Extroversion Essay

Extroversion Essay

Extroversion Essay

Extroversion Essay

PSY 255 Personality Psychology Topic 4 DQ 2

Extroversion is highly connected to the need for stimulation in a way that is similar to ADHD. If a pill were developed to make people extroverted should some people start taking it, what are the risks and benefits?

Topic 4 DQ 2
As we have discovered in our readings this week, there are many risks and benefits that come along with extraversion. If a pill were developed to make people extroverted should some people start taking it, one risk would be in regard to the ability of the person to study for a test. Burger (2017) states of extroverts that, “Unless the study material is particularly exciting, the extravert will probably take a number of breaks, look around for distractors, and generally have a difficult time keeping his or her mind on the task” (p. 239). This, in turn, would likely make them get low scores on the tests and not be a very good student in general. If a significant amount of the population were to become extraverted through this pill, that could lead to more distracted students, which would not make them adequately prepared for the class material or the workforce Extroversion Essay. Like I used to say in Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts last semester, the world would seemingly not be a better place if this conclusion became true. Another risk related to being an extravert would be impulsivity. As Burger (2017) notes, “Extraverts are also more impulsive than introverts. Extraverts are more likely to act on the spur of the moment, and this impulsivity can cause problems” (p. 241). I actually chose to take this class impulsively because I wanted to give myself more to do during COVID-19. That does not necessarily qualify me as an extravert, however. If a significant amount of the population took this pill and became impulsive, we would likely have a lot of people running around making decisions on the fly, which would not be an optimal circumstance for society. On the other hand, there are also benefits to extraversion. Extroverts have been found to have increased happiness, according to Burger: “Although introverts may have difficulty understanding this at first, researchers find that on average, extraverts report higher levels of happiness than introverts” (p. 240) Extroversion Essay. There are several reasons for why this is the case. Extraverts tend to socialize more than introverts, extraverts may be more sensitive to rewards than introverts, and extraverts are more likely than introverts to seek out activities they feel will be fun. Moreover, “high levels of extraversion are also linked to high levels of overall well-being” (p. 240). I interpret this as due to their social needs being met through being with many other people. These are the risks and benefits that extraverted people would possess.Burger, J.M. (2017). Personality, 10th ed. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Topic 4 DQ 2
I personally find it fascinating that ADHD is related to extroversion. According to our textbook the left brain and the right side of the brain work in different ways. The left identifies more as the extrovert while the right side can be in relation with the introvert trait. If we took this into account the pill would technically be rewiring the brain. Therefore, an advantage of such a pill would make it easier to study the brain in certain aspects. Biological psychologists might be able to narrow down a specific gene or pattern of the brain that indicates the likelihood of becoming depressed or an introvert. If the pill was monitored and not overdosed; another advantage would be creating more well-rounded people. Where people lack in characteristics would have the opportunity to be made up due to the pill. Extroversion Essay Although, I can see benefits there are a few disadvantages I would notice. First, I believe God made everyone unique and beautiful just the way they are. If he wanted someone with ADHD to completely change how they are he would have made them that way. God created us in imagine of himself; therefore, God in ways has ADHD. Why would we not want to be like God? Why completely get rid of the image of God within us? Another disadvantage is everyone would be the same Extroversion Essay. The world would have lack of diverse personalities and opinions. It could lead to too many cooks in the kitchen as my grandmother used to say. If we all have our own opinions and they must be heard then we will struggle to get anything done productively.
Topic 4 DQ 2
Hi everyone,The concept of extraversion and introversion were covered in depth in this topic’s reading material. I do believe that this question depends on what an introvert wants to gain from taking a pill like this. In situations where an introvert wants to gain social experience, or gain self-confidence being in these situations then yes, a pill causing more extraverted personality traits would be helpful Extroversion Essay. When looking at extraverts, they carry themselves in a different way than introverts do. The negative side effects of taking a pill like this for an introvert, would potentially give them too much energy and social capabilities that would take away from things they previously liked doing, such as reading a book with a cup of tea, or doing yoga on the patio. Introverts are often time much more at peace with themselves, making them more comfortable spending time alone, and enjoying it. A pill causing more extraverted traits would potentially take away that peace and tranquility.
Topic 4 DQ 2
Extroversion is highly connected to the need for stimulation in a way that is similar to ADHD. If a pill were developed to make people extroverted should some people start taking it, what are the risks and benefits? Extroversion Essay
Good Evening Class,
If a pill were developed to make people extroverted I do not believe people should start taking it. It does seem plausable, as our textbook reviewed alpha waves the brain gives off when it experiences different emotions. So if researchers can study brain waves and determine that extroverts experience more of their alpha waves on the left side of the brain in correlation to positive emotions, then create a pill to help introverts be more extroverted? If our personality is infact genetically inherited and passed down to us through our parents, and their parents and so on, why would an introvert want to be more of an extrovert, and vice versa. I know that many people think of people they know and say things like why are they so friendly, or why are they so positive all the time. Or some get frustrated and want their friends or family members to be more social or outgoing. This shouldn’t cause someone to want to be something that they aren’t.
I believe that if it has taken a century and longer to study the human personality, and still there are so many luming questions, and going studies, the brain and how a persons personality develops is a very intricate part of a person. Something of this magnitude should be cared for with a certain high level of caution and care. A persons personality is a very important part of what makes them who they are. Making a pill to change them into something else just seems wrong. The ramifications of doing this to me could be very damaging and not worth the risk. Extroversion Essay.
Topic 4 DQ 2
If a pill were to be developed to make people extroverted, the results could vary from very minimal to extremely drastic. Extroverts are the happiest when around people and when they are able to express their feelings (“Extroversion and Introversion,” 2020). However, introverts enjoy solitude and their imagination (“Extroversion and Introversion,” 2020). If many introverts began to take a pill to help them become extroverted, it poses the threat of completely altering their mind. They are programmed a certain way and altering their personality could dramatically impact their mental state. In addition, another risk is that if there is an abundance of extroverted people who feel the need to interact with others simultaneously, there would never be a balance of energy. On the other hand, the benefit of some introverts taking a pill to become extroverted would be that there would be more social interaction in the world, which would potentially reduce loneliness and depression Extroversion Essay.
Extroversion and introversion. (2020). Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 1.

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