Performance Managemant For HR

Performance Managemant For HR

Performance Managemant for HR

Critical approach to the topic (10 marks)
1. The body of the report is consistent with the executive summary and introduction and critically analyses the topic.
2. Analysis shows knowledge of relevant theory and practice in HR strategy in Australia.
3. There is a balance between descriptive and analytical content, with a strong emphasis of critical analysis.
4. The topic is discussed using relevant and appropriate theoretical frames, and these are supported by the use of at least eight primary sources (e.g. refereed journal articles)
Line of argument (15 marks)
1. The introduction outlines the main proposition of the report and body develops a clear line of argument. The argument is incisive and includes a concise, relevant treatment of the issues.
2. The conclusion and recommendations draws together the main points of the report and demonstrates a plausible, insightful, and rationally persuasive point at which to end the argument.
Use of academic literature/overall presentation (5 marks)
1. Judicious and appropriate use of at least five (5) academic journal articles or research book chapters.
2. Makes limited use of textbook (or other text books), relying on primary sources to support their argument.
3. Sources are referenced consistently and comprehensively using the APA6 referencing system.
4. Use of language appropriate to an academic report; Presentation is professional (e.g. spell and grammar checked, judicious use of headings, etc).
HC2101 Performance Management Tri1 2017 9
Prescribed Textbook (compulsory)
Prescribed Textbook:
Kramar et al. (2014) Human Resource Management in Australia 5th ed. McGraw-Hill
Additional Textbook References
Katzenbach, J 2001, Peak performance: aligning the hearts and minds of your employees, Harvard Press, New
The Australian Human Resources Institute:


Society for Human Resource Management:
HR Guide Australia:
It is strongly recommended that students read business columns in newspapers magazines and online.
Session Topic Tutorial Assessment due
1 Introduction to performance management
2 What is performance? Triple bottom line approaches. Tutorial 1
3 Measuring Performance Tutorial 2
4 Selecting a job analysis method Tutorial 3
5 Selection and recruitment – Part 1 Tutorial 4
6 Selection and recruitment – Part 2 Tutorial 5 In Class test
7 Human Resource planning and HRIS Tutorial 6
8 Workforce diversity and career planning Tutorial 7
9 Conducting performance reviews Tutorial 8
10 Diminished performance Tutorial 9
11 Occupational Health & Safety
Evaluating and improving the HR function
Tutorial 10
12 Revision
* Note: Students must consult the Academic Calendar and Blackboard for the dates of the Study
and Examination Week.
HC2101 Performance Management Tri1 2017 10
Studying in higher education presents many experiences and challenges. These might involve academic, personal and/or professional issues. At Holmes Institute, we have a range of people who can help you with various challenges. The following table identifies contact points should you require any support.
Information for Current Students
Holmes Institute Student Handbook:
Academic Probation / Mentoring
Academic Mentors, Associate Dean
Holmes Institute Home Stay
Computers, Blackboard, Email
IT Help Desk
Disability Needs
Holmes Institute Campus Directors
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Career Development Team
Higher Education Coordinator
Higher Education Coordinator
Financial Issues
Holmes Institute Campus Directors
Personal Issues
National Higher Education Program Manager, Mentoring Team
Proquest Database
Librarian on each Campus
Study Skills
Holmes Institute Academic Support & Study Skills Team
Visa Issues, COEs etc.
Higher Education Coordinator
This subject outline was prepared by the Course Development Team for the Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Higher Education, Holmes Institute. It was correct at the time of publication. Change to the Subject Outline may occur at any time. However, the Faculty of Higher Education endeavours to inform the students accordingly. This publication is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process or placed in computer memory without written permission. Enquires should be made to Holmes Institute Faculty of Higher Education. © Copyright 2010.
HC2101 Performance Management Tri1 2017 11

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