N630M2 Human Resource Management

N630M2 Human Resource Management

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N630M2 Human Resource Management

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N630M2 Human Resource Management

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Course Code: N630M2
University: University Of The West Of England

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Managers and HR professionals are well positioned to exercise strategic leadership and make a significant contribution to a company’s competitive advantage (Lawler & Mohrman, 2003) Critically evaluate the role that effective HRM plays in determining and enhancing the organisational performance of international firms. (Consider performance management and training and development, as a part of your answer).
Essential GuidanceWithin your analysis, you must provide relevant organisation-based examples to support theoretical arguments. The assignment must have a wide and visible application to industry, through the application of appropriate organisational examples.
Students should be aware that this assignment requires the integration of the major themes of the module. Student skills such as researching materials, analysing, synthesising and critically evaluating the application of theory in practice will be assessed.  A superior assignment will demonstrate relevant research skills, analysis and critical evaluation rather than just description. 1. You are expected to use on-line and off-line facilities to obtain:• Academic literature to provide research evidence to support your answers.• Examples from web sites which support your answers.
2. Your assignment should include at least six relevant references to academic literature (in addition to any references made to commercial websites). Any references cited must be referenced appropriately, using the Harvard Referencing style. The quality of your references and bibliography will be considered in the assessment process.
3. All published information with regards to organisations which you have used in the preparation of your assignment.


In the current business scenario, HR manager plays an effective role in terms of organizing the resources at the workplace. This essay presents the role of HRM to determine and enhance the performance of the organization in international firms.  
Recruitment and Selection  
According to Foster (2014), recruitment and selection is an essential role that performed by HR manager in an international organization. It aids to determine and enhance the performance of the company. For example, Tesco PLC Retail Company hires HR manager to emphasize on recruitment practices with the aim to influence the right person for their job. In this way, the HR manager can focus on different recruitment activities such as technical and vocational events, traditional newspaper advertisements, college hiring fairs, and internal efforts.
On the other side, Armstrong and Taylor (2014) stated that as per the requirement of current opening and prospects for future recruitment, a HR manager will have a need to direct the efforts with regards to best alternative for recruiting the right employees. For example, Virgin Atlantic International airline focuses on hiring the employees through college fairs and traditional newspaper advertisement as it can be feasible for an entry-level position within an organization.
In contrast to this, Shields et al. (2015) evaluated that there is a need for HR manager to address the specific competency, knowledge, and qualities that a company seeks and desires from an individual while selecting the right employees. It can aid to maintain the required skills and maintaining the position itself like particular degree and certification and expected personal qualities like a preference to recruit workforces with good ethical standard and good morale.
In support of this, Guest (2017) stated that selection procedure involves the conducting aptitude test and a background check assessment in order to make sure that employees meet their basic qualification of both the position and their company. For example, John Lewis partnership Retail Company hires an individual with the right personality types and job skills as it would be beneficial to select the happy worker. A culture that matches the preference of employees and makes them happy can also lead to a higher extent of retention.
Brewster (2017) argues that lower turnover rates and more favorable workplace moral may contribute to the higher efficiency with higher profits. An effective recruiting and selecting procedure may lead to producing the better outcome in the company. The quality of products and services can be improved while the best workforces are retained and hired. The financial outcome can be improved while the best people are retained and hired.
In support of this, Sheehan (2014) stated that financial success can be improved while the best individual is recognized, retained, hired and trained. There are some employees who accomplish their goal and objective hence organizational structure should permit more freedom while workforces understand how to effectively complete their jobs. Influencing new workforces can be easier while the reputation of the company for hiring and training is better. There are also fewer requirements for recruiting and choosing the department in case of lack of constant hiring procedure.       
Bailey et al. (2018) illustrated that a well motivates employees will perform in a way that offers the greatest worth for international firms organization. Disinterest in daily tasks and feeling of disconnect from the overall objectives of the company can lead to decline the quality of work. Instead of performing their best, employees will want to do their jobs well enough in order to remain engaged. The success of the corporation will suffer as a result of workforces performing below their extent of capability.
In opposed to this, Analoui (2017) exhibited that employee’s creativity and imagination can incorporate into the innovation made by a new firm. All corporations focus on to remain competitive because when workforces will not be encouraged then they will cease to offer ideas. It will aid the corporation to maintain its market share and increase new clients. For illustration, Under the Iceland Supermarket Company, employees show their less energy in jobs due to lack of motivation and less time as productivity would be declined and the business could suffer the bottom line.  
Bolden (2016) argues that employee’s motivation is the extent of commitment, energy, and creativity that a worker of the corporation will apply to their jobs. Higher staff retention helps the business to decline the staff turnover and leading to declining the recruitment cost. Furthermore, absenteeism can be reduced and leads to a higher extent of productivity. For example, United biscuit i.e. Food manufacturing company motivates their workforces for improving their procedures and quality of products can be produced.  It can also lead to enhancing the reputation of the company amid suppliers, potential workforces, and customers and also aids to make it easier to recruit the best employees. It can also enhance the industrial relations with the trade unions and can see effective work with trade unions.    
Performance management system
Kramar (2014) stated that the performance management system is another role of HRM that is used by an HR manager to determine the criteria for choosing the productivity of employees and contributions. It permits the business owners to guide performance and to suit the needs and activities of an organization. For instance, Virgin Atlantic International airline can use performance review in order to determine and analyze the performance of individual employees on the job.  
Marchington et al. (2016) discussed that performance appraisal can be used to explore the job growth of each employee and to set benchmarks and goals to struggle for during the next appraisal time. Understanding the advantage of performance appraisal can aid the managers and supervisor to make the best utilization of resources. In contrast to this, Wilton (2016) evaluated that performance appraisal can aid to build the relationship. It also gives the opportunity to both employer and employee to sit down and evaluates the performance. For example, in Tesla, Inc. i.e. Energy Storage Company, each individual is taking care of business because the HR manager conducts a periodic meeting between employees and supervisors. It permits the organization to develop and strength the relationship. Thus, building rapport generates a line of communication for the workforces to use in making future suggestions for the corporation and applying for promotions.
Dhar (2015) argues that charting progress is key benefits of using performance appraisal in international firms. For example, Tesco PLC Retail Company uses performance appraisal where, it compares their appraisal from Benchmark Company. It is beneficial for both workforces and organization to measure the mark of improvement, lack of enhancement, and regression in job performance areas. These facts and figures could be precious for human resources. Furthermore, the increment in salary, promotions, demotions, and terminations are all the essential elements that can be demonstrated in data of performance appraisal.       
In support of this, Albrecht et al. (2015) stated that performance appraisal can target the particular field of weakness that needs assessment and remediation. It can also serve as a valuable technique to build goal that would lead to career advancement and promotion. For example, John Lewis partnership Retail Company uses performance appraisal to uncover the needs of training and allows the corporation to emphasize on efforts in the narrowly specified field.
In contrast to this, Marchington (2015) evaluated that performance appraisal can encourage the good work with improvement in an organization. Celebrating a job well-done is an effective part of the performance appraisal. It is stated that nothing fields of improvement are not so easy, hence performance appraisal is essential to tactfully focus on the areas that need to enhancement. HR manager should identify the needs of employees by taking time to performance appraisal and make them feel better.
Employee Orientation 
Mittal and Dhar (2015) stated that employee orientation is the procedure of introducing the workforce to their new tasks and working atmosphere. Orientation facilitates an opportunity for new workforces to become acclimated to their new corporation, colleagues, department and working expectation. For example, in Vodafone Telecommunications Company, HR manager provides an orientation program to provide benefits to both employers and employees. This will also ensure the smooth transition into the new workplace.
In contrast to this, Paillé et al. (2014) evaluated that employee’s orientation benefits an organization by offering the opportunity to introduce the workforces about the fundamental of the corporation and their jobs from managerial perspectives. Furthermore, employees may take advantage of learning the significant rules and details of position and job. For example, Virgin Atlantic International airline will verify the licenses, and certification that is required for the broker’s license, teaching credential, and license of brokers. Employees will require complete manual work, receive and review the handbook of employees and learn regarding the benefits and fundamental elements of the new position and parking arrangement in which restrooms and cafeteria are available.
As per the view of Chang (2015), the key benefit of orientation is to make a fewer mistake and faster productivity. For example, in Iceland Supermarket Company, Human resource manager organizes the orientation program to make clear and transparent environment between employees and organization. The benefit of using orientation is to decline turnover and enhances productivity at the workplace. In addition, employees can get benefit from valued feeling and apply into the new job more promptly and easily. Fewer mistakes can be made by new workforces who are more stress-free.
On the other hand, Brewster Chung and Sparrow (2016) stated that an employee’s relation can make or break their business. Encouraged workforces are more productive and put more efforts into their performance. Maintaining employee’s relation aids to meet the expectation and helps to grow the company. A favorable association amid managers and their teams can lead to high employee’s motivation and engagement. This can transform into more revenue and satisfied customers.    
It is also argued that employees who have a favorable association with their managers, and their colleagues to make smarter and efficient work. They are more prospects to put forth their best efforts and get involved in the project of the company. It could also lead to increase performance and productivity that aids to grow the business (Jabbour, et. al., 2015).  
In support of this, Edwards and Hulme (2014) stated that maintaining employee relation aids to increase retention rate. There are over one-quarter of workforces in a high retention uncertainty category. There are some of the employees who possess critical skills and could support to the growth of the company. Replacing the employees could be expensive. The best thing that an employee can do is to eliminate losing them at the initial stage. Workforces are fewer prospects to leave a corporation that identifies and rewards their competency. As a manager, it is a responsibility to generate an engaging working atmosphere in which employees feel appreciated.     
Increased motivation and morale is one of the key benefits of maintaining good employee’s relations. Disengaged workforces may increase the cost of the company and may lose the productivity each year. HR manager should ensure staff feels appreciated and empowered. It can also use advanced technology to work faster and better (Mayo, 2016). 
In opposed to this, Van De Voorde Veld and Van Veldhoven (2016) stated that managing workplace relation may decline the absenteeism from the organization. Stress and conflicts are a key driving factor behind absenteeism of employees within an organization. There are certain employees who using abusing behavior in the workplace hence, the organization should emphasize to avoid such activities in the workplace. When employees are constantly missing the performance, then the HR manager should try to assess the cause. For example, Tesco PLC Retail Company asks regarding issues with their team members to keep a relationship. HR manager should assess the harassment charges and motivates the staff to report such cases. They should also assure the employees that company care regarding their well-being and safety.  
 According to Anitha (2014) maintaining good relation may aid to increase the revenue of the company. A strong workforce relation has a favorable impact on the growth and revenue of the company. Workforces who feel encouraged and engaged in an organization do a better job in their assigned roles, resulting in better products, gained revenue and higher customer satisfaction. In opposed to this, Jabbour et al. (2015) evaluated that workforces are a most valuable asset of the corporation. The success of the business relies on their performance. When staff is engaged and motivated then, they will stay with the company longer and strive in order to meet the expectations. The benefit of maintaining better employee’s relations is to encourage the team members and provides a reward.  
Maintaining good working conditions
According to Mayo (2016), HRM aids to maintain the good working condition in international firms. An organization can generate favorable working atmosphere by identifying the issues proactively and maintains the discipline among committers with regards to discrimination before they arrive at the point at which workforces is driven to file a complaint. It is also judicious to generate safe working atmosphere from the beginning rather than waiting for someone to get hurt. For example, Tesco plc believes to provide the healthy and favorable working atmosphere. It also compiles the relevant laws in their workplace policies. Thus, it is stated that maintaining safe environment satisfies the workforces to make good business sense as people are more prospect to build quality work when they feel appreciated.
Training and development 
Chang (2015) argued that the human resource manager uses training and development method to lead their team members towards the accomplishment of the organizational task. This method could be effective to boost the financial performance of employees by enhancing the capability of employees. Training and development could also be effective for increasing the existing skills as well as knowledge of the employee with respect to the specified area to gain their productivity.
In support of this, Mittal and Dhar (2015) examined that there are two kinds of training and development method that could be used by the human resources managers like Off-the-job and On-the-job training methods. For illustration, Tesco uses both Off-the-job and On-the-job training methods to improve the productivity of employees in the least time. Moreover, training and development strategy could be effective for delivering the opportunities to their employees. Sometimes, employees avoid the training section that could decline the possibilities of getting a higher profit.         
Marchington et al. (2016) stated that a human resources manager understand the weakness of employees for increasing the productivity of them. The training program could be effective for improving skills of employees as it could be effective to gain productivity of organization as well as employees. A development culture brings a positive atmosphere at the working place. It could improve the skills and knowledge of the workforce in the least time. It supports to decline the weak links of the organization as it would increase the productivity of the firm. Thus, it is also stated that training could be effective in making a reliable decision with respect to the organizational task.    
In the view of Analoui (2017), workforce who receives regular training could be capable to obtain higher profit. The organization makes aware to their employees towards the policy of organizational task. Moreover, it is evaluated that training might build the confidence level of the employee as it would increase their productivity. The confidence level of the employee could boost employee performance in limited time. It is also recommended that continuous training maintains the productivity of the employee.                 
Brewster (2017) examined that organized training and development cultures ensure that workforces have a reliable experience and contextual knowledge. The reliability is particularly applicable to the organization’s basic policy and process. It is mandatory for the organization that each employee should be aware of each policy of the organization as it would make consistency at the working place. It considers many factors like discrimination, administrative, and safety. In addition, it is also addressed that putting each workforce by regular training in such areas could also support to make the consistency in the organization.                   
Armstrong and Taylor (2014) argued that employee satisfaction could also be increased by considered the proper training and development method. The investment in the program of training and development could provide an opportunity for the organization for increasing their revenue. It is also stated that the training and development method could aid the organization to make a supportive atmosphere. Employees might learn more and polish their skills by making a part of the training and development method.        
Mittal and Dhar (2015) stated that the primary purpose of the organization is to use the training and development method is to decline the workplace conflict and get higher profit. Moreover, employee conflict could arise if the employees are failed to understand their allocated duties in limited time. The lack of communication skills could increase the possibilities of conflict at the working place. Hence, the human resources managers could use training and development method and directly communicate with their employees with respect to their allocated work as it would be effective for decline the conflict. It would also be effective for obtaining the reliable outcome. A manager who has effective interpersonal skills could be capable to make a real relationship with others and retain their employees for the long term.         
As per the above interpretation, it can be concluded that HRM plays an effective role to determine and enhance the organizational performance in international firms. These roles include the recruitment and selection, motivation, performance management, training and development, employee’s orientation and maintaining employee’s relations. It can be also summarised that HRM is beneficial to increase the productivity, revenue and declines absenteeism of employees at the workplace. Furthermore, it can be also concluded that HRM is also advantageous for decline turnover and increase employee’s retention rate at the workplace.
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