Human Interactions

Human Interactions

Human Interactions

True / False Questions
11.    Common sense focuses on the past, and because of this it is weak in responding to the unknown or unexpected.
True    False
12.    Hard skills include our expertise in human interactions.
True    False
13.    Among the four skills most desired by employers are active listening and critical thinking.
True    False
14.    Soft skills are job specific; they are useful only in certain jobs.
True    False
15.    Hard skills are not important in organizations.
True    False
16.    As a person rises to higher levels of an organization, technical skills become more important and personal skills become less important.
True    False
17.    It is likely that you will experience 10 or fewer jobs in your career.
True    False
18.    Human capital is the productive potential of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experiences.
True    False
19.    Organizations who invest in employees’ human capital tend to have higher turnover but improved financial outcomes.
True    False
20.    Organizations invest in employees’ human capital by building their skills, motivating them, and providing opportunities for them.
True    False

56.    How many of the top four skills desired by managers for the top 10 jobs in 2013 are “hard skills”?

A.     None

B.     One

C.     Two

D.     Three

E.     All

57.    Soft skills are:

A.     Less valuable than hard skills

B.     Needed to interact with, influence, and perform with others

C.     Not relevant to jobs above first-level supervision

D.     Not portable, that is, they can’t be carried from one job to the next

E.     Useful only in the middle and late stages of a career

58.    Regarding the relative importance of personal and technical skills:

A.     They remain equal and this does not change throughout careers

B.     Technical skills are more important regardless of job level

C.     Personal skills are more important regardless of job level

D.     Technical skills become more important as job level increases

E.     Personal skills become more important as job level increases

59.    Research has shown that on average, the younger segment of the baby-boomer generation is likely to have held about _______ jobs in their lifetime. 

A.     1

B.     2

C.     5

D.     10

E.     25
60.    The productive potential of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experiences is known as: 

A.     Human capital

B.     Social capital

C.     Ethical capital

D.     Credibility

E.     Soft skills
61.    Which of the following is not a form of human capital? 

A.     Initiative

B.     Reputation

C.     Adaptability

D.     Trust

E.     Experience
62.    Social capital is: 

A.     The productive potential of an individual’s knowledge, skills and experiences

B.     Concerned with a person’s reputation

C.     The productive potential resulting from social responsibility

D.     Composed of education and experience

E.     The productive potential resulting from relationships, goodwill, trust, and cooperative effort
63.    Which of the following is a form of social capital? 

A.     Status

B.     Reputation

C.     Knowledge, skills, and abilities

D.     Experience

E.     Vision
64.    In social capital, the focus shifts from the _________ to the ____________. 

A.     Individual; organization

B.     Individual; environment

C.     Individual; social unit

D.     Organization; individual

E.     Social units; individual

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