Module 4 Discussion

Module 4 Discussion

Module 4 Discussion



Module 4 Discussion – Discussion Group 4 From No unread replies. No replies. This is a group discussion. Click on your group link above. The Assignment: Question 1: In two paragraphs, discuss the productivity and ethical implications of the divergent opinions raised in the “Ethical Dilemma” case at the end of Chapter 7. Question 2: Reproduce the Table shown for Problem 7.9 and provide detailed steps in your solutions for problem 7.9 (a) and (b). Hint: You should combine the variable costs for each process type when you reproduce the Table. Be sure to follow the format given in the video lectures when you rank order processes in a Table. Question 3. (a) List ALL the techniques for improving service productivity. (b) Create a 2X5 table and select any five of the techniques, and in a paragraph for each of the five techniques, describe and include an example using a specific service setting of your choice. Your presentation for part (b) must be in the 2 columns and 5 rows table. Stage1: Each group member is to post their initial response to the discussion question during the time/date indicated in the course syllabus [must be done between Monday & Wednesday only; worth a maximum of 4 points]. You can view the rubric or grading guideline by clicking on the cogwheel shown in the top right hand corner on this page. Stage2: Each group member is to respond to at least two group mates during the time/date listed in the course syllabus [must be done on Thursday only; worth a maximum of 2 points]. The responses shouldn’t just say “I agree”, but should give constructive feedback and comments. Stage3: Choose one representative from your group to compile and submit the summary and/or peer evaluation. The group representative should be a different person for each module to ensure participation by as many group members as possible during the semester. The group representative will: Compile a summary in a WORD or PDF document based on the discussion assignment and inputs from the other members. The representative is to submit the summary as an attachment via the Module Final Group Summary Assignment link during the time/date indicated in the course syllabus [must be done on Friday only; worth a maximum of 1 point]. Stage4: Based on the discussion/input from each of the the group members, the representative is to fill out the group peer evaluation form showing a list the names of all members in the group, and indicating the appropriate points for each group member based on their inputs during stages 1-3. Note that giving everyone in the group a perfect score is not expected, unless everyone made excellent contributions in stages 1-3. The representative is to submit the peer evaluation document as an attachment in the Module Peer Evaluation Assignment link during the time/date indicated in the course syllabus [must be done on Saturday only; worth a maximum of 3 points].

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