Leadership Qualities In Nursing

Leadership Qualities In Nursing

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Leadership Qualities In Nursing

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Leadership Qualities In Nursing

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Discuss about the Leadership Qualities In Nursing.

The current assignment focuses upon leadership qualities in nursing. Some of these have been discussed with respect to individuals, groups and the inter-professional relations.  One of the main aspects of working effectively within a group is practising and implementing effective communication approaches (Ennis, Happell & Reid?Searl, 2015).
In the current study, the case study of Shirley had been used who is a 65 years old woman living with her daughter Christine and had recently been presented to the doctor with a number of clinical complications. Some of the issues presently faced by the patient were osteoarthritis, urinary tract infections, hyperlipidemia etc. However, recently the patient had been presenting symptoms such as confusion in thought process and difficulty in remembering things. Therefore, based upon these a nursing care plan has been developed for the patient. Additionally, the leadership qualities discussed handling and management of the patient Shirley.
Discussion of leadership traits
Some of the leadership traits which could be discussed over here for the condition management of the patient Shirley are- effective decision making, practising client centred approach, implementing effective interprofessional communication within the team, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
Therefore, as a nursing student, my team and I were responsible for the development of a nursing care plan for the student. Working as a part of a team a number of professional skills are required. The skills are required at the individual as well as at the group level. I think all my team members have applied appropriate decision making skill in deciding priority based nursing care for Miss Shirley. During the workshop, decisions were made both at the individual level and also at the group level. I have personally felt that the aspect of decision making within groups could help in boosting inter-professional communication. I have found that some of my peer registered nurses have applied appropriate client centred approach where they had emphasised upon disseminating sufficient amount of knowledge to the patient and their respective families regarding dementia car before moving them in an actual care unit. This view had been approved by two members of the team –Karen and Kristine and displays effective team bonding and appreciation for each other’s opinion. As stated by Jayanthi additional funds generated can facilitate comprehensive health care management of the patient by providing them with proper infrastructure and support. Therefore, as a registered nurse, Jayanthi had depicted effective resource management skills over here.
I personally think that exposure to a practical situation had helped me in enchasing my clinical skills further. For example, working as part of a multidisciplinary care team, helped me in honing my problem solving and decision-making skills.
Development of leadership qualities
The development of leadership qualities in nursing plays a very important role in providing effective and quality care. In this respect, provision of leadership training can help in promoting effective judgement and decision making skills (Delgado & Mitchell, 2016). As mentioned by AL-Dossary (2017), the nursing leadership approaches have placed the importance upon relationship skills. The nursing relationship skills are mostly dependent upon the approaches of therapeutic communication (Wong, 2015). Some of the core aspects of nursing which could be applied over her in order to promote effective leadership skills are –critical thinking, communication approaches, resource management, ability to apply ethics into decision making (Fleiszer et al., 2016).
I think exposure to a practical clinical scenario can help in the acquiring of leadership potential and skills. As mentioned by Démeh & Rosengren (2015), application of solution-focused nursing approaches can help in the provision of a balanced care.  Therefore, mentorship facilities and sufficient learning opportunities can also help to supervise and access staff within a clinical setup (Backman et al., 2018). The effective clinical guidelines provided by the supervisors also play an effective role in the improvement of skills within the nursing profession. The loopholes identified by the clinical supervisor could be used by the nursing professionals for the betterment of skills. I have personally felt that including the group in the planning of an effective nursing care plan for the patient had helped to initiate various group discussions and debate. Additionally, the sharing of knowledge as part of the multidisciplinary team helped in honing and improvement of individual skills (Park, 2015).
Evaluation of therapeutic team interactions  
In order to provide assisted care to the patient, a care plan had been designed by negotiation between different team members. In this respect, a series of discussion post had been provided which had been had been supported by individual rationale. The discussion mainly centred on patient centred care, as the goal was to involve the patient in the care planning process (Li & Wang, 2017). For example, the discussion was initiated by Catalina who mentioned safe and effective patient handling practices were not conducted. She suggested that appropriate handover techniques should have been followed using evidence-based approaches such as ISOBAR which takes into consideration –identity, situations, observations, background, agreed plan, read back.  This view had been seconded by the peer nurses as following an evidence-based tool such as ISOBAR could help in identification of the history of the patient.
The proposition had been further reflected upon and added to by the peer nurses like on the nurses had highlighted that the A&E nurse failed to check the vital signs of the patient. It was stated that an MSU examination was conducted for the patient, which confirmed the presence of urinary tract infections. However, no specific antibiotic plan had been designed for the patient. It had been pointed out by some of the peers in my group that during handover of the patient no past history of medication or allergies had been taken. The lack of effective note taking and negligence in administering the right medication to the patient could result in lethal consequences. During the course of the conversation, it had been repeatedly highlighted that the patient should have been involved in the handover process as the patient has the right to information regarding the health and support care services provided to her (Bentley, Stirling, Robinson & Minstrell, 2016).
During the course of the discussion, it had been highlighted by my peer registered nurses that s the handover nurse had completely ignored some of the necessary details of the patient Shirley such as tachycardia and the presence of fever. In this case, the fever may be due to urinary tract infection.
The utilisation of communication skills in the development of care plan
The communication from used over here was written form of communication where each member of the nursing care team had to present individual care issues identified and back it up with a rationale.  The rationale provided helped in the understanding the various benefits of using an evidence-based tool for in conducting a nursing handover.
The arguments and counterarguments provided through the posts could help a nursing student improve their individual source of knowledge. However,   a face to face discussion would have helped in enhancing interpersonal professional skills such as communication (Bae x& Park, 2015).
The current assignment provides an overview of the different leadership approaches which c could be implemented within a nursing care and practice. Few of these have been discussed with respect to a present case scenario. The use of effective interpersonal communication skills along with use of evidence-based tools or approaches for conducting the handover of the patient had been highlighted over here. It has been found that using evidence-based approaches could help in minimising the risk associated with medical negligence.
Some of the basic nursing skills which would help me to work as part of a professional team in the future have been highlighted over through an action plan which also states the time limit within which I should attain the objectives.
Action plan

Inter-professional skills

0-4 months

 5-8 months

9-12 months

Communication skills




Problem-solving skills




Use of evidence-based tools




Negotiation skills




Gannt chart
(Source : Author)
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