to have a private business, property will be lost. However, I think the right to equality is a better option rather than making a section of society suffer and on the other side a section will cherish all the luxury of the society. The view of the author has a relevant point but yet that can be accepted if equality is maintained in every section of the society. It will be injustice for the social group to always play the sufferers role and the capitalists will form the authority.
The term class-consciousness refers to the set of believes an individual holds about the economic rank in the society. It is an awareness that sparks the key to revolution transforming the society into a equalised social class. He wanted to transfer the waging earning lower class to a ruling class having the equal right to live and get all the necessary rights for living. However, another philosopher opposes it as he states that each class has a determined standard that can be achieved by them. He said class consciousness is not a  origin but an achievement to receive. It must be achieved with your own effort and skills. However, I support this counterpart as it is more logical and has fact. I believe there must be equal opportunity for every class but the class must achieve it with their own effort. If this is a privilege given to them only on the basis of their rights then it will once again become a monopoly in the society.
Marx has always claimed that the society has two classes, the capitalist and the socialists. The capitalists are the ruling class and the socialists are the ruled class. He has explained the history of the war between the ruling class and the rule class. An argument stated by economist states that Marx has mixed up the and confused between the classes and castes. He stated that Karl Marx theory is valid only in few social conditions and not in every states. He gave example of slaves and slavery that was a common thing and there can not be any objections against this. I agree to this contrary also as it is justified that a section of society is allotted to do a lower level work and there cannot be any objection against this.
The concept of class consciousness develops an awareness of themselves as creating a social class to oppose the bourgeoisie. He believed that workers first creates a group to share common grievances and then develop a sense of awareness of forming a social class against the capitalists. His point was opposed by another Marxist  who stressed on the need of distinguishing class consciousness and the feeling of originally held by the society members. He mentioned the chances of false consciousness that defines a distorted understanding of the class identity. However I support Marx in this theory as capitalism leads to increasing inequality in economic situation, that reduces the power of workers and decreases profit. The view of Karl Marx is justified that the labour class leads the society and if they are neglected and rejected in the society then there are chances that the society will suffer an economic loss. As this section of the society brings the laborious income to the nation. However, this labour is never paid off and that is where the philosopher Karl Marx have tried to put a stop.
Later on the view point of Karl Marx was redefined and sectioned into different dimensions that stated class belongings, identity, classless society and class totality.  These are formed by the corresponds to experiences that had generated the thought of class awareness.
Although, I had started the research with the idea that the deprived sections must be given equal priority and position in comparison to the capitals. The thought was diverted at certain points as mentioned in the above paragraphs. I realized after completing the research that no sections should be given the privilege without a reason. It has to be achieved by the quality and capability of the individual. If the ruled section is given priority on the basis of their living standard then there will be a chance that someday they might also turn out to be equally inefficient and dominating just like the present ruling society. Every individual must learn to achieve the position with their own efforts and hard work. They should know the value of position, then only they can value others. The research has cleared my idea that the philosophy of class conflict is not about only giving a platform to the weaker section but it is about giving the rights to the one who deserves it. The study has also made my concept clear that even though the powerful society is ruling, they are nothing without the worker society. Hence, considering all the thoughts and counter thoughts it can be concluded that equality is for everyone but it has to be achieved with your own efforts and hard work.
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Von Mises, Ludwig. Socialism: An economic and sociological analysis. Lulu Press, Inc, 2015.

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