Organizational Diversity

Organizational Diversity

Organizational Diversity



Option #1:Organizational Diversity For this portfolio assignment, you will research a company or organization of your choosing regarding its organizational diversity (University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma) . You might choose to examine an organization with a poor track record on diversity or one that has excelled in this area—the choice is yours.  For your research, you will need to look at newspapers, social media, scholarly literature, trade organizations or trade press, government documents, company website, or legal briefs. Most likely, you will need to examine a combination of these sources. Preliminary Deliverable: In Week 2, you will describe your topic and your plan in a one-page paper. Include the following information: Working title The scope of your research How you intend to apply the knowledge gained from this project, i.e., how your findings will be useful to you as a manager in your current or a future organization. Working Title of the Project Preliminary Deliverable from Week 2: The working title of the project would be “Diversity Policy in University of Oklahoma”. Description The project aims to discuss the diversity policy of the University of Oklahoma. The enforcement of the diversity policy of an organization is important from the point of view of organizational success. Scope of Research The diversity management is one of the important aspects of an organization (Harvey & Allard, 2015). The scope of the project includes that the aspect of diversity fosters innovation, excellent recruitment strategies and formulation of productive work environment. The study on diversity management in the University of Oklahoma would give a clear understanding of the current policies as well as regulations concerning with the management of diversity. The study would help to derive the different types of diversity in the organizations and their role in influencing the organizational culture. The current diversity strategy is explored along with the identification of the constraints in the process. A dedicated approach has been followed for the purpose of improving the current framework of diversity management. Application of knowledge The knowledge of managing employees from diverse backgrounds would help the manager to effectively administer the human resources in an organization (Barak, 2013). The diversity management procedure would also enable the managers to address the conflicts that arise in the workplace. The knowledge of the legal regulations of the diversity management would enable the managers to carry out their duties in a perfect manner. The improvements aimed at reviving the diversity policy should be implemented in the day to day functioning of the organization.   Instructions for Final Portfolio Project: With your topic in hand, you will now write a paper that address each of the following items as they relate to the University of Oklahoma. Note that each item in the list is worth equal value. Each answer must be reflective of your careful analysis of your sources. This means your answers must be supported by specific references to your sources. 1. Provide a background and organizational framework for the organization including relevant historical information, industry information, sales figures, mission, product, location, and customer or audience base. 2. Discuss the following types of diversity and the role each plays in the culture of the organization. Gender Age Race/Ethnicity Religion Sexual Orientation Disabilities 3. Provide a detailed explanation of how the top leadership of the organization has shown commitment, or lack of commitment, to diversity. 4. Provide a detailed explanation of this organization’s reputation amongst the public, the industry, and its stakeholders regarding diversity initiatives. 5. Discuss the policies, procedures, and practices the organization has in place with regard to all forms of diversity in the workplace. This should also include the outcomes or results of not following the policies and procedures as well as the laws that may be particularly pertinent to the organization. 6. Analyze how this company could improve upon its current diversity strategy to improve its overall corporate performance. Additional Assignment Requirements: The paper must be 11 pages in length, not including the required title and reference pages. Be sure your paper has an appropriate introduction and conclusion. 7 Scholarly References

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