GCIB 501 Foundations Of Management

GCIB 501 Foundations Of Management

GCIB 501 Foundations of Management



The first part of this paper provides the explanation for the value chain map of Blue Grouse Estate Winery which is one of the competitors of Cherry Point Estate Wines. The second part analyses Cherry Point Estate Wines’ market competencies in comparison to those of two competitor firms, Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Averill Creek Vineyard. Competitive advantages, parities and their sustainability are then identified.
Competitor Analysis – Explanation of Value Chain MapThe market competency of Modern indoor and stunning outdoor event setting is granted by the maintenance of clean and modern premises and viewpoints (core competencies). This is achievable through the capability of hosting wine tasting tours, weddings, and events (Blue Grouse Estates, 2021) as well as the drink, snack, and maintenance service capability. Both capabilities are performed by HR Dept. Skilled labor resource within the bldg./landscape infrastructures and location (small catering area, loft/balcony, grouse house, mountain view) (resource). Good quality wine (Google Reviews, 2021) (Tripadvisor, 2021) is achieved by having the core competency of consistent quality wine produced through QC Monitoring and Testing (Capability) of the 9 White Wines / 7 Red Wines (Capability). The QC Monitoring and Testing capability is performed by the HR Dept. Skilled Labour (viticulturist, winemakers, and food service workers) resource which follows a Quality Control program resource (Blue Grouse Estates Winery, 2020). The 7 red wines/ 9 white wines are also produced by HR Dept. Skilled Labour using Wine Production Equipment and Viticulture Equipment resources to develop and transform the grape.Friendly Customer Service[ Personal Observation] (Tripadvisor, 2021) (Google Reviews, 2021) is a market competency supported by a customer base and this is derived from the core competencies of (1) Active Marketing Activities capability  (e.g. customer outreach on social media) and core competency of  (2) Positive Working Culture. Active Marketing activities (Instagram, 2021) (Twitter, 2021) (Facebook, 2021) are produced by  include the capability of Sales Marketing (interactive website and social media, wine club) which is in turn achievable through the resources of Marketing (website) and HR Dept. Skilled Labour (marketing specialists). A positive working culture is built through Support for staff (capability) (Instagram, 2021) which is achieved by HR Dept. resource.The following core competencies create the Market competency of Accessible and Available Wines: (1) Financial Stability, not connected to Mkt Comp. (2) Modern Website and Easy Online Shopping, (3) Maintaining Reliable Product Volumes, and (4) Widespread BC distribution and Free Provincial Delivery. The core competency of Financial Stability is achieved through the capabilities of Drink, Snack and Maintenance Service, Wine Tasting Tours/Weddings and Events, and Sales/Revenue/Cash Flow Management. Resources like bldg./Landscape Infrastructure and Location (Small catering area, loft/balcony, Grouse house, mountain view)[ See [1]] and HR Dept. Skilled Labour helps attain Drink, Snack and Maintenance Service capability and Wine Tasting Tours/ Weddings and Events (capability).  Financial stability indirectly permits Accessible and Available products by funding associated with the other core competency operations. It Financial Stability is achieved the capabilities of sales/revenue/cash flow and the sources of revenue such as the capabilities of Drink, Snack and Maintenance services as well as Tasting Tours, Weddings and Events (capability). These are accomplished as stated in Modern Indoor and Stunning Outdoor event settings. Modern Website and Easy Online Shopping are achieved through the website built by Sales Marketing capability of the Marketing resource. Maintaining Reliable Product Volumes is a core competency created by two capabilities, the first one being capable of producing enough wine (9 white wines and 7 red wines) by using resources like Grapes, Raw materials, Wine Production and Viticulture Equipment’s and also human resources of skilled labour (HR Dept. Skilled Labour: viticulturists, winemakers, marketing specialists). The second one is Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels, managed by the HR Dept. Skilled Labour and Shipping resources. The core competency of Widespread BC Distribution and Free Provincial Delivery is gained through the capability of Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels, which are achievable due to the coordination of the HR Dept. Skilled Labour and Shipping resources. Blue Grouse Estate Winery achieves market competency in Exclusive Membership Promotions (Blue Grouse, 2021) which supports  by the core competency of customer base. Iin turn supported by Active Marketing Activities. The capabilities and resources that sustain active marketing activities were previously identified.

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