MGT4205: Leadership And Corporate Social Responsibility

MGT4205: Leadership And Corporate Social Responsibility

MGT4205: Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

Questions :
Please Carefully Read All Examination Instructions
This is a pairs assessment – all team members must actively participate in the development of each question to ensure full team collaboration.

This examination is subject to compliance with the directive AA18: Academic Dishonesty and Discipline and the directive AA20: Plagiarism.

This assessment will be submitted in MS Word and through Turnitin (via Brightspace link) before the deadline specified.

Provide your group names, section number, and date in the provided spaces.

This examination is worth 30 points and 25% of your total course grade.
Grading Rubric:

Each of the questions will be graded using the following rubric.




Demonstrates complete understanding of the theory required. Theory is appropriate and well tied to the question. All requirements of the question are included.


Demonstrates considerable understanding of the theory required. Theory is mostly appropriate and tied to the question. Nearly all requirements of the question are included.


Demonstrates good understanding of the theory required. Theory is somewhat appropriate and tied to the question. Most requirements of the question are included.


Demonstrates partial understanding of the theory required. Theory is not appropriately applied Some elements of the question are missing from analysis.


Demonstrates little understanding of the theory required. Most requirements of the question are missing from analysis.


Demonstrates no understanding of the theory required, or no response provided.


For all of the following questions, use as much space as you deem appropriate to answer the question thoroughly. Answers must be logically organized, free of grammatical and spelling errors and comprehensive. Ensure that sentences are structured and words communicate ideas clearly, and that ideas are sequenced and transitioned logically to make your ideas clear and concise. Ensure that your final document is formatted professionally, i.e. fonts and margins are consistently used, and bullets (if used) are structured properly.

In all instances, be specific and provide supporting evidence from the articles provided, the textbook, the PMBOK®, your research, and course materials. You may leverage all knowledge gained throughout this program. Your depth of analysis, understanding and thorough application of the program material are the critical items being assessed. You must cite all sources in proper APA guidelines following your response for each question.  For current, related articles, please provide hyperlink to the article.

Using data from the article links provided below, as well as your own research, answer the following 6 questions on the leadership and corporate social responsibility implications of recent and past articles about workplace conditions at Amazon.

Articles and Links:

Does Amazon have a special responsibility to their employees given the current COVID-19 pandemic? Are they meeting this responsibility? Why or why not?
How should Amazon prioritize their shareholders in the context of the triple bottom line (or fourth dimension) during the current COVID pandemic? Does the balance of responsibility change because of the unique challenges of a pandemic? 
How would you rewrite Amazon’s policy on corporate social responsibility in light of these recent allegations? Please provide the relevant section from their current policy statement as well as the modifications you would add, and explain why. 
Imagine that you are a project manager hired to implement a new software package which will assess risks to stated delivery times for Amazon customers. You notice that labour risks have not been included in the implementation, but you become aware of the risks presented in past articles. You have been informed by Amazon management that a quick finish of this project will yield more work for you in future. Do you make recommendations to Amazon to modify the risks based on what you have discovered? Why or why not? 
What motivational techniques might a manager at Amazon use to motivate their employees during the current COVID-19 pandemic? Connect a motivational theory we have learned about to explain why this would be an appropriate motivation in the unique global circumstances we find ourselves in? 
What type of a leader is Jeff Bezos, based on his former position of founder and CEO? How did his leadership style impact the environment at Amazon? Many of the articles provided cite that Bezos had not been very visible when many of the employee allegations surfaced, and that Amazon ‘remains focused on customer experience’. Is this a good strategy? Why or why not?

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