K90012 Construction Project Management

K90012 Construction Project Management

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K90012 Construction Project Management

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K90012 Construction Project Management

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Course Code: K90012
University: University Of The West Of England

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Country: United Kingdom

Assess the development of the project over time and develop a stakeholder map of the SPB project

The commissioning, development, procurement and origin of SPB or Scottish Parliament Building in Scotland, is a well documented initiative in current era. Further, it has been one of the most problematic cases.
In order to analyze various risks, a register is devised here for employing to prevent mitigation of different stakeholders coming from various interests and powers. Next, the importance, size and scope of the design are investigated. The, the study demonstrates why there has been immense overruns in time and cost for the project. Lastly, the primary problems in SPB are understood here that is helpful for future projects.
Risk register of current management strategies at SPB:
The following risk register of management techniques are to be employed at SPB. This is to prevent migrating of different stakeholders. 

Risk Id.

Risk Description

Mitigation Plan (what to do to avoid the risk occurring)

Contingency Plan (what to do if the risk occurs)

Impact (what the impact will be to the project if the risk occurs)

Likelihood of occurrence (e.g., %, or high / medium / low)


Technical risks: These risks includes that has restricting SPB from developing products needed by their clients.

There should be finding of risks that has been most likely affecting projects and risks that are needed to be documented and important on the same way.

Here, the risks has been occurring in changes in project requirements and scopes and there are designing of omissions and errors.

This has been including uncertainties of various resources along with availability of materials, improper site analysis and insufficient designs



Financial risks:
There is availability, social taxes and inflations along with fluctuations in various foreign exchanges that re the probable economical risks. This has been occurring in SPB.

This should include planning and quantification. Further, there must be anakysis of risks to be done carefully and determine effects that those risks have been possessing on occurrences.

Since, they have been working on the project globally, it has been vital to make sense of the foreign currency to get exchanged.

Besides, taxes are to be considered by SPB, before they begin the project. These finances have been going to look at various aspects that are to be worked in Scotland.



Socio-political risks:
There have been various customers and restrictions to import various types of complexities. This has disposed tools that are consisting of socio-political issues. These are faced during the construction project of SPB.

Response control and monitoring is the smartest step here. Here the risk responses are to be monitored. Here, the risk controlling, monitoring, effectiveness and milestones are to be considered for various activities of risk management.

Here depending on where the projects have been placing, there are various codes and regulations that should be followed.

Every project must have same regulation and codes. However considering this can be a rude awakening.


First of all the key players include the managers. They must include investment funds that are hedging risks. They must perform risk management through market based techniques and solutions. Here the main objective is to assure and develop enterprise values and investments through denoting economic risks. These are related to cash flows, liabilities, resources, costs and revenues. Next, there are regulators. They have been overseeing economic markets, promoting efficiencies, fairness, transparencies and participants. However, they have been favoring volatility and stability. Thus they have been promoting the confidences in markets and operations. Further, they have been trying to lessen that volatility in whatever way it could be possible. This has depended in kinds of regulations that are imposed. Further, they have been unintentionally heightening volatility through blocking and slowing forces of natural markets that has been counterbalancing volatile situations. Here, the advisors have included economic institutions, economists, consultants and fintech companies. These roles have been providing economic risk management advices, services and products for analyzing managers. It has uncovered every kind of economic and related markets with instruments in the primary and secondary markers, along with derivative and physical markets.
Understanding scopes, size and significance of design:
Reflecting on the current design:
The various scopes, sizes and importance of the design are illustrated below.

Aspects of design



  The scope has never been sufficed for SPB. Here, a whole chain of phases are needed for feeding to end product. The chain has needed to consider high levels and detailed levels. This is to pick out particular sectors sustainable to construction area. Thus through these areas, the quantity of construction sector has contributed to economy. This has been in terms of calculated GVA. At Scotland, this has been about 20% and greater figure than prior estimations of 6% of narrow definition and 10% for the wider one (Sears et al., 2015). Besides, SPB had contributed more to that. This is also helpful for sustainability, stability and growth. This can be done through improved infrastructure and deploying security, health and environmental regimes.


 The overall magnitude of those components of work has been depending in location, size and nature of project and managing organization. Here, the owner has been interested to acquire least possible cost of projects consistent with objectives of investments. This is vital for construction managers of SPB and design professionals for the highest element of capital cost.  Here, land costs the major expenditure to create the high density urban sectors (Mubarak, 2015). This has included construction of financing. This has been reaching the similar magnitude as the cost of construction in huge projects.


  The designing of support services and pre-construction are primary elements of master builder processes. Here, collaboration with construction and design teams has started on the proper path to reward and construct the project successfully. The sketching part would highlight the arrangement of rooms and aspects within the room (Kwakye, 2014). Moreover, the design development also includes a more detailed plan of floor and locating where all doors and windows in the room are present, showing drawings of elevations. Then there is construction of documents that shows a more detailed plan. This has displayed the exactly thickness of windows and doors with materials (Chin & Hamid, 2015).

Critical risks where the design, procurement and management would be subjected:
During project planning of SPB, the risks are not certain. However, there are risks that are planned to take place. They are needed to be dealt with, that is demonstrated through the following risk register.

Risk likelihood


Risk consequence

Risks to be avoided

 These are the best things. This can be prevented from occurring and never hurt the project. The most effective method to do away with the risk is to walk away from cliff. However, this is not any option on the project


Risks to be mitigated

 This can be done through mitigating it. It indicates the considering any kind of action causing to it


Risks to be transferred

 This might be doing a little damage to the project as possible


Risk to be accepted

 As the risks can be avoided or cannot be transferred, it becomes complicated to accept that. However, as the risks are accepted they can look as alternatives and know what has been happening as it has been occurring


As one is able to avoid risks, there is nothing to decrease the effect. Here the only way is to accept the choice. As the time when the risk takes place, it becomes late to perform anything to it. This is the reason why plan for risks are needed. This take place from the beginning and can be coming back to perform more planning around the project. The plan of risk management confirms that how one can control the risk in the project. This must be documenting the risks to be analyzes with the people who are liable for performing that. This also refers who has been planning the risks (Oakland & Marosszeky, 2017). As the risks are technical, various elements have been turning to be complex to use. As they are external, the market changes and problems in weather are also big challenges. This is vital to come up with principles for find out how complex the potential effect of risk has been. Here, the effect reveals how much harm is done for the project. Various projects have been classifying the effects on scale from minimal to serve from low to high. This plan of risk management has been scaled to figure out the possibility of risk. These risks are highly important, whereas the others have not been (Wang et al., 2014).
Means to minimize project risks:
The project managers can undertake various measures to decrease the risk of projects that are determined.

The means



Contract Planning or taking time to do the right thing

 Here, the most significant issue that is witnessed by project managers is to hire contractors. They are the largest barriers around the complete project.  At many times, the SPB has required to begin quickly as the contract is signed (Banihashemi et al., 2017). Since SOB has not updates the list of prequalified contractors, they have been lacking time for preparing the cause of failure in contract. For starting the contracts off in proper way, this has been needed to reserve sufficient time for preparing the process of contracting

 This is needed to define what exactly has been contacted and in what manner. This is to decide how many contractors are asked to provide quotation and prepare the detailed scope accompanying others of the contracts (Ogunde et al., 2017). This has been vital to define exact time sands selecting criteria for contractors. This includes documentation, proper references, structure and costs. Here requirements are demanded for every company.

Contracting administration

 This is a well-detailed contracts having conditions agreed, working startups on job sites. Presently, project managers have the liability to make contracts for fulfilling all the things in contract. This includes applying efforts to manage contracts with best possibilities. The project managers must assure that the things has been changing and is needed to change contracts as the project execution goes on

 For controlling contracts smart planning is needed. It must be assumed that the planning is completed (Olawale & Sun, 2015). Various events can take place and project milestones are not met here. This has been triggering various penalties causing against contractors. This has been making alterations to cost, time and project scopes. Due to this reason, the management team of project has been consistently aware of every type of changes and keeping contracts in synchronized way as the real task is completed on job site.

Reducing Construction Risks with Software

One has noticed that all the five risks of constructions have one aspect in common. It is uncertainty. As one leaves projects open to various unforeseen situations and chances is has been drastically affecting when and how the project is created. This has not mentioning the reason of unnecessary

 There are various uncertainties in construction that has been out of control. This is why the risks have not been the controlling ones (Ksi??ek et al., 2015). Here, with the help of technologies more sound-proof management program of risk can be developed. This must positively affect the project successes, staffs, personal welfares and overall profit margin.

Planning and control

 It must be reminded that no smart management without any efficient control. Here, the contractors have been planning on the basis of contract control. There has been smart control as there is no planning (Zhao & Li, 2015).  As there is no deciding of ultimate construction schedule, the primary deadline is the put contractors as constraints for guaranteeing the vital stages of projects to get delivered on time for the common contractor. Here productivity and performances are also specified to facilitate project execution controls. In periodic way, the team of project management has been upgrading the controlling of projects, calculating real performance indexes and comparison of project plans. Here, the frequency of up gradations has been depending on the overall length and kind of projects (Wang et al., 2016). However, weekly updates in this case have not been enough. Thus, as the deviations are determined project managers should be meeting with contractors and defining strategies to correct issues. This has been bringing projects back in line along the plans

 Hence, to minimize the issues resulting from of management practice of contractors, the team of project can help with problematic identification. For example there has been low productivity and suggestion of issues for guaranteeing projects to be success (Zhang, Wu & Shen, 2015). This is to meet contractual requirements. Besides, it must be reminded that the phase of planning would never start, as the construction phase begins.

Analyzing the subject to immense cost and time overruns:
Understanding time and cost overruns:
There has been an argument that despite the cultural and political imperativeness of successful completion of SPB, there are occurring of immense time and cost overruns. This has been occurring from perspective of project management to regarding development, procurement and designing.
The cost overrun is the phenomenon where the client needs to spend more money to complete project. This is done from the original estimation. Here, the project has been going beyond the budget (Varajão et al., 2014). On the other hand schedule overrun that is the phenomenon where the project has been getting delayed. This has gone beyond the expected completing time because of particular difficulties.

The time overrun

 SNB has been affected through time overruns. It has been varying from some months and comprised of five and months of placing. This has put viability of project at risk. Various respondents of survey are seen as the bottle-neck affecting projects and problems as they are to be conquered. This bottleneck are listed below they are divided into various phases. There has been pre-execution phases and execution and closing phases. There have been various delays for land acquisition and site handovers for various reasons for time overruns for pre-execution phase delays for land acquisition (G?adysz et al., 2015). These are driven by various factors. Here the primary factors for those delays are resistances through local communities. Here the resistances have been happening from poor type of compensations and undervalued market land price. This has lead to various disputes with local communities. Moreover, there are various regulatory approvals from various agencies to lead the delay in construction. Further, different poor program managements gas resulted in in-sufficient co-ordination with additional schedule and projects delays. Moreover, in-sufficient scope or design changes are broadly prevalent in availability of infrastructure sectors (Dziadosz & Rejment, 2015). This consists of restricted plans with specifications and many more. These are not received by contractors in time. Additional tasks are done through unforeseen issues such as natural calamities and adverse weathers.

The cost overrun

 There are various reasons that can be listed. However those reasons behind cost overrun are viewed on specific stakeholders and focusing on Edinburgh, Scotland. It has made that necessary to understand the construction view of stakeholders in the nation (Zhao, Hwang & Phng, 2014). Through studying the causes has been helpful to prioritize actions for mitigating overruns of costs. Here the bases of results are understood from survey conducted on various stakeholders in SPB. Here the reasons of overrunning of costs are examined through the basis of reactions from contractors, consultants and clients separately. Here the causes are ranked in the ground stone of importance, effects and occurrences. This is done as responded through various stakeholders and rankings of every category of SPB’s stakeholders. These are correlated through “Spearman’s Rank Correlation” (Wu et al., 2017). This is to seen as the reactions are considered as a whole to find out the urgency.  Apart from this a slow making of decision is also ranked that has been causing the greatest possibility of occurring and possessing the greatest effect and making that the vital cause of overrunning the costs as per the clients. In this case various clients who have reacted as the part of government authorities and working with projects of government infrastructures. Apart from this there are poor delays and designing to supply designs. This is ranked at the top as per consultants. This top ranking has suggests the acknowledgement of complex sectors of project management (Owolabi et al., 2014). Here project schedule management is ranked second as per the importance and first as per the rise in machine and material prices to occur. Apart from this poor management of schedule is ranked highly with crucial factors of clients also. Besides, keeping up schedules are the liabilities of contactors.

Understanding data collection and analysis:
On the basis of projects, here the primary factors for cost delays and overruns are the main risk factors. It is based on outcomes of the projects. The interviewers at SPB are queried about primary causes of cost overruns in projects of poor cost performances. Here the interviewers have explained definitions of cost overruns. This is done as per the research to secure individual perceptions from responding to those clouds. Here, the information regarding every cause is collected mainly from interviewees (Guerin, 2017). Hence this is vital to assure that they study definitions of research. Here, data is gathered from online to conduct the research.  Here, SPB as the popular construction sectors of Scotland.
Here, the reactions from project managers along with representatives, construction managers, consultants and contractors are surveyed and analyzed. Further, data about organizations retrieved from interviewees and information is verified through online search. Here, the protocols of interviews are sent to many people through the researchers (Ochieng et al., 2018). Here, along the lines the overall research configurations of thesis if done across various meetings conveyed to task administrators and reviewing the after effects of various members. Here, undertaking of administrators are been talked on separates acts that are unified with huge extension and alternate poor execution.
As per the needs of explorations, the interviewers are the senior venture pioneers and has been ought to work at managerial level. This is to guarantee that the interviewees has been meeting necessities and portion of inquiries regarding points of interview’s interests (Martínez-Rojas, M., Marín, N., & Vila, 2015).
Risk in SPB (Scottish Parliament Building)
Construction of SBP (Scottish Parliament Building) has many complex risks which can be both internal and external (Pinto, 2014). There are many types of risk which are encountered in construction of this building like technical risk, logistic risk, environmental risk, risk related to management, financial risk, social-political risk (Belle, 2017). For overcoming various kind of risk in construction there should be certain number of codes and policies related to it. The steps should be taken into account to avoid various kind of risk in construction of this building.
Technical Risk: It can be stated as any kind of risk which prevents an individual from a product which is required or demanded by customer (Mhetre, Konnur & Landage, 2016). It is inclusive of certain number of resources and availability of various materials. Apart from all this, the risk can originate due to inadequate investigation of site and lastly incomplete design. This particular type of risk can come into action due to various kind of changes in the scope of the given project and its requirements.
Logistical risk: There islarge number of logistic risk which is needed to be addressed before from the beginning of the given project (Kraus, 2018). The risk is mainly inclusive of availability of facilities of transportation and availability of various kind of equipments like spare part, fuel and lastly labor. Without any kind of addressing there can be logistical issues which can create huge amount impact on the project delays and loss.
Environmental risk: This particular kind of risk is inclusive of various natural disaster, seasonal implication changes and weather (Rowlinson et al., 2014). The risk is mainly encountered when various people overlook when people are unaware of the local condition. If this SPB construction is to be done new place, then the project manager should have an overview regarding the wealth at a particular place. If the project manager is well aware of the various environmental risk of the city, then the team members can prepare themselves for the upcoming weather challenges in the SPB construction (Fadun & Saka, 2018). By the help of this strategy, various kind of risk and potential delays can be tackled in much efficient way.
Risk related to management: The most common kind of risk is seen due to uncertainty in the production of various kind of available resources. Before the beginning of the project, the project manager should come up with skilled staff (Rostami et al., 2015). It will help the project manager in defining their roles and abilities and lastly responsibilities. If any of failure takes place, then it can lead to various kind of disastrous loss.
Financial risk: Inflation, availability and lastly fluctuation in the various foreign currency are considered as some of financial risk which is encountered in construction industry (Reddy, 2015). While working in some of the international projects it is very much important for understanding the fact that how various foreign currency can be exchanged. Various countries around the globe come up with different kind of taxes so it is the duty of the project manager to have an idea regarding various kind of taxes. The financial expenditure is considered to be very much different if an individual is working in some tax-free city.
Socio-political risk: Various custom and any kind of import risk can provide restriction and difficulties which are encountered due to social-political risk (Guo, Yiu & González, 2016). A project manager can easily encounter a large number of challenges in the construction of SPB. Based on the status of the project there iscertain number of regulation and codes which needs to abide by. If an individual assumes that each and every project have same kind of code and regulation which is rude in nature.
Apart from all the above-stated risk, there can be some other kind of risk which are associated with risks are
Improper management of risk: Tolerance of risk is considered to be part of project management (Taylan et al., 2014). For avoiding such kind of risk management, the project manager of SPB should learn about input, desktop, and lastly trust. The team member should have a proper kind of idea regarding good kind of choices which is taken to be a part of the project.
Poor communication: Poor communication is considered to be moral killer which is encountered in the delay of various projects mechanism that is of first order (Dziadosz & Ko?czak, 2016) . It is the duty of the project manager to keep up the communication and proper kind of feedback which is needed by both upper management and the leader of the project along with associated stakeholders.
Lack of engagement of stakeholders: It is the duty of project manager to keep up proper kind of communication which is regarding the open and encourage feedback from various steps of the given project (Pinto, 2014). Now in the given scenario the project manager can easily handle various kind of issues related to its impact on the given project. If the project manager cannot come to a party, then an agreement is required from various parties of both the end.
Mitigation of risk in the construction of SPB
A large number of step can be easily taken for mitigation various kind of risk in construction industry like
Software: Whether it is the design of building, cost related to it or accounting, the construction of management can easily make use of software (Belle, 2017). It will be helpful in managing task in more simplified way and quicker way. All of the given advantage help in mitigating various kind of risk which is encountered in construction project of SPB. With the growth of construction industry, it can easily handle large number of projects (Mhetre, Konnur & Landage, 2016). It is beneficial in tackling various kind of software application which has been designed in such a way that it can tackle the project in much effective way. Along with this, it will help in tackling various kind of risk which are encountered in the given project (Kraus, 2018). At the intermediate level, there iscertain number of software methodologies are needed for tackling with various kind risk in construction project.
Training: On-Job training is mainly used for providing some specific kind of material and machine which comes up with specific kind of element (Rowlinson et al., 2014). It is mainly required for providing online training which is required for the safety of various workers.
Financing: Credit lines in construction industry is considered to be very much beneficial. It aims in providing some of the financial cushions which help in various kind of risk (Fadun & Saka, 2018). Some of the possible kind of risk where client has resulted in possible kind of late payment and dispute in payment. With the help of proper accounting the project manager can easily keep a track of various blank documents at the time of opening and closing of given document.
Insurance: In many cases an insurance broker or organization are unable to get advice regarding the local authority’s requirement in construction insurance (Rostami et al., 2015). Both the ins and outs CCIP (Contractor controlled insurance program) and other like SDI (Subcontractor default insurance). The fact should be taken into account that construction is generally cannot be insured.  
Advice from professional: Some advice is required in construction industry which is needed for legalizing the firm more specifically the various contracts and its mitigation methods. It aims in dealing with bankers, accountancy and consultancy (Reddy, 2015). The second point which is to be taken into account is bonded for surety in various organization. This particular kind of bond helps the client in guaranteeing the fact that their building will be complete in the given time (Dziadosz & Ko?czak, 2016). For understanding the various kind of issues in construction industry, there comes up with certain number of problem. It is all about understanding the various kind of identification which is related to risk in business.  
New technology and methods: The are some kind of risk which accepted on automatic basis before they can be mitigated (Guo, Yiu & González, 2016). In some cases, it is seen that the risk can be eliminated by the help of new kind of approaches. Bad weather condition can be taken as one of the examples. By the help of prefabrication which is based on building modules, on time construction can be easily reduced with it. The most possible kind of effect can be due to bad weather condition (Taylan et al., 2014). In some of areas it can be seen that use of drones can be time-saving and along with can reduced safety hazards. BIM can be stated as method of identifying various kind of risk before it comes into reality. 
On the basis of findings of the study, various points can be suggested. This is to minimize and maintain cost overruns. There is a huge need of paying attentions for project planning. Proper time must be provided to prepare tender submission, information documentation, designing, planning and feasibility studies. Moreover, there should be attempts from the side of SPB, to stay under the scope that has been planned originally. This is helpful to constantly measure and track progresses. The resources are to be ideally available in the site of SPB. Sufficient economic and technical managements are present and there should be proper sourcing of materials, rise in construction speeds, reducing stages, procuring cost controls and coordination and communication between various project participants as the project phases moves on. Besides, top management should be reacting positively to various environmental and political changes that are done through financial and managerial policies .
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MyAssignmenthelp.com has become one of the leading assignment help provider in New York City and Boston. We provide top class auditing assignment help. Not only auditing, but we also cover more than 100 subjects and our writers deal with all types of assignments with utmost expertise. To make writing process faster and accurate, we have segmented our assignment experts’ teams as per their expertise on writing different types of assignments. We guaranteed that students who buy our assignment online get solutions worth their investment.

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MPM755 Building Success In Commerce
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Course Code: MPM755
University: Deakin University

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Country: Australia

The process of developing a successful business entity requires a multidimensional analysis of several factors that relate to the internal and external environment in commerce. The areas covered in this current unit are essential in transforming the business perspective regarding the key commerce factors such as ethics, technology, culture, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, and globalization (Nzelibe, 1996; Barza, 2…

SNM660 Evidence Based Practice
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Course Code: SNM660
University: The University Of Sheffield

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Country: United Kingdom

Critical reflection on the objective, design, methodology and outcome of the research undertaken Assessment-I
Smoking and tobacco addiction is one of the few among the most basic general restorative issues, particularly to developed nations such as the UK. It has been represented that among all risk segments smoking is the fourth driving purpose behind infections and other several ailments like asthma, breathing and problems in the l…
Australia Maidstone Management Business management with marketing University of New South Wales Masters in Business Administration 

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning
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Course Code: BSBHRM513
University: Tafe NSW

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Country: Australia

Task 1
1.0 Data on staff turnover and demographics
That includes the staffing information of JKL industries for the fiscal year of 2014-15, it can be said that the company is having problems related to employee turnover. For the role of Senior Manager in Sydney, the organization needs 4 managers; however, one manager is exiting. It will make one empty position which might hurt the decision making process. On the other hand, In Brisba…

MKT2031 Issues In Small Business And Entrepreneurship
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Course Code: MKT2031
University: University Of Northampton

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Country: United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial ventures
Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, manage, and put in order operations of any business venture with an intention to make profits despite the risks that may be involved in such venture. Small and large businesses have a vital role to play in the overall performance of the economy. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the difference between entrepreneurial ventures, individual, and c…
Turkey Istanbul Management University of Employee Masters in Business Administration 

MN506 System Management
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Course Code: MN506
University: Melbourne Institute Of Technology

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Country: Australia

An operating system (OS) is defined as a system software that is installed in the systems for the management of the hardware along with the other software resources. Every computer system and mobile device requires an operating system for functioning and execution of operations. There is a great use of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones that has increased. One of the widely used and implemented operating syste…
Australia Cheltenham Computer Science Litigation and Dispute Management University of New South Wales Information Technology 


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