Question 1: The function of the auditory ossicles is to:
Question 2: A 35-year-old patient complains of vertigo accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Examination reveals bilateral diplopia and an unsteady gait. These symptoms could be suggestive of:
3. A 60-year-old was concerned about a yellowish colored lesion above her right eyelid. Findings revealed a slightly raised yellowish, well circumscribed plaque along the nasal area of her right eyelid. This finding is most consistent with:
4. Assessment of a patient’s visual acuity resulted in 20/200 using the Snellen eye chart. This means that:

5. Findings following assessment of a person’s left eye gaze include impaired movements when attempting to look upward, downward, or inward. This condition is most consistent with: a conjugate gaze.
6. Findings following assessment of a person’s eye gaze include both eyes moving in the same direction simultaneously. This condition is most consistent with: a conjugate gaze.
7. A patient was diagnosed as being farsighted. The term for this condition is:
8.  buildup of excess fluid around the periphery of the eye orbits is known as:
9. hat connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx? NR 509 APEA EXAM – HEENT.
10. The fleshly projection of the earlobe is known as the:
11.Then examining the pupils, the left pupil is noted to be fixed and dilated to light and near accommodation. This condition may be suggestive of:
12. A deposit of uric acid crystals appearing as hard nodules on the helix or antihelix is termed:
13. n the outer ear, anterior and parallel to the helix, is a curved prominence known as the:
14. On examination of the pupils, both are round but the right pupil appears larger than the left and reacts much slower to light. This condition may be indicative of:
15. A six-year-old complains that something is in her left eye. There is a red raised area of the left lid. There is redness and tenderness of the eye and tearing. These findings are consistent with:
16. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the retina reveals AV tapering. This appears as if the: vein “winds” down on either side of the artery.
17.  A patient presents with complaints of burning, itching, tearing, and some pain in the eye. Findings reveal red, scaly, greasy flakes and thickened, crusted lid margins. This would be suggestive of:
18. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the fundus reveals small, rounded, slightly irregular red spots embedded in the retina. These findings are consistent with: NR 509 APEA EXAM – HEENT.
19. Redness, bleeding, pain, and swelling of the gums is most likely nr 509 apea exam
20. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the retina reveals a normal arteriovenous crossing. This appears as if the:
21. Otosclerosis is an example of a(n):
22.  Which of the following findings in a preschooler would indicate the need for further evaluation?
23. A 50- year-old patient complains of being unable to read the hymnal at church. This describes:
24. The gradual loss of vision with a change in color and size of the optic disc is referred to as:
25. In order to examine the tongue, ask the patient to stick out his tongue and with the examiner’s right hand nr 509 apea exam
26. A 30-year-old patient presents with complaints of seeing double in the right eye. Examination reveals diplopia in the right eye when the left eye is …… This may be suggestive of a:
27. One cause of nasal septum perforation may be:
28. A 30-year-old patient presents with a moderate “aching” in his right eye. Findings reveal a small and irregular shaped right pupil.
29. Sudden bilateral and painless visual loss is rare but can be associated with all the following except:
30. On ophthalmoscopic examination, optic atrophy appears: NR 509 APEA EXAM – HEENT.
31. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the retina reveals AV banking. This appears as if the: vein tapes down on either side of the artery.
32. Causes of sensorineural hearing loss include all of the following except nr 509 apea exam
33. What visual acuity constitutes legal blindness?
34. An example of a cause of conductive hearing loss in children would be:
35. Miosis is a term used to describe:
36.  If a patient complains of seeing flashing lights across the field of vision, this could be: NR 509 APEA EXAM – HEENT

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