MGMT310 Organisational Change For Sustainability

MGMT310 Organisational Change For Sustainability

MGMT310 Organisational Change for Sustainability



Bringing about real change in an organisation requires careful planning and implementation. People need to understand what  is going to happen in the change process  so that they can “buy into” the changes. Without  a  plan,  nothing concrete  will  happen,  and  the  change program  will  fail.  As  a  new  recruit specialising  in  Change  Management,  you  have  been  asked  to  develop  a  Change  Plan  Proposal for your  company  which addresses organisational response to a sudden lockdown in early 2021 or any future lockdown that may be needed.      
In this assignment, you are required to understand “what needs changing”  in an organisation by accurately diagnosing change problems. This requires the application of frameworks to understand the complexity and  inter-relatedness  of  organisational  components operating  at different  levels  of  the  organisation. Coupled with this is the ability for Change Champions to feedback and concisely strategies and plan or any future lockdown that maybe needed. for the implementation of the proposed change plan for the chosen organisation, using the process approach and present it to all stakeholders. 
Process for completing the assignment 
1.  Think about an organisation that you are associated with/worked for in part-time or full-time capacity or your friends, relatives have worked for. Alternatively, you can imagine a hypothetical scenario of an organisation that you would like to establish in the middle of this COVID -19 Pandemic.Reflecting on the organisation, or hypothetical scenario, you are required to develop a change plan which addresses how the organisation would response to a sudden lockdown in early 2021 or any future lockdown that may be needed.      
2.  You may have a great change idea, ranging from a small system change request, to reorganising a flow of work, or even creating some templates for all to use as part of adopting to the external forces for  change that  are mainly  caused  by  COVID-19  and  its consequences. You  are sure  it  is  going to yield great benefits for the organisation in the new normal post pandemic and you are ready to make it happen. But how challenging will the change management process be? 
3.  Your proposed change plan should be based on a Change Processes model and consider the various issues  and  potential  barriers  that you  (as  a  change  manager) would  face  when  planning  and implementing  your  proposed  change/s.  Importantly,  your  change intervention  strategies  should acknowledge the factors which are critical for successful implementation of organisational change for sustainability. 
4.  You  need  to  incorporate  at  least  5  current  resources  post  2015  including  two  periodicals.  Other sources can be used once you satisfied the 5 current resources. In total, 10 references are required. 
5.   In  developing  the  Change  Plan  proposal  for  the  chosen  organisation,  you  need  to  consider the following from the Change Agent’s perspective.

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