Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay

Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay

Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay

Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay
Journal Entry # 1
Neuroendocrine Theory of Ageing
This clinical/ practical experience will be centered around the care of elderly patients. These patients are experiencing the unavoidable phenomenon of ageing. As I start my second term of practical experience the care of the patient population will shift to the elderly population. The transition from a hospital setting to a nursing home will be where a greater number of elderly patients will be seen. My role as a care provider for elderly patients will need to focus on specific details pertaining to the geriatric population. The stay at the facility will require attention to pain management and improved lifestyle and quality of life for the patients. This journal entry will consist of a plan and timeline that will be in place to ensure the organizational and personal goals of my practicum are met.
Neuroendocrine Theory of Ageing
This theory is one that was brought forth by Vladimir Dilman and Ward Dean, this theory talks about the changes that are experienced by the elderly people and their neuroendocrine system. Human body has a walnut shaped organ in the brain called the hypothalamus which is responsible for direction of the release of hormones in the body. This theory focuses on the central role of the hypothalamus in ageing(Chen,2015). Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay. As the person gets older the release is delayed and or decreased and this can be seen in the daily activities of the patients. This theory can be used as basis to help understand the different behaviors exhibited during the clinical rotations. Some neuroendocrine conditions are even considered high risk to increase the ageing process like Alzheimer’s dementia(Jin,2010). This theory will help me understand the various challenges faced by elderly individuals during this inevitable process of ageing. Although ageing is a natural phenomenon that needs to happen, there are ways we can assist the elderly when they are going through the difficult process of ageing. Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay. The quality of life and management of difficulties are a responsibility of a care provider. Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay.
Practicum Goals
As I embark on the second practicum experience, I am slightly familiar with the organizational objectives that need to be carried out in order to successfully complete my practicum. Along with the organizational objectives I also have personal milestones with the care of elderly patients that I want to achieve. The specified and complete care of elderly frail patients is the main focus of my practical experience. As a nurse practitioner and a care provider for patients of elderly age, there are some very important responsibilities that need to be looked at when caring for the patients. To be able to specifically care to the elderly patient needs, and provide them with comfortable stay at the facility is an important aspect of my practicum. Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay.
Along with this practicum, I am also a full-time employee as a registered nurse at a Houston based hospital system. That being said, I will definitely have to manage my time wisely to ensure the adequate amount of practicum house are met within the time of the class. TO ensure the successful completion of my practicum, I have a timeline that I have made to ensure success. I put in a call to the scheduler at work to inform them about my practicum, so that they can accommodate my needs as necessary. I plan to always be ahead of schedule in classwork, I will finish the discussion posts on Monday, and the weekly quizzes will be done on Friday of the week, so that those two requirements in the classroom will be already finished, and I can focus on my practical experience. After each day at the practical facility, I will enter the patient and daily time log without fail, to ensure the proper hours are met I plan to attend practicum at least 2 times a week so that I could attain the 144 hours with time to spare for my preceptor to finish his evaluations. Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay.
As I conclude this journal post, I will use all the knowledge I now possess to obtain new knowledge through the experiences I will encounter in this practicum experience. This will ensure the proper preparation as I continue to march toward my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner to provide comprehensive care to my patients.
Chen, T. T., Maevsky, E. I., & Uchitel, M. L. (2015). Maintenance of Homeostasis in the Aging Hypothalamus: The Central and Peripheral Roles of Succinate. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 6, 7.
Jin, K. (2010). Modern Biological Theories of Aging. Aging and Disease, 1(2), 72–74. Neuroendocrine theory of ageing journal entry sample essay.

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