MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management

MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management

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MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management

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MGNT3580 Global Enterprise Management

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Course Code: MGNT3580
University: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Hong Kong


Activity 1: Thomas Friedman on Globalisation; 3 Eras of Globalisation; World is flat
What would be some of the key drawbacks or risks of living in the flat world of Globalisation 3.0 as Friedman describes it?
Do you agree with Friedman’s iron rule of the flat world? Explain.
Is the level of globalisation uniform across the world? Explain.
Activity 2: Pankaj Ghemawat on Globalisation
Has your view on globalisation changed after listening to Professor Ghemawat? Explain.
Consider where you have seen the fears that people have about globalisation. Do you think these fears may subside with some data points that may suggest otherwise?
Activity 3: Online tool to explore different countries’ 5 dimensions by Hofstede
How does the Australian culture compare to other world cultures (eg. Your home country or other countries that you have visited)?
Do you agree with the survey results for the Australian culture? Why or why not?
Activity 4: ‘The myth of national culture’ – Counter argument to Hofstede’s work by Professor Brendan McSweeney at Royal Holloway, University of London
Do you agree with Professor McSweeney’s view on national cultures? Why or why not? After viewing the survey result done by Hofstede on your home country, who do you think offers a more compelling argument on national cultures? Can a single culture be used to determine the actions of entire population?
Activity 5: ‘Riding the waves of culture’ – Talk given by Fons Trompenaars at TEDxAmsterdam

Consider your experience with cultural conflict or culture shock. What were the different viewpoints that you had to reconcile? And how did you overcome the differences?
What would be the benefits of connecting different viewpoints as Trompenaar suggests?

Activity 6: ‘Building a cross-cultural web design for a wider audience’
Can the concept of High and Low Context cultures be applied to other areas of business? – marketing and advertising, PR, customer and supplier relationship management, etc.


Activity 1
1. The risks of the Globalisation 3.0 as defined by Thomas Friedman are that it is shrinking the world from small to tiny. It is flattening the global economy Plainfield. Globalization in this era is geared by individual basis which is a threat.
2. Yes, I agree with Friedman’s iron rule that whatever can be done will be done. He correctly says that someone or the other will do anything that can be done. If an individual can get a particular idea then there will be others as well who would get the same idea, so whatever is meant to be created or invented or developed will be done.
3. No, globalization is not uniform all around the world because a lot of factors contribute and affect to the intensity of globalization, like technology, which is not same in all countries.
Activity 4
1. Yes, I do not agree with the view points of Mcsweeny on national culture because in his criticism of Hofestede’s study on the same topic, Mcsweeny mentioned that Hofstede took only one company to study the country’s culture, it is not possible to measure the culture of any by selecting only one company. After studying the srvey done by Hofstede on my own country, I think that the ideas and viewpoints of Mcsweeny are much more convincing than the ideas of Hofstede. A single culture of a particular country cannot be used to determine the culture of the entire nation, because there are sub cultures within a culture which affects the behavior and operations of an entire nation.
Activity 6
Yes, according to me high and low context culture can be used in marketing activities like, advertising, PR activities and in maintaining relation with the suppliers and customers. While operating in global market the concept of culture needs to be considered, high context culture is the culture in which graphics, images and colors are used, India and China are examples of countries with high context culture. In low context culture individuals prefer to the point information, USA and Scandinavia are examples of low context culture this information can be used for advertising, website designing, press releases and promotional activities. It plays a significant role in generating interest among the customers.
Week 3
Activity 3

As per Zappos CEO Tony Hseigh culture based company is one who believes in customer service for maximum level of satisfaction, which helps in building a good reputation in the market. Proper marketing is a very important part of a culture bases company where the employees and the management help each other grow and respect the perspective of each other. It also helps the employees to know each other so that they can work together and achieve the goals of the organization. Thus, it helps the company create a good reputation in the market. Employee happiness plays a very important role in a culture based company.

Activity 4
The seven dimensions of corporate cultures
Innovation- Toyota motor corp has been one of the top motor companies because they did not follow the stereotyped approaches unlike the other motor companies.
Humility- The company considers its each employees important and each employee contribute to the success of the company and not just the production system of the company.
Seize opportunities- The management believes that each of the challenges needs to be accepted and worked towards gaining success even in the most difficult task.
Strict discipline and mentoring practices
They believe in working as a team
Quality is another element of the culture of Toyota.
Stability- Toyota believes in retaining stability in the market.
Activity 5
Yes, I agree to the opinions of the author who suggests that culture of any corporate can be changed by under effective leadership, opposing the view points of Peter Drucker who believes that corporate culture is like country culture and needs not be changed one should learn to adapt to it.  
Typology type model for corporate culture is beneficial because it requires very less thinking, and it is in form of images. It is the tendency of people to remember the pictures and images because it is easier to understand. It is useful because it helps in getting a picture of organizational culture.
Week 4
Activity 1
No it is not always the case that the structure follows the strategy there are cases where the strategy follows the structure, the decision making process, making strategies becomes difficult if there are too layers in the organization structure and design. If the structure of the organization is not good and there are many levels in the organizational hierarchy then it will not be possible to take the right decisions. Bureaucracy emerge from principles like equity in the way of treatment of the people and efficiency, these principles often creates doom loops and the cause is the way the strategies are applied.
Activity 2
The management done by the committee with focus on experimentation is defined as Holacracy. According to the age old business hierarchy structure many employees play many roles which are not been mentioned in their job description, but holacracy defines all the roles and responsibilities an individual performs. Holacracy through creation of teams makes all the additional tasks explicit.
According to the CEO of Zappos, centralization of power hampers the innovation, in the present scenario adaptability and flexibility is the way that can help in gaining competitive advantage, by adopting Holacracy in Zappos it brought change in the organizational design.
Innovative culture helps the employees of the organization to be creative it emphasizes on creativity and innovation, which leads to an agile organizational design because the focus of each staff is on innovation so they give their best efforts.
Week 5
Activity 1
As per the results of the experiment done by Stanley Milgram of Yale University it was found that the normal people can go to any extent of obedience to their authorities even it demanded hurting others.  It is inherent in all the human beings to be obedient, it is how human beings are brought up, people accept order from the ones whom they think they are answerable. Obedience comes after the recognition of the authority as morally or legally right. In various situations the legitimate response to the authority can be learned. Milgram “The Perils of Obedience” bases this concept on the article.
Activity 2

Yes own personal decision making reflects the objective process of an individual, individual decision making is often based on certain goals and objectives, objectives are the motive behind decision making and hence the objective process is also been reflected.
Yes in most of the cases the desire to get associated to any group often demands to defy the norms of the other group and that is often done by individuals in both their personal as well as professional lives.
The norms, objectives and motives of groups differ, when any new member joins any new group, his attitude and behavior might be different from the other group members so, to make that individual part of the group a lot of pressure is being created.

Context Culture (Week 2 activity 6)
Yes the high and the low context cultures can be applied to the areas of marketing, advertising, PR, supplier and customer relationship, the low context cultures uses minimum, and to the point information, where as the high context culture prefers more color, images and descriptive information. China and India are examples of countries that are high context culture, where as USA and Scandinavia are low context cultures (Jayamaha, Wagner and Grigg 2014). So, in Marketing companies that are operating in global market can use this information for web designing for the countries. They can select colors and information based on the high and low context culture for their marketing activities like advertising and press releases. Color is also important element in different cultures, meaning of different colors changes from culture to culture like red is considered as a sign of danger in many western cultures, while in other countries like India it is considered as holy and in China it is considered as a sign of celebrations (Schwartz 2013).
So while running any marketing campaign in any western countries the marketers need to be careful while selecting the color, they should not use red color as it will not be successful in attracting and retaining customers of that particular culture. Red can be used and is often used by many marketers in India because it s considered auspicious there. Culture puts a significant amount of impact on the people and the way the information is processed by them. The site of MCdonalds can be taken for example, the site for India is completely different from that of UK. The site of UK is very simple and very light colors are used whereas as the site of India has very bright colors. A lot of market research is required while designing the web of any particular company in a particular country, the culture factor has to be considered (Greenfield 2015).
Cultural Models for changing corporate culture (week 3 activity 5)
Yes, I completely agree with the opinions of the author that suggests that the culture of any corporate can be effectively changed under a very good leadership. It is very useful for the leaders to use models for corporate culture change. Corporate culture describes is what and the why of anything that cannot be done. Peter Drucker believes that the corporate cultutre is like the country culture and needs not to be changed by the author has a different views according to him, there are two types of corporate culture model, in the first type of the model the culture can be depicted in a geometric shape like that of a Polygon (Schwartz 2013). The length of spokes from the centre of the polygon shows the number the typology of the corporate culture. The elements have labels like, Avoidance, achievement or reactionary. In the second type of model each elements of the corporate culture are defined and described by the use of plain and simple words. Both models are used for assessment of the corporate culture but as per the opinion of the author the second model is very helpful because with the images needs explanation (Cerny 2016).
The typology type model for corporate culture is more beneficial than the first type because it requires least thinking by the leadership team. People remember the pictures or the labels, it would be simpler to be understood and can be interesting enough to be implemented and hence the change can be easily accepted. The descriptive type is quite time consuming (Doli?ski et al 2017) It is useful because it helps in getting the picture of organizational culture With use of tools there would be success in the process of corporate cultural change. Many organizations make a good deal of profit by selling the tools (Schwartz 2013).
Management of business organization in global business becomes quite complicated task, the learning outcomes of the various readings of week 2, 3, 4 and 5 gave clear idea about the various topics and the works of various authors on Globalization. From the two topics selected from the weekly activities the topics of context culture which is very important aspect and needs to be considered while running the marketing campaigns of the companies that operate in the global market, the context culture, high context and the low context cannot be ignored. The second activity was on the topic of changing corporate culture model. The corporate culture can be changed under effective leadership. Corporate culture change is important because it gives the business a direction that would lead to success and attaining of all the objectives, moreover business needs to modify the culture of its organizations based on its employees, customers and the culture of the country. The two models of the corporate culture change, one that in which the elements are arranged in graphical form while other in which the elements are explained in a descriptive way. The second type of model is however considered more useful by the author but the first type the typology type is also considered important.
Cerny, P.G., 2016. Book Review: Jon Pierre, Globalization and Governance. Political Studies Review, p.1478929916657000.
Doli?ski, D., Grzyb, T., Folwarczny, M., Grzyba?a, P., Krzyszycha, K., Martynowska, K. and Trojanowski, J., 2017. Would you deliver an electric shock in 2015? Obedience in the experimental paradigm developed by Stanley Milgram in the 50 years following the original studies. Social Psychological and Personality Science, p.1948550617693060.
Friedman, T.L., 2014. The world is fast. The New York Times, 5.
Ghemawat, P. and Hout, T.M., 2014. Globalization, Capabilities, and Distance: Theory and a Case Study (of China). Globalization.
Greenfield, R., 2015. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh: Adopt Holacracy or Leave. Fast Company.
Jayamaha, N.P., Wagner, J.P. and Grigg, N.P., 2014, December. The moderation effect of the cultural dimension” individualism/collectivism” on Toyota Way deployment—A global study on Toyota facilities. In Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 228-232). IEEE.
Perry, G., 2013. Behind the shock machine: The untold story of the notorious Milgram psychology experiments.
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Roberts, J.T., Hite, A.B. and Chorev, N. eds., 2014. The globalization and development reader: Perspectives on development and global change. John Wiley & Sons.
Robertson, B.J., 2015. Holacracy: The revolutionary management system that Abolishes hierarchy. Penguin UK.
Schwartz, M.S., 2013. Developing and sustaining an ethical corporate culture: The core elements. Business Horizons, 56(1), pp.39-50.
Taylor, B., 2014. Why Amazon is copying Zappos and paying employees to quit. Harvard Business Review.

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