IAS201 Cultural Capabilities

IAS201 Cultural Capabilities

IAS201 Cultural Capabilities

• Introduction: It has been argued that cultural capabilities are fundamental to operating effectively in the workplace, community and the university. Cultural capabilities are required for creating safe work and learning spaces. So, to complete this task you will be drawing together all of the learning from the unit to show understanding of strategies to create safe spaces.

• [1] Select at minimum 5 (but you can use more) of the 7 following concepts, [2] IAS 201 students are required to use Generative Interactions as 1 of their 5 (or more) concepts, [3] each video should have a different concept(s) applied to it, [4] no concept should be used more than once. [5] Use 2 additional outside scholarly texts you find through the library (for example another text about equity to support your analysis of equity).
1. Recognizing White/Racial/Settler Privilege (McIntosh or Gilio-Whitaker)
2. Identifying Bias (Kandola)
3. Power Relations (Cummins)
4. Generative Interactions [required] (Bernstein et al.)
5. Equity and Equity Literacy (Gorski)
6. Cultural Border Crossings/Cultural Valence (Smolicz et al.)
7. Cultural Safety (Bin-Sallik) or Safe Spaces (Harless)

▪ Again, you will need to supplement your analysis with 2 additional outside scholarly texts you find through the CDU library (for example another text about bias to support your analysis)
• Task: Write a formal report to observe and analyse whether characters in each of the three video interactions are showing effective cultural capabilities and maintaining a culturally safe space. Also, recommend how effective cultural capabilities of the people involved could be improved. For this paper you will need to use AT MINIMUM five in class texts, and two additional scholarly texts (that you find through the university library search engine.

• Partner Option: You have the option of working with a partner. However, if you choose to do this you must apply all seven (7) concepts above (2 different concepts applied to each video) in your paper (& again using Generative Interactions is required). In this sense, the work is divided since the word limit is the same, but each of you are still required to apply at least 3 or 4 concepts each. Plus, the 2 additional outside scholarly texts (1 each per person).

Task details
The report should:
• Summarise and describe observations of the interactions related to aspects of cultural capabilities in the interaction.
• Analyse (with formal references) the safe and unsafe aspects of the interaction, including the physical location and interactions between people.
• Provide recommendations for creating or sustaining this interaction as a culturally safe space.
Be written in a formal tone – avoid personal language, contractions and slang.

Paper Outline
Title page: This should be on a separate page. Include the title, your name and student number, and the date. The title should include the name of the assignment and describe what the report will do.You can be creative to make an interesting title page.
Table of Contents: This should be on a separate page. A table of contents provides a list of the Sections and Sub-sections that you have used in your report, and the page on which they start. You can use the word function in ‘references’ tab to AUTO-generate a table of contents from the levels of headings you choose UNDER ‘STYLES’.

1.2 Scope
list the terminology and research concepts you are choosing to use to analyse the capabilities in the scenario. (references and readings’ concepts, you will use should go here)

2.1 Summary of key moments you’ll analyse (the ‘data, evidence, video quotes’ w/o analysis). This is not a synopsis of the entire video. You are to select only the key moments most important for your analysis and recommendation.
▪ The scenario started with…
▪ Then during the interaction: Include the moments you consider most important/applicable to your analysis and recommendations that will follow (include video quotes, if applicable) …

2.2 Analysis: Title the section after the concept(s) you are going to apply in this analysis [Instructions: In this section you should demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the key concepts covered in the unit. i.e. Power relations, Cultural Safety, Safe Spaces, referenced though the unit readings. Apply these specific concepts to your ‘evidence’ in the summary above].

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