MS70095E International Advertising And Corporate Communication

MS70095E International Advertising And Corporate Communication

MS70095E International Advertising and Corporate Communication


This module introduces you to the principles of paid, owned and earned media at both practical and strategic levels. It develops communication skills in writing, speaking and presentation, with the ability to find and deliver news items and other information to industry standard. The module aims to develop skills in establishing and maintaining contacts with people and opinion formers across the media through understanding the parameters in which media practitioners work. It draws awareness of the implications of international media and communication issues beyond regional and national business interests, with a focus on globalisation, cultural identity and new technologies, including web-based news services and social networking sites.

The practical component addresses the skills required to function at the required level. The strategic level provides a forum for understanding, exploring, debating and critically appraising the dynamics between the disparate yet closely interlinked areas of paid, owned and earned media within the broader context of corporate communications.

The module encourages a high degree of student participation. Current and past students have foundthe participative process very stimulating and exciting and that it helps develop their confidence as communicators. We hope you will enjoy this learning experience.

The aims of the module are:

To enable students to appreciate the body of theoretical knowledge and concepts that underpin the subject areas of paid, owned and earned media.

• To recognise and critique the principles upon which the advertising, marketing communications, public relations and media industries are organised, practised and regulated.

• To assess critically the relationship dynamics inherent in the divergent functions of their respective roles and the implications for corporate communication.

• To understand the tools and techniques that are applied by advertising, marketing communications and public relations professionals and media practitioners in a variety of contexts and through a variety of audiences that inform practice and strategies

In the contemporary communications industry, it is increasingly essential to acquire a fuller and more complete understanding of the convergence of paid, owned and earned media as used to achieve organisational objectives and manage reputation. This course provides students with information and insights about contemporary media practices: how messages are created and framed; why we respond to messages the way we do, and how to employ communications to advance organisational goals.  Topics will be explored in three-hour sessions consisting of lecture, problem briefings and responses. The sessions will be supported with feedback on your work in thesession. You will work on the development of a number of projects to demonstrate what you are learning, and you will submit two assessments during the module.


Specific expectations students can have of tutors:

• Weekly drop-in support online during office hours published on Blackboard

• Constructive formative feedback on one assignment draft per assessment during week 5 for assessment 1 and week 13 for assessment 2

• Lecture materials made available on Blackboard 14 days prior to online lecture

• Seminar activities made available on Blackboard 14 days prior to the first seminar group session in a week

• Assessment marks and summative feedback given within 3 working weeks from the assessment submission deadline Specific expectations tutors will have of students:

• Attend all classes and arrive at classes punctually

• Read case studies provided prior to seminars and prepare answers to questions as per instructions given

• Behave professionally in classes and not to cause any disruption that might affect other students’ learning

• Actively participate and engage in class/online activities

• Inform tutor via email when not able to attend any classes

• Communicate with tutors in a professional manner

• Attempt all assessments by the submission deadline unless there are extenuating circumstances

Learning outcomes to be assessed

On completion of this module, the students will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate the contexts and parameters in which journalists, public relations practitioners and marketing communications and advertising agencies work.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of functional and strategic media relations and the implementation of media campaigns.

3. Demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of current and emerging standards,evaluation techniques and creative approaches to content.

4. Critically evaluate the regulatory environment of the media industry and national variations, as well as current debates and trends affecting media industries.

5. Based on assigned briefs, develop insightful recommendations which take account of social, ethical and environmental factors, contradictory perspectives on corporate communications and available digital, social and traditional tools and techniques.

Organisation and Coherence

Clear structure; Introduction includes aim and areas to be addressed; Logically discussed in main body; Firm conclusion of areas discussed.

Clearly related to area of study; Knowledge and understanding applied to practice.

Clearly expressed, articulate and fluent; Accurate spelling and grammar.

Critical analysis and synthesis of issues which are integrated and evaluated.

Use of literature/research; Citations and use of Harvard Referencing.

Working in groups of three, you are a corporate communications consulting team and you have been commissioned by a multinational corporation to conceptualise and develop a global media campaign (at least three different countries) for a new product or service. Your proposal will include;

• Identification of the geographic market targeted by the campaign

• A profile of the market and publics

• Relations with media agencies

• Objectives for the campaign

• Key messages for the campaign

• Timeframe and milestones

• Media to be used (paid, earned and owned)

• Methods of evaluating the campaign and measuring its success

• Relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks

Further Guidelines:

The assignment will be marked on writing quality as well as content. The marks would be assigned based on group work (75%) and individual contribution (25%). Each group member should select one respective country and discuss the key issues for that country in separate sections of the assignment. Please refer to the marking scheme for a breakdown of the allocation. Use of student ids for each contribution should be clearly indicated in the respective sections.

• Your writing needs to be clear, direct and persuasive.

• Use headings and sub-headings to organise your thinking and help orient the reader.

• The overall impression is also very important.

• In-text citations are very important, please ensure Harvard Referencing is followed at all times

• Support your claims by authentic references

• Spelling errors, poor format and grammar gives the impression of poor thinking, carelessness and lack of regard for your assignment. Assignment Format:

• The report must be written in 12-point font and 1.5 spaced, with 1-inch (normal) margins on all sides.

• The report must have a cover page, and include the following information;

▪ ID numbers of all students

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