N250 Business Administration

N250 Business Administration

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N250 Business Administration

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N250 Business Administration

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Course Code: N250
University: Coventry University

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Country: United Kingdom


Task 1 : Individual written report
You are required to write a report in which to address the following points:

Evaluateat least three services and the users of these consultancy services for your chosen location  (AC 1.1)
Explainthe importanceof these services selected (in AC 1.1) and their effect on business in your chosen community as indicated in your group work (AC 1.2)
Analysethe decision makers in your chosen organisations and the lines of communication (AC 1.3)
Examinethe relevant legal and regulatory requirement that are applicable to your chosen organisations (AC 1.4)

Following, assuming that you are managing a Real Estate Consultancy you are required to:

Demonstrate the importance of effective consultation to identify requirements for administrative services for organisations in Stratford/ Canary Wharf community (AC 2.1)
Report on the different sources of advice available when developing specifications for your chosen organisation (AC 2.2)
Develop and producea detailed specification and follow guidelines on record keeping for an organisation of your choice (AC 2.3)
Examinethe main objectives and constraints of the policies of your chosen organisation and the relevance of each of the policies when developing administrative services (AC 2.4)

You are further required to:

Discussthe design options and the consultation process involved to meet agreed specifications and the reasons why it is important to meet all legal, regulatory and requirement of your chosen organisation (AC 3.1)
Assesswhether the form and style used by your chosen organisation to present information help its users to understand their strengths and weaknesses. You also need to assess whether the information presented are sufficient or not to meet the needs of the users (AC 3.2)
Use examples toillustratethe methods of recording which are necessary for your chosen organisation (AC 3.3)
Reviewthe implementation plan and the support put in place for your chosen organisation (AC 3.4)

Task 2:Integrated Group Presentation
Within this activity you have the opportunity to meet pass criteria from Unit 43 – Administrative services (AS) and from unit 6 – Business decision making (BDM)
The provision of effective administrative services is key to the success and efficiency of every business, large or small. It is therefore crucial that you and your group members are aware of the different services, which may be required in a business. Your group has to set up a business administrative service which will serve other organizations in the Stratford community at the Westfield, Stratford and Canary Wharf.  Such business ambition needs a very careful business decision. In making good decision making requires the effective use of information. Therefore, this group work will give your group the opportunity to examine a variety of sources and develop techniques in relation to four aspects of information: to present the survey methodology and sampling frame; to create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data; to carry out regular checking (monitoring) and to design a questionnaire to address effectiveness of operations
As part of this activity you are required to complete the following points:

Createa plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for setting up a business administrative service of your choice and take your audience through how to carry out regular checking that the administrative services, systems and procedures are being used correctly taking appropriate corrective action if necessary (BDM AC1.1 and AS-AC4.1)
Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used in your investigation to your audience before and afteryou have established the administrative service centre at Westfield, Stratford and Canary Wharf (BDM AC1.2)
Designa questionnaire to be filled by the users of your services and encouragethem to comment on the effectiveness of the service and the systems and procedures of service operations (BDM AC 1.3 and AS – AC 4.2)
Submiton Turnitin an individual reflection on a day after group presentation. This reflection have to cover your contributions, skills and knowledge gained and other comments on group formation, meetings logs and a Gantt chart for this work.


Administration is the source, which governs the profit and loss of companies and organizations. It is the services, maintenance of quality within which enhances the personality of the administrative authorities. Quality maintenance exposes the personnel towards infrastructural development, which indicates excelling in the internal environment (Torres et al. 2014). In case of consultancy services, administration means controlling the customer service so that the customers can contact with the personnel. The aspect of consultancy services acts as a medium between the company and the customers. All these aspects prove true for all of the companies and organizations including ASDA mobile company. The main focus of the assignment is on the administrative services, which possesses flexibility to enhance the productivity.
Task 1- Report
Settled in the threshold of United Kingdom, ASDA Mobiles is a virtual network operator. Until December 2013, the company was a part of Vodafone. The utilization of Everything everywhere network has enabled the company to attract large number of customers from each and every corner of the world. Across UK, ASDA Mobiles has 360 outlets, which caters to the needs, demands and requirements of the local people. The provision of online recharge and payment has revolutionized the business (Asda.com 2017).
Consultancy services of ASDA Mobile Company
Services like “ToYou”, free phones from mobiles and text relay services possess flexibility to escalate the sales revenue.
The name of the service “ToYou” generates a feeling of devoting the services for the customers. Joint venture with Tata consultancy services has resulted in the introduction of lucrative deals, trades and transactions. The nature of the service resembles with the aspect of business to customer (B2C business). The service is placed under the name of a program, Connect. Under this, the customers are provided with all the information in detailed manner with just one click (Asda.com 2017). Briefing the customers about the proper utilization of this service has resulted in the achievement of positive outcomes.
Free calling services from the mobile phones have enabled the customers to talk with the friends, family and colleagues. This facility is also available on the landlines. The free access nullifies the geographical proximity for the ASDA and adds value to the business expansion.  Along with this, the service reduces the distance between the customers and their near and dear ones.
Next generation text relay service is one of the consultancy services, which results in the upliftment of the customers suffering from hearing disabilities. “Next generation” can be considered as an innovative measure for ASDA in terms of enhancing their corporate social responsibility (Asda.com 2017). Countering this, launching services for the handicapped people invokes the Samaritan side of the company personnel.
Effectiveness of the services on ASDA Mobile’s business
ToYou is an initiative to satisfy the communication needs of the customers, rather it is exclusively for the customers. In simple words, the service is from the company to the customers. The program “connect” and the service “click and connect” reflects an oriental approach towards the proper provision of services to the customers (Tcs.com 2017). This approach systematizes the business process of ASDA, enabling the personnel to achieve positive outcomes. The options “click and connect” indicates the use of social media marketing, which helps the personnel to increase the trafficking of the audience towards the brand image.
For introducing free calling services in mobiles and landlines, ASDA Mobile Company indulges in partnerships with the trade union members. This safeguards the company personnel from financial issues like inflation, price fluctuations and inadequate financial resources for upgrading the standards and quality of the marketing services (Tcs.com 2017).
Services like Next Generation Text Relay enhance the corporate social responsibility of ASDA Mobile Company. Focusing on the needs, demands and requirements of the customers suffering from hearing disabilities is a deviation from the tradition. Providing them with the opportunity to talk over phone makes the company personnel a savior in their lives.
Decision makers and lines of communication in ASDA Mobile Company
In ASDA, the managers are entrusted with the responsibility to take the decisions. These decisions are communicated to the employees in meetings and conferences. These meetings act as a platform for the managers, employees and the other staff to voice out their opinion towards the undertaken decisions. In other times, the task of decision making is given to the employees. Through this, their capability and approach towards the organizational issues is tested (Asda.com 2017). This assessment is done through the means of survey and feedback.
When the company personnel fail to take any decision, the task of decision-making is bestowed on the stakeholders and shareholders. Sending drafts about the undertaken decisions maintains the stability between the company, stakeholders and shareholders. This results in the introduction of lucrative deals, trades and transactions, which enables the company to achieve competitive edge over the contemporary brands amidst the market.
The means of social media is adopted for making the customers aware of the undertaken decisions. For those who do not have access to social media, ASDA Mobile Company has the provision of media coverage (Asda.com 2017). Along with this, feedback forms are uploaded on the websites for the consumers to fill up and express their reactions towards the proposed steps.
Regulatory framework
In order to govern the business, ASDA follows the English law. Within this, an important legislation is the Communications Act (2003). Effective adherence to this legislation along with the communication directives helps the personnel to establish stable communications with the customers. The Office of communication (OFCOM), established in the same year is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the compliance and implementation of this Act within the workplace (Asda.com 2017).
Along with this, Equal Pay Act (1963) is also relevant for ASDA. This is in reference to the scandal regarding depriving the women employees from the minimum salary, which they deserve for their hard efforts. This issue acts as a ground for complying with the Act.
One of the other legislations, which gains importance in this direction is the Data Protection Act (1998). This Act helps the ASDA Mobile company personnel to safeguard the content generated by the customers in the feedback forms or surveys.
Importance of effective consultation
Consultation is needed in terms of achieving effective resolutions to the issues encountered by the personnel of ASDA Mobile Company while executing the allocated responsibilities. Consultation in the form of discussions and open forums proves beneficial in terms of gaining awareness regarding the problems at one go (Asda.com 2017). Countering this, revealing a systematic approach for these consultations helps in the achievement of positive outcomes. Interactive nature of these discussions helps the managers to plan effective administration services for the customers. Counter arguing this, consultations are effective in the form of one to one discussions. This helps the managers to study the expression and body language of the employee thoroughly, which is not always possible in a group. Viewing it from other perspective, consultation services are necessary in terms of reaching the needs, demands and requirements of the customers to the managers of the company (Asda.com 2017).
Different sources of advice
The means of survey and feedback bestows wide ranging advices upon the companies like ASDA Mobile company. Rational thinking to these solutions helps the personnel to select the best possible advice, which possesses flexibility to fulfill the identified goals and objectives. In view of these aspects, stakeholders and shareholders are accounted as one of the effective sources of advice. Along with this, social media is one of the other sources, which bestows a number of advices upon the company personnel (Asda.com 2017). Referring to the case studies of the other companies, thesis papers and archives helps the personnel to enhance and upgrade the standard and quality of the products and services.
Insight into record keeping
Record keeping safeguards companies like ASDA Mobile Company from loss, crisis and inadequate stock. Utilization of software for recording the data helps the personnel in times of crisis, provided the machines are installed with anti-viruses. On the contrary, recording the data on files might compel the personnel to encounter issues such as misplace, copyright theft among others. Within this, maintaining frequency in hiring IT experts for speculation of the machines properly saves the company data, which can be retrieved according to the needs and requirements (Asda.com 2017). Here, adherence and compliance to the IT legislations in crucial in terms of averting the issues of misutilizing the company property.
Objectives, constraints and relevance of company policies
One of the most important policies of ASDA Mobile Company is the privacy policy. The main objective of this policy is to ensure the protection of the customers in terms of the contents generated by them. The personnel plan to do this through the means of cookies, which are filled with anti-virus software. The relevance of this policy lies in the increased level of cyber crimes, resulting in the loss of lives. High rising price of these software acts as an obstacle for the company personnel to implement this policy (Asda.com 2017). However, indulging in partnership with the internet service providing companies, have financially assisted the company personnel to implement this policy for the safety and security of the customer generated contents. Consciousness towards this direction enhances the infrastructural development of the company.
Options for meeting the regulatory needs
In order to meet the regulatory needs, ASDA Mobile company needs to take into consideration the directives published by the European Union members. This would make the personnel aware of the legislations, which are crucial for the establishment of efficient and effective administration services. Identification of the appropriate legislation and assessing its effectiveness in the form of meetings and conferences would support the personnel to make estimates about the future courses of action (Asda.com 2017). Involving the government and law officials in this meeting would act additional assistance for the company personnel in terms of mitigating the risks, which would obstruct the efficient execution of the business activities.
Appropriateness of the communication channel
Social media is absolutely perfect for presenting the customers with the latest information about the trends that ASDA Mobile Company has adopted. Keeping the customers informed about the activities would bring to the forefront the strengths as well as the drawbacks of the levied services. Uploading attractive images with the service along with its specification would act as an answer for the queries of the customers (Asda.com 2017). Along with this, mobile apps are also effective in terms of revolutionizing the business of the company as well as the lifestyle of the customers.
Illustration of record keeping methods
Using latest software possesses flexibility for ASDA Mobile company personnel to record statistical data, annual reports among others. As an example, using MySmartMoney app would help the personnel to automatically develop the budgets and store them in well protected files. Along with this, Excel would also prove beneficial in terms of recording the data regarding the projects, the raw materials, labor, time needed and action plans (Asda.com 2017). Apart from this, voice recordings can also be done to keep a track of the proposed solutions and the methods adopted for executing the plans.
Review of the implementation plan
For implementing the proposed plans, the managers of ASDA Mobile company needs to conduct meetings. Involving the employees, other staffs, stakeholders and shareholders in these meetings proves advantageous in terms of taking the collaborative reactions in response to the offered services. Here, consideration of the financial resources is crucial for validating the proposed plans in terms of the goals and objectives specified (Bovaird et al. 2016). Evaluation of the implemented plans is of utmost importance in terms of making noticeable progress towards the achievement of sustainable growth amidst the competitive ambience of the market. Using checklists and templates for evaluation enhances the clarity of the personnel regarding the steps taken for modifying the potential risks, challenges and issues (Asda.com 2017).
Conclusion and recommendations
This portion of the report emerges successful in providing an insight into the administrative services offered by ASDA Mobile Company. Within this, the legislations and policies are the main themes. Adherence and compliance towards these legislations and policies helps the personnel to excel in the parameter of corporate governance. Task 2- Presentation
Plan for data collection
In order to collect relevant data, a primary meeting can be organized. Within this, volunteers can be selected and entrusted with various parts of data collection. After this, plans need to be made regarding the documents needed for data collection (Mackey and Gass 2015). As a sequential step, the available financial resources needs to be checked, in case need arises for more money. After this, time needs to be put for each of the identified tasks. Once these plans are chalked out, evaluation needs to be conducted for assessing their appropriateness and effectiveness in terms of the identified and the specified requirements.  
The means of feedback can be adopted for reviewing the performance of the volunteers. This assessment would be crucial in terms of making estimations regarding the future courses of action. Along with this, the assessment would make the ASDA Mobile company personnel aware of their position in terms of the competitive ambience of the market.
Survey methodology and sampling
Each and every person bearing relation with the subject matter of the discussion is the samples. However, owing to the lack of adequate time and financial resources, a certain sample size needs to be created (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). This is applicable for this discussion also. As a matter of specifications, 50 customers of ASDA Mobile company is taken, who are provided with survey questionnaires to express their opinions regarding the proposed question. The customers are selected randomly in order to save time.
Questionnaire-Primary data

Since when are you the customer of ASDA Mobile company?
How far are you satisfied with the customer service of the company?
To what extent the company is flexible in its administration?
What are your opinions on the administrative authorities of the company?
How frequently are the legislations and policies revised?
Has the company ever encountered any scandalous issue regarding its administrative services?
What do you think about the human resources of the company?
Do you think recommendations are needed in the field of administrative services?

Questions-Secondary data
For this, 5 managers of ASDA Mobile Company are selected as the samples for the secondary data.

What are the recent changes that you have made in the administration?
Do you think that the administrative authorities are flexible enough to execute the allocated responsibilities?
What are the steps that you are taking for meeting the legislative requirements?
Do you think that the steps that you have taken are satisfactory in terms of customer satisfaction?
Have you taken any recommendations for achieving infrastructural development?

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