MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation

MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation

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MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation

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MBA501 Dynamic Strategy And Disruptive Innovation

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Course Code: MBA501
University: Kaplan Business School is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Question :
You are required to watch the YouTube Clip Snapchat’s three-part business model with CEO Evan Spiegel:
You will also need to perform your own research on Snap Inc.
You must then prepare a Snap Inc. Stakeholder Analysis & Strategy Program Report including an Executive Summary and a Conclusion and using the following headings:
A. Snap Inc. Stakeholder View of the Organisation Model 
Prepare a diagram with Snap Inc. as the central organisation surrounded by the company’s stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model
For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model research Snap Inc. further and prepare a list identifying and describing the specific stakeholders within each stakeholder group
B. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups
Select four specific stakeholders and analyse their behaviour and motives
Tip: choose a stakeholder from each of the different four stakeholder categories to avoid repeating yourself in sections C and D
C. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of the four selected stakeholders
Identify the stakeholder category that each of the four stakeholders belong to and list the generic strategic programs available for managing each stakeholder
D. Recommended strategic program for each of the four selected stakeholder groups including reasons for recommendations
Recommend a specific strategic program for each of the four identified stakeholders that are consistent with one of the generic programs identified in section C.


A. Snap Inc. Stakeholder View of the Organisation Model
Snap, Inc. is an organisation which is occupied with their camera platform. The company also indulges in providing advertising services to their partners by means of helping them to generate returns on their investments. The major market products of Snap, Inc. are Snapchat, Spectacles as well as Publisher tools. The organisation was founded in 2011 by Frank R. Brown, Evan Spiegel, as well as Robert Murphy. The major share of the company rests in the hands of three stakeholder groups, which includes the likes of Individual stakeholders, demanding a business share of 22.86%, other institutional stakeholders, occupying 15.67% and finally the Mutual-fund holders who share 12.25% business share. The employees were a stakeholder group of medium importance when the number of service users were very low, that is up to 2014. After that when the popularity of the services of Snap, Inc. gradually started to increase, the employees emerged as a very essential group of stakeholders.
The number of employees were only 600 as of the fiscal year 2015. The two consecutive financial years 2016 and 2017 saw an increase of employees up to 1.86k and 3.07k respectively (Fenwick and Vermeulen 2017). The group of top executives form another major group of stakeholders. This group incorporates Evan T. Spiegel, who is the Director as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Tim Stone, the main Financial Officer is another essential member of this group. The Vice-President of Technologies that is Mark Randall is an invincible member of this core group of stakeholders and the last member of this group is Imran Khan, who is the Chief Strategy Officer. The group of stakeholders next in level of importance is the managerial committee of the company. This group is headed by Evan Spiegel, who is the Executive head of the company (Wagner 2017). The Chairman, and the group of Independent divisional Directors including Joanna Coles, Alan Lafley, Stanley Meresman, Scott Miller and Christopher Young forms this managerial group. The companies having the equity share of the mobile applications of Snap, Inc. are forming another stakeholder group.
There are three Equity share groups also. Of them Share A have 962,983,090 share units, Share B have 94,479,066 shares and finally Share C have 219,890,702 share units. Of the first Group, that is Share A, 763,054,235 (79.2%) are floating shares (Spangler 2018). The three primary shareholders who have major part of the Company share, are Tencent Holdings Limited, Robert Murphy and Evan Spiegel (Kelly 2018). The secondary Company share rests with Lightspeed Management Corporation. LLC, OppenheimerFunds, Inc., Tybourne Capital Management (HK) Ltd., Institutional Venture, Fidelity Asset Management Company, The Vanguard Group and lastly Fidelity Management and Research Company.
                                                                         Figure 1: Stakeholder View Model of Snap, Inc.
                                                                                                                 ( 2018)

Stakeholder Name

Contact Person
Phone, Email, Website, Address



What is important to the stakeholder?

Strategy for engaging the stakeholder

Evan T. Spiegel (Governance)

Evan T. Spiegel
Snap, Inc.63 Market StreetVenice,
CA 90291Phone : +1.310.399.3339Web :

High Impact

He is the Head of the Operations and the Projects undertaken by the company

The development and Economic advancement of the Corporation is primary to him.

Round-Table Meeting of the Directors every month. He can also call the Associate Directors, Departmental manager and independent Directors for meeting, as and when he proposes. He has the highest level of discretionary power in the company.

Tim Stone, Chief Financial Officer of the Organisation (Influencers)

Snap, Inc.63 Market StreetVenice,
CA 90291Phone : +1.310.399.3339Web :

High Impact

He has the Final discretionary authority to financially power any business project.

Maintenance of the annual financial budget and other financial aspects of the company like sales rates.

Information as well as  feedback meetings every six months

Mark Randall, the Vice President for Technologies management (Functional Management)

Snap, Inc.63 Market StreetVenice,
CA 90291Phone : +1.310.399.3339Web :

High Impact

He has the discretionary power to research and develop need technologies for the products and/or services that Snap, Inc. offers to the customer market (Antonopoulos et al. 2017).

The development of new and competitive technologies is central to his disposition.

Quarterly press meetings for releasing new technologies (. Internal meetings with other important stakeholders are needed.

Imran T. Khan, Chief Strategy Officer (Providers)

Not Available

High Impact

The strategic initiatives of the including the likes of new brand/product launch and promotional activities or market segregation depends on him

The creation, execution, communication and sustenance of the business strategies of the business strategies of the company depends on him.

The managers and the group of independent directors directly and officially report to him quarterly in an year.

Shareholders (Influencers)


Low Impact

The stock rate of the company and hence the market equity of the organisation depends on the favour gained from the shareholders.

This group of shareholder is not directly influenced by the interest of the company. They are basically concerned with the high selling rate of individual shares

Developing more global brands and having a stable and healthy brand equity.

Employees (Executives)


Medium Impact

The employees are essential stakeholders who execute the company’s strategies.

The employees are primarily concerned with proper execution of their own job roles.

Competitive salary and lucrative allowances alongside a vibrant nd jubilant working atmosphere is crucial for the engagement of the employees.

B. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups
Influencers: Imran T. Khan, Chief Strategy Officer
One important stakeholder of the Snap, Inc. organisation is Imran T. Khan who is the actual brain behind the rebranding strategy of Snapchat. In unison with the Vice President of Technology team of the company, Imran Khan decided a rebranding for Snapchat. One of his key role in the organisation is to perceive how the customers react to the products and/or product features of Snapchat (Verzuh 2015). After analysis Imran Khan advocated in his press release that 150 million Customers flicker through the contents of Snapchat in US and Canada. However, 110 million new contents are put up on the application of Snapchat from the UK. The perceived notion of Khan was that Snapchat have been generating more value to customers, definitely much more than being only an application. That is why he facilitated the process to rebrand the company to Snap, Inc. and projected it as a camera company (Ang, 2015). He gave the company a global perspective and packaged it in such a way so that the customers perceive that the application have a prolific space in their lives and high level of intervention in their living and communication.
After this rebranding, the customary usage of Snapchat have increased by 25 to 30 minutes per day. In fact, Imran Khan sends the same message to the internal stakeholders (Johnson 2016). He wants the employees to believe that they work for a social faceted corporation, that helps people to live their moments better. He have also worked in collaboration with the technological engineering team of the company to suggest developments for the application that would give a competitive advantage to Snapchat. On his advice, the round faced camera was introduced by Snapchat.
Providers: Mark Randall, the current Vice President of the Technology and Engineering division
Another important stakeholder who deserves mention is Mark Randall, the current Vice President of the Technology and Engineering division. The Video-recording sunglass known as Spectacles is entirely an improvisation of this division. However, in this context, there is immense contribution of Horowitz, who previously occupied this position. Although this Spectacle of Snap, Inc. have not been able to earn major revenue for the company, Van Klyton,  Arrieta Paredes and Soomaree (2018), opines that the innovation and hardware have been highly praised by various Tech corporations (Bayer et al. 2016). Randall have shown active interest in taking innovation to the newest level with his proposed drone technology which would give users further liberty to show their camera-skills.
After the advent of Randall, in place of Horowitz in the company, some major changes in the core Technology innovations team have taken place. However, the expansion of Snap Inc. on different platforms have increased the importance of the Technology and Innovations department of the company. This team is a unique division of Snap, Inc. have implantations in the Silicon Valley also (Utz, Muscanell and Khalid 2015).  Snap, Inc. under the technical guidance of Randall, is now focusing on making major market acquisitions of software companies and innovate few newer up gradations of their applications with reloaded graphics.
Functional Management: Tim Stone, Chief Financial Officer
Snapchat have appointed Tim Stone, the former from Amazon Inc. as the Chief Financial Officer. As opined by Cho and Auger (2017), it is acclaimed that Vollero who served in the position of the Stone was not able to finance the Spectacle project properly. Owing to financial dismay, the company was not able to cope up with the needs of the fans and advisers. Owing to that they had to cancel contracts with 5 potential organisations and stall few updates that were proposed much earlier. Snap, Inc. also lost 24% value of their shares in this financial turmoil when Vollero left. Within one week of joining, the shares of Snap, Inc. increased by 1.6% and trading extended at $10.91 since the next Monday. In fact Tim Stone have been hired by Spiegel and company for the multiple project funding process which he had successfully handled at Amazon. The company was able to gather 2 more advertisements from popular companies after Time Stone joined the firm.
Governance: Michael Lynton, Chairman of Snap, Inc.
Another significant stakeholder of the company is Michael Lynton, the chairman of Snap, Inc. He is not internally involved in the executive aspects of the company. Rather his role is at a superficial level. He is responsible for the maintenance of the brand value of the company in the corporate market. His significant contribution in the organisation involves clearance of stocks worth $933,419, which allowed the company the opportunity to gather investors for $30 billion USD fresh investments (Vaterlaus et al. 2016). He is personally liable for the manoeuvring of 2.96 million stock shares of the company. However, in case of Lynton, a question of clash of interest have been raised since he is serving as the outgoing CEO Sony Inc. also.
C. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of the four selected stakeholders
The first identified stakeholder that is Michael Lynton falls in to the category of stakeholders concerned with Governance. This category of stakeholders are concerned with the general good of the company. They perform the role of maintaining effective communication between the various internal and external stakeholders (Billings et al. 2017). The decision responsibility matrix is to be maintained by him.
Secondly, Imran T. Khan falls in to the category of influencers. He influences the course of direction of the company’s other departments through his strategic decisions. Hence he should maintain the Organisational Political Map Technique for stakeholder management (Charteris, Gregory and Masters 2014).
Mark Randall occupies the categorised position of providers. He creates the blue-print for the latest technological innovations which are developed as the latest market products. His provisions paves the way for the company. He should follow the secondary stakeholder mapping strategy for working with the various departments.
The CFO Tim Stone falls in to the stakeholder category of Functional Management. Functioning managers have advisory authority and discretionary power over almost all departments (Nor Aini 2014). His expertise helps the company to run commendably in the liquid market. The other stakeholders should follow up his decision trail in order to ensure effective stakeholder management.
D. Recommended strategic program for each of the four selected stakeholder groups including reasons for recommendations
In this section the generic management policy of the decision responsibility matrix would be discussed in detail. In the first case, there can always be confusion among the higher stakeholders of a company regarding the domain up to which they have their discretionary power. With every project, the dominion and importance of the various stakeholders might vary.
Recommendation 1: Financial Roadmap of Tim Stone
This matrix aligns the names of the stakeholders in the context of individual responsibilities to be performed during any business project. For evidence, the Spectacle project could not have been successful without the financial roadmap of Tim Stone, the CFO of the company. Hence his role in the project would be raising funds from potential sponsors who would power this project.
Recommendation 2: Role of Michael Lynton
Again, Michael Lynton played the part of corporate rebranding. His role in the project was retained to external supervision of the corporeal plausibility of the project only. 
Recommendation 3: Role of Mark Randall and Imran I. Khan
Thirdly, Mark Randall had a more crucial role to play in this project. He had to work in close quarters with the Chief Strategy officer. Hence the Vice president of the technology team Randall would share the domain with Imran I. Khan. Based on the strategic needs of the company and the customer market, the company’s technology and engineering department would operate.
The stakeholder analysis perception of this report requires an in depth scrutiny of the organisational structure. After analysing the most important four internal stakeholders have been specified here. The company is still in its tender stage and that is why the significance of the internal management and core body of directors is so important. Analysing the importance of the stakeholders, it can also be concluded that the stakeholder relationship matrix would be really helpful in ensuring smooth performance of the stakeholders for meeting the organisational outcomes.
Reference List
Ang, X.P., 2015. The challenges of managing stakeholders in multiple types of event management projects.
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Wagner, K. 2017. Snap is shuffling the top executives inside its secret hardware division. Recode. ( Available at: [Accessed: 06 September 2018], 2018. Snap Inc. is a camera company. Available at: [Accessed: 07 September 2018]

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