HURM 1100 Human Resource Management

HURM 1100 Human Resource Management

HURM 1100 Human Resource Management




Describe the changing nature of work and the workforce.Describe the strategic role of the HR practitioner in the workplace. Communicate clearly, concisely and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form that fulfills the purpose and meets the needs of the audience. Apply a systematic approach to solve problems. Analyze, evaluate and apply relevant information from a variety of sources. Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.  Take responsibility for one’s own actions, decisions and consequences. 
Assignment Background: In Chapter 2 you studied strategy and Human Resource planning.  The purpose of this assignment is to connect theory that has been studied and put it into practice.  
Assignment Details:
In this assignment, you are going to choose a company to research.  A list of companies (and their mission statements) has been provided to you to choose from.   Using the company’s website, information from the textbook chapter and other scholarly sources you will answer all the questions related to the company in the template provided. You may use bullet points but ensure that your points are clear and fully developed.  For each section the marks for a full, accurate and complete answer are listed. Should you wish to choose an alternate company to profile you may do so ONLY with the written permission of your Professor well in advance of the due date and time.  
Assignment submission: All assignments are to be submitted to the Assignment folder in DC Connect on the due date on or before 11:59:00pm.  Late assignments will be penalized 20% per calendar day up to 3 days after which a mark of zero will be assigned and it will not be accepted.   “LATE” is defined at 12:00am and each subsequent 24-hour period thereafter for 3 days. 
Format: –    Using the layout provided please answer each question in the space provided.  –    The marks for each section are indicated (total 35 marks for this assignment)
Conduct some research on the company you have chosen by visiting their website or other related scholarly sources to answer the question “What is the VALUE PROPOSITION of this Company”? For example, why do people BUY their product or USE their service?
Critique your Company’s mission statements based on the criteria studied and answer YES or NO and WHY or WHY NOT to each of the following criteria:
(i)    Does it offer a clear direction and challenging and compelling picture for the future?
(ii)    Does it connect with all stakeholders (inside and outside the company)? 
(iii)    Does it provide any inspiration to you as a potential customer?
Detail how their MISSION STATEMENT influences 2 functional areas of HRM in this organization: 
Review the section in your textbook and online material on external analysis criteria then through research and critical thinking detail a minimum of one (1) key impact in each area related to the business you are reviewing.
1.    Economic changes: local, regional or global economic conditions that impact this business:
2.    Technological changes: information technology and automation impact to this business:
3.    Demographic changes and/or labour market trends: for example, changes in education, literacy challenges, immigration, demographics in the workforce or Canada’s aging population and how these impact this business:
4.    Social changes: for example, how people view work and work-life balance, working mothers and childcare, eldercare in our aging population or any other social changes that impact this business:
5.    Legal and regulatory changes: what laws, government regulations and changes impact this business:
Review the material in your textbook on the 4 primary corporate cultures Which of the corporate cultures examined in your textbook apply to this business? WHY do you believe so?  Does your Company compete on LOW COST or DIFFERENTIATION?  EXPLAIN which one and WHY you believe this is the case (what evidence to you have to support this? HINT: compare their strategy to a main competitor here to provide evidence).Based on your research and review of this company through the work you have completed for this assignment, what is one (1) thing you would suggest to this business to change about their current strategy that would help them beat their competitor?

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