GBUS 511 Global Business Environment

GBUS 511 Global Business Environment

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GBUS 511 Global Business Environment

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GBUS 511 Global Business Environment

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Course Code: GBUS511
University: Victoria University Of Wellington is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: New Zealand


1 Introduction -Explain the purpose, limitation and scope of the report.
2 Background
The aim is to conduct a brief discussion of the who(the identity of the entity and a brief history) what(the product and service, market segment and industry), how(current situation or performance-to-date)
3 Internal analysis (LO 1)In this section, the role and the significance of each of the elements and its componentsmust be evaluated and highlighted. A minimum of three key areas relevant to the selectedbusiness entity The scope of discussion includes but not limited to Vision and missionCorporate values and cultureCore competenciesOrganization structureManagement and leadershipResources(human, assets, strategic, financial, etc)Policies and procedures4 External analysis (LO 1)
In this section, the focus will be on the impact of the identified relevant external factorsThe discussion must show an understanding of the nature and characteristics of the factors,and the impact of the external environmental forces on the operations of the selected entityThe impact must be linked to at least two of the business operational areas(Humanresource, sales and marketing, procurement, research and development, support functions)
The range of external factors includes but not limited to the followingPolitical legal and regulatoryEconomic environmentDemographic, social and culturalTechnological developmentsCompetitorsCustomersSuppliersRegulators(agencies and interest groups)
Part A: Environmental analysis
You have been tasked to conduct an environmental analysis of a New Zealand company. Theterms of reference would be an assessment of the internal and external environment of thecompany.These findings and conclusions will assist the business entity to develop businessplans at a later stage when required.
Whilst it will be difficult to isolate the pervasive influence of global forces, your primarypal is to present recommendations for operating within the domestic New Zealand market.Nevertheless, any global linkages that could have an impact on the local business operationshould be highlighted.
Additionally, the implications to NZ businesses in terms of the uniqueness of the principlesof the Treaty of Waitangi should be evaluated Based on the key findings and conclusions of the environmental analysis and taking intoconsideration the influence of the Treaty of Waitangi, you will proceed to develop appropriaterecommendations for the business entity.
An audience comprising stakeholder’s groups, including local iwi and hapu, will read yourreport. Consider any strategic implications for both the organization, Maori and the widercommunity in your recommendation


Organization is accompanied with the several complex set of factors and activities in which various functions are performed to achieve the set objectives and goals in determined approach. The main aim of this report is to make assessment of the internal and external factors of The Australian and New Zealand banking group limited. In addition to this, other emphasis have been made to analysis and evaluate the pervasive influence of global forces on this company. Afterward, the treaty of Waitangi has been analyzed in context with the application of the treaty in this company.  Nonetheless, the report is prepared after analysing the main stakeholders’ groups, including local iwi and hapu. The main scope is this project is to assess the viability of the existing business of Australian and New Zealand banking group limited and possible future opportunities available to company.  The main limitation of prepared report is based on the changing business factors and uncountable economic factors which could influence business functioning of organization in long run.
Background of the company 
The Australian and New Zealand banking group limited
This company is the third largest banking group in Australian market which has been indulged in providing financial and banking services to clients on international level. The present CEO of company is Shayne Elliott  who has taken all the required actions and all the employees are accustomed to act as per his direction. Currently stock price of The Australian and New Zealand banking group limited is traded A$ 28.17 +0.18 (+0.64%) which divulges positive growth of the company in long rum (Australia and New Zealand Bank, 2017). 
Industry analysis 
It is analyzed that banking and financial industry have been gaining momentum banking services has witnessed growth of average 22% since last three years. This industry has shown the increment of 15% as compared to last year turnover which is biggest achievement for this industry. However, the major player of this market who are highly influencing and getting influence are, Westpac, National Australian Bank   and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The overall market beta of this industry is .75 which reflects the correlation of the business changes and market premium risk faced by these companies due to the external factors in market (Australia and New Zealand Bank, 2017).
Internal analysis of company
This analysis focuses on the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats to organization. However, the main strength of company is related to its established brand image and advance technical features such as cyber computing system and online dashboard mechanism to connect with the clients in its banking and financial services. The weakness of The Australian and New Zealand banking group limited is based on its legal compliance program. Company has faced high complexity and penalties in its process due to the less effective legal compliance program. With the growth of the banking and financial industry, company could easily penetrate the banking and finaincal market with its low value charged interest rate and other valuable scriptures in market. The main threat to company is to maintain its consistent brand image as several new comers and rivals are tapping this banking and financial market with their advance technologies and attractive offers (Australia and New Zealand Bank, 2017).
The corporate values of Australian and New Zealand banking group limited is to focus on strengthen integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence. The main culture of company is to build creative and inclusive environment where idea, belief, attitude and skills of the employees are valued. It has also established harmonization in the stakeholder’s growth and organization development.  Company has developed its core competency in providing training and development to its employees so that they could deliver better outcomes to organization (Brigham, Ehrhardt, Nason,. and Gessaroli, 2016). In addition to this, company has been offering different customized financial products for clients which assist them to create value on their invested capital in long run. The management and leaders are the most influential person in organization who are following autocratic leadership style. However, each and every process is designed in such a way that employees up there will be accustomed to act as per the directions and instruction of appointed line managers.  The total number of employees is 66102 who are indulged in operating the total assets of AUD $ 889.9 billion. Company had last year income of AUD $7.493 billion which is 13% higher as compared to last three year data. Company has earned profit from its business operations around AUD $ 7.933 billion throughout the time. The main strategy of company to win over the competitors in financial and banking industry is related to follow the product differentiation strategy in which all the financial products and services have been designed as per the client’s needs and demand in market.
External analysis of company
The external analysis of company focuses on the analysing all the external factors which might directly and indirectly impact the business functioning of organization (Kelsey, 2015).
Political legal and regulatory factors
It is analyzed that the political factors of New Zealand is stable and showing dynamic growth for Australian and New Zealand banking group limited in New Zealand. The bureaucracy and interference of government in this particular country is less which assist company to operate its financial and banking services effectively. In addition to this, all the operations of the company are surveillance and assessed by the reserve bank of New Zealand in the best interest of New Zealand people. It is analyzed that New Zealand’s system of government is strongly influenced by the treaty of Waitangi. Company created new position after head of Maori business which eyes NZ$47 billion worth of Maori economy assets after following the treaty of Waitangi claim settlements. The treaty of Waitangi has increased the flow of investment of banks in Maori. However, local iwi and hapu could also benefit themselves by using the capital invested by this Organizaiton for their personal and business development (Tsingou, 2015). 
Economic Environment
The macro environment factor such as interest rate, saving rate, foreign exchange rate and other influencing economic condition of country is showing positive outcomes for Australian and New Zealand banking group limited to grow in market. However, due to the increased GDP rate of New Zealand, company could easily use the open market operations to penetrate New Zealand market with its banking and financial products. The treaty of Waitangi designed to benefit the entire lwi to support and their economic development. This could be used by Australian and New Zealand banking group to support local iwi and hapu in Maori (Betz, & Kerner, 2016).
Demographics, social and cultural factors
The social culture of Maori  is accompanied with the values, belief, and culture of the local iwi and hapu in Maori. It is analyzed that people in local iwi and hapu in Maori New Zealand are more inclined towards buying the financial products which are offering high return and help them to gain the proper outcomes from the invested capital. Company could issue debt capital and other scriptures at high return offering commitment which will attract more clients in New Zealand. However, culture of the people in New Zealand is more inclined towards investing capital for on the systematic basis. Therefore, the scriptures offered by company to local iwi and hapu in Maori will be biggest weapon to win over the market (Katznelson, & Shefter, (2018).
Technological advancement
With the ramified technologies changes, Australian and New Zealand banking group limited have installed the cyber computing enterprises resources planning in its business cycle to communicate and handle local iwi and hapu issues and queries in market. However, by using these technologies, company could easily strengthen visibility of its products in market for local iwi and hapu in Maori (Harker, Taylor, & Knight-Lenihan, 2017). 
The major competitors of company are Westpac, National Australian Bank is the international competitors and domestic rivals are ASB bank, Bank of India and Bank of New Zealand and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. These companies are using their strong brand image and high quality financial and banking services to attract more clients. However, these companies are focusing on using open market operations methods to increase their overall revenue and strengthen its strong brand image (Etzioni, 2016). 
People in New Zealand are inclined towards investing their capital in banks which offer high interest rate. Australian and New Zealand banking group limited focused on issuing the scriptures to clients in market for their better return and increased investment output.  The main clients for company are local iwi and hapu in Maori who could create value on the invested capital (Orange, 2017).
The main supplier for Australian and New Zealand banking group limited are Reserve Bank of New Zealand who provide funding and capital to company to invest in its business operation.
Agencies and Interest group
The main supporting agencies and interest group of company is Federal banking agency and Reserve bank of New Zealand.
Future opportunities available for Australian and New Zealand banking group limited
Treaty of the Waitangi 
Concept of The concept of Treaty of Waitangi 
The Treaty of Waitangi   is the founding document which was signed on 6 February 1840. It reveals the principles on which the British and M?ori made a political compact which was used to found a nation state and build a government in New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi is the biggest beneficial part for the Australian and New Zealand banking group limited to grab British and M?ori clients. People in British and M?ori clients are inclined towards long term borrowing (Harker, Taylor, & Knight-Lenihan, 2017).  This treaty was drafted for the identity the Maori ownership of the forests and other possessions in the eyes of the British Governor. It was done to prevent the selling of the Maori Lands and possessions by the government by keeping them distinguished form the alienated indigenous people.
Counterparts setup for the bi-culture partnership 
The bi-culture partnership was set up the relation between the the non-Maori people and the Maori people. It was done to strengthen the relationship between the people from the different culture.
Basic overview of Maori customs and norms 
Maori people are around 7, 00,000 in numbers  in New Zealand. They kiss on the cheek as greating that is called Hongi.  Powhiri is the also called as powhiri starting the welcome ceremony of the Maori people for the visitors
Basic concepts of Whanau, Hapu and Iwi
It is considered that Whannu in Maori langue is accepted for the family community members. On the other hand, Hapu is the division of the Maori community. It is the larger part of the Iwi.  The Iwi denotes the largest social units in Maori or as tribe. It showcases that people have nexus with the original Polynesian migrants who arrived from the place name Hawaki.  The Happu is the division of Maori Community as it has membership by the genealogical ddescent. Hapu is comprised of several number of the family group. In Maori language, Iwi words is for the peopl
Outlining the key principles of bicultural partnership, participation and protection 
The key principle of treaty of the Waitangi is based on the bicultural partnership, participation and protection which help in developing the open- partnership which could reinforce the collaborative e of nation and could be translated as Tribe. Iwi People have their link to the original Polynesian migrants which have come from Hawaki place. IN addition to this, Waka is also called as larger group of the clustered Iwi.
sharing of ideas, experience and wisdom.  In the principle of treaty of the Waitangi, partnership is related to the meaning of working with the Maori communities like Hapu, Whanau and Iwi to manage the work culture effectively. Another is related to the participation which focuses on the innovation of Maori People at all level of the workplace accompanied with the planning, execution and decision making process of the company. Another principle of principle of treaty of the Waitangi is related to protection which requires government involvement to ensure that Maori people have same level of the protection which non-Maori people have in relation to the culture, practice and values. Australian and New Zealand banking group limited needs to adopt the key principles of bicultural partnership, participation and protection to make its busienss culture and policies as per the employees need and culture. The main benefit of adopting key principles of Treaty of Waitangi is to have possible participations from the Maori people in the process system of Australian and New Zealand banking group limited.
Application of treaty principles to business activities and relationship 
The Treaty of Waitangi was done to set up the nexus between the Pakeha and Maori and keeping their rights protected from the the rights of the Maori Tribe.  The The Treaty of Waitangi gives chances of accepting the indigenous poepel in the banking busienss and provide them equal rights under the law.  Australian and New Zealand banking group limited needs to penetrate market by keeping the low interest rate for clients and offering scriptures which gives higher return to investors.  The main opportunity for Australian and New Zealand banking group limited is to enter into strategic alliance with the insurance and investment banker who invest client’s capital in particular place to create value on the investment. It is analyzed that New Zealand’s system of government is strongly influenced by the treaty of Waitangi and increased flow of investment. Company will focus on using the charge creation on the assets mortgage for the loans and advances to the British and M?ori people. However, local iwi and hapu could also benefit themselves for their economic business development (Brigham, Ehrhardt, Nason, and Gessaroli, 2016).

Local iwi and hapu could benefit themselves by investing their capital in the particular projects to save themselves from the loss of capital arise due to the time value of money.
Company needs to develop customize its financial services as per the needs and demand of the local iwi and hapu in New Zealand.
Treaty of Waitangi could also be beneficial for Australian and New Zealand banking group to tap the Maori to create value on the investment and strengthen brand image.
The treaty made designed to benefit the entire lwi to support and their economic development. This could be used by Australian and New Zealand banking group to support local iwi and hapu in Maori.
Company needs to focus on customized its financial products and services for the betterment of the support local iwi and hapu in Maori.
Strengthen financial position on international level will assist company to create value on the investment if it is done to support local iwi and hapu (Blackley, et al. (2015).

After analysing all the internal and external factors of company, it is inferred that Australian and New Zealand banking group has strong financial position in international market which could be used to create value on the investment. It needs to focus on investing and supporting local iwi and hapu in Maori. Company should strengthen the quality of its offered financial services by customized its products and services as per the local iwi and hapu in Maori.  Now in the end, it could be inferred that local iwi and hapu in Maori are the loyal clients for company if they are served well then it could assist company to create value on the invested capital.
Australia and New Zealand Bank, (2017). Annual report., retrieved from 
Betz, T., & Kerner, A. (2016). The influence of interest: Real US interest rates and bilateral investment treaties. The Review of International Organizations, 11(4), 419-448.
Blackley, R., Brown, M., Cooper, A., Hilliard, C., O’Malley, V., Meredith, P., … & Wevers, L. (2015). Michael Belgrave is Professor of History at Massey University, Albany, and was previously research manager of the Waitangi Tribunal. Aspects of Treaty settlements with a number of iwi.,  Journal of New Zealand Studies NS19, 140.
Brigham, E.F., Ehrhardt, M.C., Nason, R.R. and Gessaroli, J., 2016. Financial Managment: Theory and Practice, Canadian Edition. Nelson Education.
Etzioni, A. (2016). The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: a case study of multifaceted containment. Asian Perspective, 40(2), 173-196.
Harker, J., Taylor, P., & Knight-Lenihan, S. (2017). Multi-level governance and climate change mitigation in New Zealand: Lost opportunities. Climate policy, 17(4), 485-500.
Katznelson, I., & Shefter, M. (Eds.). (2018). Shaped by war and trade: International influences on American political development (Vol. 79). Princeton University Press.
Kelsey, J. (2015). The New Zealand experiment: A world model for structural adjustment?. Bridget Williams Books.
Orange, C. (2017). Te Tiriti o Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi, 1840. Bridget Williams Books.
Tsingou, E. (2015). Club governance and the making of global financial rules. Review of International Political Economy, 22(2), 225-256.

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