MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

This course builds on AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management I. The focus will be on the further development of knowledge related to the diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of adult and geriatric patients with acute episodic and chronic health conditions in the acute care environment. Emphasis is placed on the formation and evaluation of evidence-based plans of care for acute episodic and chronic, unstable, multisystem disorders in adult and geriatric patients.The purpose of the acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) is to diagnose and manage disease and promote the health of patients with acute, critical, and complex chronic health conditions across the continuum of acute care services. The ACNP provides comprehensive care in a collaborative model with physicians, staff nurses, and other health care providers, as well as with patients and their families. The ACNP not only shares common functions and skills with the other nurse practitioner (NP) subspecialties, but also applies unique knowledge and skills in caring for very complex and vulnerable patient populations (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2012; American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2012). The Consensus Model for advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) regulation states that ACNP care includes diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with acute and chronic illnesses and diseases, including the following: ordering, performing, supervising, and interpreting laboratory, diagnostic, and imaging studies; prescribing medication and durable medical equipment; and making appropriate referrals for patients and families




(National Council of State Boards of Nursing [NCSBN], 2008).MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper   Practice for the ACNP has been recognized as incorporating the entire spectrum of adults, including young adults, adults, and older adults. New competencies for the adult gerontology acute care NP recognize this evolved focus of care and this chapter will provide a framework for this level of ACNP care (AACN, 2012; Box 16-1). Although all ACNPs share specialty role attributes, there may be intrarole variability based on the nature of the care delivery system, characteristics of a particular position, or location in which they practice (e.g., private practice group versus hospital employee, intensive care unit versus hospital ward or ambulatory care facility) and physiologic specialty (e.g., cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic, oncology). This chapter presents an overview of the ACNP role, including scope of practice, core and role-specific competencies, issues in practice, and future challenges.

An acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) is an advanced-practice registered nurse who specializes in the care of acutely ill or injured patients. They work primarily in hospitals and urgent care centers. They diagnose medical problems and order treatments and medications to help patients recover from sudden illness/injury or exacerbated chronic conditions.MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

Why Are Acute Care Nurse Practitioners So Important?
Currently, the United States is amid a physician shortage. The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects a shortage of 40,800 to 104,900 physicians by the end of the next decade. Additionally, more patients are seeking health care services primarily due to an aging population and recent health care legislation. As more patients utilize health care services, the number of physicians available to address their needs is not sufficient. Nurse practitioners are a valuable member of the health care team to fill the gap between patient care needs and the physician shortage.MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

Additionally, nurse practitioners start off as nurses-which means they are highly skilled in educating patients. This valuable trait leads to higher patient satisfaction and improved patient care outcomes. It also helps to reduce health care costs, as nurse practitioners provide comprehensive care at the first point of service.

Acute care nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses (APRNs) trained to provide short-term care in complex and sudden healthcare situations. They act to stabilize patients using evidence-based practice, paying thought to managing complications from disease or injury as well as promoting optimal health. Overall, these licensed autonomous caregivers treat patients holistically to address acute, critical, and chronic problems.MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

This specialization can be divided into two subfields, pediatric and adult, and with both populations, these invaluable healthcare providers serve as patient advocates in hospitals, rehab centers, birthing clinics, urgent care settings, and other areas

The scope of practice for a nurse practitioner includes the range of skills, procedures, and processes for which the individual has been educated, trained, and credentialed to perform.[2] Scope of practice for nurse practitioners is defined at four levels: 1) professional, 2) state, 3) institutional, and 4) self-determined.[3] At the professional level, nursing organizations such as the AACN and the ANCC regulate nursing certification and publish guidelines for the scope and standards of practice for ACNP’s. At the state level, nurse practice acts and administrative rules and regulations define requirements for licensure. Because of rapid changes in health care technologies, state nurse practice acts rarely define specific tasks that a nurse practitioner may conduct.[4] Many state nurse practice acts still do not define scope of practice based on board certification or educational preparation.[5] In states that require collaborative practice agreements, these documents frame the scope of practice for entry-level ACNP’s.[6] Collaborative practice agreements may also include language about future expansion of scope of practice based on continuing education and field experience.[6] ACNP’s with collaborative practice agreements review them often to ensure that they confer the authority to practice at the full extent of education and training  MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

At the institutional level, ACNP scope of practice is outlined in a nurse practitioner privilege form.[6] This document lists core privileges that apply to all nurse practitioners in a facility as well as special privileges that represent the individual ACNP’s education and training.[6] The privilege form specifies which practices can be performed autonomously and which practices require physician supervision. For certain practices (e.g. intubation, chest tube insertion) the privilege form may also specify how many supervised procedures must be performed before the ACNP may practice autonomously.[6] The specific privileges granted to an ACNP vary by practice setting and the practice specialties of collaborating physicians.[6] Finally, ACNP’s utilize self-determination when determining whether a given task is within a scope of practice. Self-determination requires not only an evaluation of personal competencies, but also an awareness of the capacities of other members of the healthcare team. MN654: AGACNP Acute Care Diagnosis and Management II Essay Paper

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