MGMT 310 Management

MGMT 310 Management

MGMT 310 Management



For this assignment you should watch a movie, or re-watch a movie you remember seeing in the past. In any number of movies I can think of there is a leader who, by articulating a vision and a challenge to others to see it happen, convinces followers to join them in trying to achieve something. The leader then organizes the activities and motivates followers to help the entire organization achieve the vision. There are plenty of sports movies (e.g., Coach Carter, Remember the Titans), action movies (Oceans 11, The Italian Job), and animated movies (e.g., Toy Story, A Bugs Life), where some leader(s) create a compelling vision for others to follow and lead others to success. In the paper, take 500=750 words to describe the basic plot of the movie (in your own words!). Then, for the rest of the paper, using some of the terms and ideas described in the chapters, explain how the leader(s) contributed to success. Be sure to reference both the movie, and sections of the textbook chapters you refer to. Feel free to use other sources of information to further understand and describe theories. For example, the Path-Goal Theory may be a very powerful concept for understanding a particular leader’s success, but since this is covered in less than one page in the text book, it may be necessary to access a few more sources to fully apply this theory. This paper should be around 1800-2500 words, with proper referencing of all sources used. I recommend using the APA format for the paper and references. The library or the writing center can provide assistance if you have any questions. There are also a number of sources of information regarding this standard, including. As described in some detail in the academic integrity section of the syllabus, it is very important that all sources of information used receive proper attribution in papers. Submit the paper in Blackboard using the .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Blackboard is set up to accept two attempts, because sometimes an individual will first upload the wrong version, or right after submitting will remember that something important needed to be included. If more than one attempt is uploaded, only the last one will be graded. Papers are typically graded in the order received, and after the submission deadline has passed. However, sometimes I will start grading papers as they come in, prior to the deadline. There needs to be about 5 sources in APA format.

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