Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

Template for Research Critique Paper  –

 The paper should be doubled spaced and insert page numbers


Page One:        Title Page (with usual elements)


Page Two:

Title of Paper


Introduction section for your paper with 2-3 sentences about the critique process in general (define it, what is it? why we use it?). Cite source(s) of your info. Conclude the first paragraph with: The purpose of this paper is to use Nieswiadomy’s (2012) suggested guidelines to critique the research study report ”                        ” by author(s) (year).


Introduction of the Research Study Report


>>Read the title and the abstract.

How do the title and abstract components capture your attention?

What is the problem (issue, need, gap, area of interest)?

Who is the population of interest?

What are two questions related to the problem and population of interest that you would like for the researchers to study and answer for you?



>>Determine the variable(s) of interest.                                                                                              What is/are the variables?

What is the independent variable (IV)?  

What is the dependent variable (DV)?                                                                                                                                                         What question(s) did you ask yourself to determine which variable is which?


Review of Literature

>>Identify relevant literature and previous studies that the researchers present.

How are literature and previous studies related to the variable(s) and population of interest?

What is the significance of the problem to nursing?  

What other literature topics would you like the researchers to present? Nursing Research Critique Paper Template



>>Identify the purpose of the research study.                                                                                            What is the researchers’ purpose statement?

How does the purpose statement answer the question of “why” did the researchers conduct this study?

What are two research questions that the researchers might pose? (hint: use the purpose statement with the variables and population of interest to create research questions)


Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

>>Identify the theoretical/conceptual framework.                                                                                   What is the theoretical/conceptual framework(s)?       

How is the framework related to the problem and population of interest?                                                                                                          What is one question that you have about how the researchers used this framework to support their study?        

Research Design

>>Examine the research study design.

What are two clues that will help you to determine the design types? 

What design type(s) did the researchers use? (use all relevant descriptors) Nursing Research Critique Paper Template



>>Examine the sampling procedures.

Who was the study sample (participants)?

How did the researchers select the sample?     


Sampling Threats

>>Consider sampling threats.

What sampling threats to internal validity do the authors mention?   

Your ideas for other threats?

What sampling threats to external validity do the authors mention?   

Your ideas for other threats?


>>Consider ethics.

How did the researchers demonstrate use of informed consent?

What are two potential ethical issues that the researchers might have encountered?


Research Instruments

>>Examine the research study instruments.

What are the names of the instrument(s) that the researchers used to collect data?

How did the researchers describe instrument reliability?

How did the researchers describe instrument validity?  What types?

What instrument threats to validity do the authors mention? If none, what are your ideas?


Data Collection

>>Consider the data collection procedures.

Who, when, and where did researchers collect data?    

What is your idea about one other data collection method that the researchers might use to collect data about the variables and the population of interest? Nursing Research Critique Paper Template


Data Analyses

>>Explore the data analysis(es).

What are four familiar data analysis terms that you see in the research report?

What types of descriptive data analysis(es) did the researchers perform?                                                                  

What types of noninferential data analysis(es) did the researchers perform?     

What types of inferential data analysis(es) did the researchers perform?   

How did the study design, sampling methods, and collected data determine the types of data analysis(es)?


>>Explore the findings.

What were the major findings?    

What statistically significant finding(s) did the researchers discuss?     

How did the researchers communicate and display their findings?


Implications for Nursing Practice

>> Consider implications for nursing/interprofessional practice.

What are two implications for nursing practice?

What are two implications for interprofessional practice (i.e., involves other disciplines)?


Implications for Nursing Education

>> Consider implications for nursing education. Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

What are two ideas about content or clinical experiences that basic nursing education programs should include?    

What are two ideas about content that inservice/continuing education should include?


Recommendations for Research

>>Consider recommendations for future research.

What are two areas that future research should explore?


Constructive Suggestions to Researchers

>>Consider constructive suggestions to researcher(s).                                                                                         Write two constructive suggestions to the researcher(s) (i.e., your ideas about what they could/should add or modify to better meet Nieswiadomy’s recommendations).

What is one question that you still have as a curious investigative consumer of this nursing research report?


Reflections and Creative Idea About Research Critique Experience

>>Reflect about critique experiences.

What are two of your experiences throughout your research critique work?     

Create a mnemonic or acronym to help you remember the process or contents of research critique –even 3 years from now! A mnemonic is a memory aid such as a formula, rhyme, or mental image that helps to remember something. An example of a mnemonic is “My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” to remember that the order of the planets is Mercury, Venus Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word (e.g., WAC from Women’s Army Corps).



>>Determine your conclusion texts.

Summarize major points of your entire paper. See critique evaluation rubric for contents of conclusion section of your paper. Use citations. Nursing Research Critique Paper Template



>>Document references.

Write references that you cited in your critique paper



Template adapted from Nieswiadomy, American Journal of Critical Care (ACCN journals), American Nurses Association (Kaplan), AACN Baccalaureate Essentials Nursing Research Critique Paper Template

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