MGT3HRD Human Resource Development

MGT3HRD Human Resource Development

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MGT3HRD Human Resource Development

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MGT3HRD Human Resource Development

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Course Code: MGT3HRD
University: La Trobe University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Task description
Select an organisation of your choice.  Ideally, you should select an organisation where you currently work or have worked in the past, or an organisation that you would like to work for in the future.Drawing on your understanding of the industry, the organisation, and the HRD challenges you have experienced or identified and key HRD theoretical frameworks, examine the HRD process in your selected organisation. 

In your answer, consider:What are the key challenges of using HRD in the organisation?What aspects of HRD are done well in the organisation?Consider theoretical frameworks (e.g., HRD Process model – is there evidence that all four stages are included?, SHRD – is the learning tied to the business strategy or provides competitive advantage?) What recommendations would you give to the organisation to improve HRD, and its impact on both individual and organisational performance? Note that these recommendations should be informed by what you have read in the academic research literature


Due to the increasing globalization, a marked complexity and turbulence are found in the level of the competitive environment for the companies. An organization has to follow the source of innovation and ability to learn that will acts as the major source for increasing the company’s competitive advantage. The human resource development professionals are under pressure to recognize and increase the organizational knowledge and organizational learning of the human resources (Jayanti, 2012). Human resource development is a part of human resources management that handles the training and development of the employees. It includes the training of the employees individually or in a group when hired and later with the need of development the training for the new skills and talent are designed and provided to the employees of the company (Maurer, Konrad and Yang, 2015). McDonald is a company that aims to provide the best quality food at affordable prices to its customers. Along with it, the company provides extensive and efficient customer services to its customers. Regular training and development is the requirement of the company always to be effective in providing the customer services and attain the technological changes that keep the business and its employees up-to-date. This is the source that helps the company to achieve the competitive advantages over its competitors and perform in the increasing pressure of complex and turbulent need of training and development (Kramar, 2013). To enhance the topic, the essay discusses the challenges human resource management face while developing the employees to achieve the competitive advantage and human resource development model process that help in analyzing the aspects of it for assessing the impact it has on an individual and an organization.
Human Resource Development
A literary article on human resource department state that, as a human resource development professional a manager has to face some challenges for earning the success that the company aims for (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). It is the duty of HRD professional to maintain the level of the employees of the company by strategically planning the training and development programs required for the employee’s skill and talent development. Today the companies are crossing the national boundaries and entering the global market to sell its product. This adds the cultural and attitude factor to the organization (Martin et al., 2016). People from different culture of different countries come to work for the company and to manage and train them as per the company’s requirements is the duty of the HRD professionals. The cultural and language barriers make it a challenge for the managers to deal with the employees and their development (Martin-Alcazar, Romero-Fernandez and Sanchez-Gardey, 2011). Another challenge that the HRD professionals face is the pace at which the technology is developing. The innovative technology needs the training and development of the employees to handle the new technology and skills. An HR professional has to develop his skills and knowledge before developing a training and development program for the employees (Maurer, Konrad and Yang, 2015).
There are many more challenges that an HR professional face while managing the team of employees. When entering the global market some new values and behaviour are expected from the company and its employees (Mitchell, Obeidat and Bray, 2013). The HRD professional has to adjust him and the employees according to the new market trends, for example, punctuality, credibility, and trust. If a manager fails to do that, then it may lose the trust of the corporate market (Otto and Dalbert, 2010). An HRD professional has to be knowledgeable and skilled in understanding the philosophies displayed across the world. Like leadership changes that occur differently in different parts of the world. Along with the change, an HRD professional has to learn to deal with the change of life styles and habits (Podger, 2017). New employees come with their nature and lifestyle; an HRD professional has to understand it and train the employee according to the requirement of the company (The relationship between employees’ perceptions of human resource management and their retention: from the viewpoint of attitudes toward job-specialties, 2013). To be competitive, an HRD professional has to keep the check on the new practices that organizations are adopting across the globe and use it to train and develop the company’s employees. If the HRD professional handles all the challenges with expertise, then it will reflect in the performance of the employees resulting in the increased productivity and profitability of the company (Pudelko, Reiche and Carr, 2015).
There are practical aspects of employee management that an HRD professional has to manage to coordinate the various functions of the business. These aspects if analyzed by the HRD professional will enable a manger to train its employees and develop a resource plan that will help in meeting the most pressing needs of the business (Ranjan, 2014). The most important aspects of HRD include the practice and performance of the human resources management. Developing a strategy that is aligned with the company’s strategy will help a manger to define the roles of the employees individually and the performance level expected from them. To reach that the main aspect of the human resource development needs to use and that is the employee training (The relationship between employees’ perceptions of human resource management and their retention: from the viewpoint of attitudes toward job-specialties, 2013). This helps an employee to grow and enhance his skills and knowledge as per the requirement of the company. The company gets benefitted as the employees retain in the company and try to give his best performance using his training and skills (Voegtlin and Greenwood, 2016).  
Another aspect that acts well in the organization is coaching and mentoring the employee who not only boost the employee’s moral but improve the skills and knowledge of the employees so that they could give the best possible customer service to the organization’s customers (Allen, Adomdza and Meyer, 2015). An HRD professional identifies the key employees while training and developing the group of employees and then focus on retaining the best employees for the company’s benefit. The result of all the aspects of the human resources development will help in developing the organization as a whole (Aryantoa, Fontana and Afiff, 2015). It will not only develop the employee’s knowledge but its performance, which will increase the productivity and profitability of the company. Thus, this shows that for a company human resources development is so important and necessary (Bader, Schuster and Dickmann, 2015).
The authors of literary articles say that the framework of an HRD process model has four main components and they need assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation. The need means here the requirements that a company had and wanted to develop in the employees (Chadwick and Dabu, 2009). The training and development program is designed keeping in mind the need of the organization which allows an HRD professional to increase the efficiency of the employees for the company’s benefits. The second part is the designing of the program. Elizabeth Jayanti says that designing is a very important phase in an HRD process model. The designing of the model depends on the need of the training and development. If the designing of the program is not as per the requirement, then it will not be able to deliver the outcome expected from it (Jayanti, 2012). The third part of the HRD process model is the implementation, which requires the implementation of the designs of the training program and develops the training program for the skill and knowledge enhancement of the employees for the benefits of the company. The last part is to evaluate the implementation of the plan and evaluate the success or failure of it (D’Cruz, Noronha and Beale, 2014). Knowledge can never be a failure, but the requirements for that the training and development program was developed by the HRD professional is getting fulfilled or not is the most important factor in analyzing the success. The evidence that proves the presence of all four parts lies in the success and skill enhancement of the employees as per the organization’s requirements (Fulmer and Ployhart, 2014).
Strategic Human Resource Development helps a company to be competitive in the global market. A plan is important to be proposed to exactly frame the needs and the requirements of the company from its employees. The SHRD help to plan the process and time-frame it to gather the best outcome from it (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014). The strategies helps in evaluating the chance of success of the training and development program before its implementation and improvement required in it can be made before the implementation and failing (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). When all the employees of the company will be trained and developed as per the requirement of the company and provide the best customer services to the customers, then it will be increasing the competitive level of the company in the global market ultimately increasing the company’s competitive advantages (Kramar, 2013).
The recommendation that could be given to improving the HRD plan further includes the development of a portfolio that can help the employees to understand what talent and skills are expected from them and how they can develop it (Martin-Alcazar, Romero-Fernandez and Sanchez-Gardey, 2011). A leader has to be knowledgeable before teaching to the employees, a leader acts as a guide to success for the employees, so it is important that the leader itself train and develop its knowledge and skills to perform his duties well. Another recommendation that can help in improving the HRD planning is to keep a check on the new technologies and theories that organizations are following globally and apply them in the organization by training and developing the employees accordingly (Maurer, Konrad and Yang, 2015). The HRD strategies should be beneficial for the organization also it should be beneficial for the employees. If the employees are not benefited by it, they will not understand the importance of the training and development. These recommendations will help in improving the strategic Human Resource Development plan.
Human resources development department is a very important section of the human resource management as it helps in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the employees who will be affecting the employees by enhancing their knowledge, skills, and talent that they can use to rise in their career path. The development is beneficial for the company because the employees will be trained as per the requirements and the needs of the company. These trained employees will use their skills and talent to perform their best and give hundred percent outputs to the company. The company will have the increased profitability and productivity which will help the company to explore the new markets across the globe and gain more profit and market share. The company will be able to retain the employees with knowledge and skills which will enhance the company’s competitive advantage in the global market.
Following an HRD process model will help the company to induce the development and training program in the company for the development of the employees. This process model includes four parts that is necessary to be followed so that the process is properly used and the framework gives the expected outcome from it. The strategic human resource development is important as it help in forming the plan that is important to provide the information required for the execution of the training and development program and the time-frame required for the completion of it. Hence, the analysis of the HRD and the strategic human resource development plan says that it is very important to have a human resource development department to train and develop the employees of the company and turn it into a competitive advantage for the company. 
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