GNED 101 An Introduction To Arts And Sciences

GNED 101 An Introduction To Arts And Sciences

GNED 101 An Introduction to Arts and Sciences



In order for us to make a change from anthropocentric to a biocentric paradigm we must refocus our economic interests. David Suzuki mentioned two flaws in our current economic system with regards to how it treats the environment. The first flaw he mentions is that nature provides many services to us, yet we take those services for granted, and dismiss them in our economy. The second flaw he mentions is that the economy depends on the health and well-being of the people, but the health and well-being of the people is dependent on nature. With these two flaws in mind I feel that the most important action we must take is to introduce some sort of environmental responsibility into how we conduct our economic processes. Suzuki mentioned in the reading that the amount that we exploit natural resources depends on how well the economy is doing. A better economy leads to less exploitation and a worse economy leads to more exploitation. Maybe we should instead set an uninfringeable limit to how much we can exploit natures ‘services-, and these limits don’t change regardless of economic performance. I think this will be the biggest challenge. limiting the economic hunger for natural resources will require changing a process that encompasses nearly every aspect of our lives. it is a very complex task. Beyond the economic complexity, there will also be a great amount of cooperation required. environmental issues are global, and as such, all nations will have to work together to achieve this goal. This brings in more powers than just economics, there will political powers at play. and social/cultural difference between nations. However, the impact of such a change would be far reaching, the environment would hopefully improve, and its resources would sustain us for longer. As for the economy, I think it would be hard to say whether such a change would positively affect it or negatively, this change could bring jobs as companies get more creative. or it erase them and destroy industries. its hard to say what the outcome will be. 
As the world economy is today, people tend to focus on only themselves and the resources they need, rather than the effects such actions would have on the environment, and in turn, ourselves. David Suzuki thinks we should shift from this self-centered view of ourselves to a biocentric paradigm, in which we focus on the environment around us and what effects our actions do to the environment It wouldn’t be necessarily easy, but ways we could do this would most likely involve governments around the world enforcing new laws that limit what companies, organizations and people can do that would effect the environment. Providing grants to those who innovate on our current technology to be more eco-friendly. As well as phasing out such things as gasoline powered cars and replacing them with electric cars, traditional furnaces and replacing them with geothermal systems.
These major changes are probably in reality, extremely unlikely to actually occur. Rich businesses essentially control governments (I mean just look at old examples like the Banana Republic; the rise of fruit companies in under developed countries). Such businesses are powered by greed, and things that cause them to lose money such as new regulations that prevent them from over fishing, over logging and alike would not make them happy what so ever. Public opinion is also a big issue. Everyone wants to save the world, but nobody wants to buy an expensive new car, stop using the convenience of a car in favor of other options, deal with businesses that don’t meet demand and no one wants to buy a new heating system at a high initial cost. No one wants to deal with the increased cost of living, which is quite understandable, as the cost of living in most countries is already too high (especially Canada).
If these changes were ever to occur, such as better regulation on logging, and encouraging innovation within the biocentric paradigm, then the environment would surely make a very slow recovery, or just prevent it from getting even worse. And in turn, hopefully such changes would result in a healthier state of living for both humans and the environment.
1. Click Create Thread.
2. Enter the name of your subject.
3. In the Message box respond to the following prompt: 
David Suzuki argues that we need to shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric paradigm. How can we make this happen? What are some major challenges to making this happen? What are some Impacts, environmental or otherwise, that such a change would have? (4 points)
4. Click Submit when completed.
5. After you answer these questions, post at least two (2) replies to the postings of others (3 points). and6. Reply to either someone who has replied to your post or someone else’s post (reply to a reply) (1 point)
Grading Criteria:
4 points: Answering each question thoroughly (2 points) and providing critical analysis (2 points)
3 points: Responding to 2 posts (1 point) in an engaged and thoughtful/thorough way (2 points)
1 point: Replying to a reply (0.5 point) in an engaged and thoughtful/thorough way (0.5 point)

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