ENG305 Process Plant Design And Operation

ENG305 Process Plant Design And Operation

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ENG305 Process Plant Design And Operation

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ENG305 Process Plant Design And Operation

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Course Code: ENG305
University: University Of Oregon

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Country: United States


This assignment will be for you to look at the broader aspects of safety and design for safety in the installation and operation of a process plant. The description is not needed as the plant is not specific.
I have listed you some possible topics This is not an exhaustive list and you will need to add your own topics.
Possible issues/items of consideration

General access to plant ; restrictions, controls, management of people on site
Fire safety and management , alarms, drills, consequences and controls
Disposal of waste; hazards, handling, procedures, training of personnel, disposal sites and disposal equipment
On site disaster management and training, medical help, emergency equipment, proximity to outside help
On site operator training and facilities, procedures
Bunds, catchment, fences, warning signs, evacuation
Machine guards, accessibility to machine & process control equipment
Electrical safety and training
Proximity to residential  or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds
Plant emissions, odours, byproducts and potential risks from them
Weather protection of operators, drainage, runoff, leaching, flood potential
Power supply or supply failure, machine shutdown, restarts, process vulnerability to power failure
Energy efficiency and control of waste energy
Plant construction/material, layout, spacing between stages, emergency  access, maintenance access
Individual operator safety , exposure to heat, harmful processes/materials
Working at heights, depths, enclosed spaces, within harmful environments

General Access to the Plant
Who have authorized entry to the plant? How many entry and exit points does the plant have? How many easily available exits are there? What size are the emergency doors? How many people can be evacuated at a time through them? What safety courses are being given to employees? Should general visitors receive such courses as well? Are visitors accompanied by security or trained personnel? What are the areas having restricted entry? What kind of staff are granted permission there? Are visitors allowed in such places?
To what degree should the site be protected to keep trespassers off? What is the site-location- a populated area or isolated? What is the nature of the local population, if any? Are there anti-social activities? Can electric fencing and proximity-sensor alarms be installed?
What security measures does the plant have? What is the number of security-guards? How many cameras have been installed and in what locations? What is the location of the security control centre? Is it easily reachable from the active centres of the plant? Is the security system centralized or are there multiple security-sites? Is there a way to shut-down the security entirely? Who have clearance to access this feature, if present? What are the other forms in which the site’s security might be breached?
Fire Safety and Management
What basic measures of fire-management have been undertaken? What is the number of fire-exits? Is it enough to evacuate the entire site? Are the doors large enough for many people to pass at a time? Does each section have a fire-exit? Does each floor have its own fire-exit path displayed for staff and visitors? Are there fire-suppression mechanisms like water-pipes and jet sprayers? How are the areas without such facilities secured? Are there enough fire-extinguishers and manual water-pipes?
Does the plant have suitable fire-alarms? How evenly are these plants distributed across the plant? Is there any isolated zone where the alarm cannot be heard?  How can the alarm system be enhanced to reach such places? How can the alarm be triggered? Are the locations with high fire-risk marked and segregated? Are the fire-alarms easily accessible in such locations?
 Does the site-authority organize fire drills? How do employees respond to such drills, and how realistic are they? What is the general culture of safety and security at the site? What is the average response time of the local fire-brigade?
Waste-Disposal Management
What are the main types of waste generated from the various operations at the site? Is the waste segregated into bio-degradable and non bio-degradable? What parts of the waste produced are hazardous and what parts are non-hazardous? What portion of the non-hazardous waste is recyclable? If so, is it being sent to recycling facilities? How is the non-recyclable waste being dealt with? Do all sections of the site have enough dustbins? Are there separate bins for biodegradable and non biodegradable waste?
Is the hazardous waste properly segmented as industrial, chemical, biological waste and so on?  How far from the site are the disposal grounds? Are there any residential areas surrounding the site? Are they being affected in any way during the disposal of waste? Is any gas-leakage or oil-spill taking place, that might risk the environment and local residents?
Disaster Management
What are the most threatening risks the plant faces, in terms of disasters? Are the risks classified? For each disaster, what is the potential degree of damage to be incurred? How frequently are such risks proposed to arise?
What are the management procedures for each kind of disaster? Are they updated and optimized from time to time? Is there a separate working committee for managing disasters? Does the construction of the employ the necessary guidelines as to earthquake and storm safety? What are the evacuation facilities of the site? How accessible are they from each operartional section?
What are the emergency services available for disaster management? How accessible are they from the site? What is their average response time? Is it possible to evacuate the entire site within such a time? If not, how can safety and evacuation processes be further enhanced?
What preventive measures have been installed? How frequently are they inspected and maintained? Is there a possibility of breakdown of communication or technical failure in such facilities? Is there an alternative process of managing disasters?
On-Site Operation
What are the basic types of operations being undertaken in the site? Are the operations segmented and segregated from a utilitarian and commercial point of view? What are the types of production in the site? Does each mode of production follow its own process? What are the raw materials being worked on? What is the category of labour and staff involved in the various operations? Are the suppliers and distributers being dealt with properly? What are the services offered in each operation?
 Are the principles of scientific management being followed? What is the ratio of skilled and non-skilled labour being appointed to the plant? Are there suitable training facilities for workers? Are there separate Operation Managers and Human Resource Executives to optimize and facilitate their respective operations? Is there mutual harmony and cooperation between the management and the workers? If not, what steps are being undertaken to establish synergy between the staff and the authorities?
Bunds, catchment, fences, warning signs, evacuation 
What are bunds? What are catchments? What are fences? What are warning signs? What is evacuation? Where can bunds be found? What are the types of bunds? How can bunds be used effectively? How can bunds be used in soil conservation? How can bunds be used in water harvesting? How can bunds help in conservation agriculture? What role bunds play in bench terraces? How can bunds help in liquid containment? What existing regulations are there for bunding? What regulations are there for holding capacity of bunds? How can bunds help in managing unwanted water build-up and removal? What are anti-noise bunds? What are the biggest real life examples of bunding failures? Why are catchments important? What is a healthy catchment? What is wrong with modern catchments? What is the impact of a good catchment in the safety and design of process plant? How can catchments be used to manage spillage? What are catchment basins? How fences help in securing process plants? How to use warning signs for recognizing danger? Why are warning signs so important for process plants? What are the different warning signs used? How can evacuation be carried out in process plants easily?
Machine guards, accessibility to machine & process control equipment
What are machine guards? What is accessibility to machine? What are process control equipment? Where are machine guards used? What are the different types of machine guards? How can machine guards be used effectively? How can machine guards help in process plants? Why are machine guards important in process plants? What regulations are applied while using machine guards? What are the different issues faced while using machine guards? How accessibility to machines can be made easier in process plants? Why is accessibility to machines to important an aspect in process plants? What are the different ways in which machines can be accessed in a process plant? Which issues are faced while accessing machines? Which regulations are relevant while applying them during accessing machines in a process plant? What are the different types of process control equipment? Why are process control equipment so important in process plants? How are process control equipment used in process plants? What are the different issues faced while using process control equipment? What are the substitutes of process control equipment? What regulations are referred to while using process control equipment?
Electrical safety and training
How to understand electrical safety importance? What is electrical safety? What is electrical safety training? What is the importance of electrical safety and training in a process plant? What is the importance auditing of electrical safety and training in a process plant?Which law does not cover the use of electricity at work?How to manage explosive atmosphere in a process plant with electrical safety and training? What is the first step in electrical safety and training? Is PPE required for resetting a breaker?Who can deem an employee qualified for electrical safety training?Who should attend electrical safety training?Does the required training need to be approved? Does the qualified person need a certificate?How long does training have to be?What training do unqualified persons need to have?Why is it so important to work safely with or near electricity?What kinds of injuries result from electrical currents?What are some general safety tips for working with or near electricity?What are some tips for working with power cords? When and how to test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)? What does the check list for Job Safety Analysis (JSA) consists of? What does an electrical safety programme consist of?
Proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds
Why is proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds, a matter of concern? What are involved risks in process plants being in close proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds? What is industrial pollution? How can proximity of process plants to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds cause issues for these? How can proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds be avoided? How can proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds be made safer? How can proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds be reduced with time? Why proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds is not allowed for process plants? What accidents have been recorded in relation with proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds? What health hazards have been recorded in relation with proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds? How to spread awareness in relation to proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds? What laws and regulations are applicable that are related to proximity to residential or industrial areas, public parks, sports grounds? What zoning restrictions are in place for process plants?
Plant emissions, odors, byproducts and potential risks from them
Why are plant-emissions, odors, byproducts a matter of concern? What risks are involved because of plant emissions, odors and byproducts? Where do environmental odors come from? Can environmental odors make one sick? What symptoms can be expected? Are all environmental odors toxic? How to know what substance I am smelling? Are all environmental odors regulated? What can communities do about environmental odors? Are children more sensitive to the effects of environmental odors? Is SCR (Selective Catalyst Reactor) or some other low NOx technology being used to reduce NOx emission? Which technology will be used to reduce plant emission? Is the plant designed with ESP (Electro Static precipitator) or other means to reduce emission of Solid Particulate Matter? Will Hg removal technology be used for this plant?Is there Effluent treatment plant before discharging of liquid? Is there provision to dispose ash in dry form? Is there online monitoring system for emission? Is there any provision to reduce thermal effect on marine life nearby the plant? Will there be provision to reduce effect on surrounding environment due to coal transportation and unloading?
Weather protection of operators, drainage, runoff, leaching, flood potential
Why the occupational health and safety required for the employees? What kind of safety does the occupational health and safety stand for? Why is it necessary to develop the weather protection in OHS aspect? What are the specific roles of the OHS operators? How the operators are involved in preventing the effects occurred due to climate change? How does the ineffective drainage system affect the occupational health? Why is it necessary to concentrate on the issues like runoff and drainage? What are the extra initiatives needed to be taken into consideration for protecting the health and safety? What benefits the company would receive by establishing the OHS practices? How does the ineffective drainage system affect the occupational health and safety factors? What are the major technological amendments are needed to be developed? How the risks may evolve? What are the potential skills required for the operators to address such issues? What future initiatives are needed to be implemented for preventing such issues?
Power Supply or Supply Failure, machine shutdown, restarts, process vulnerability to power failure
What is the significance of the well-maintained power supply? What are the major risks might occur due to the failure of power supply? How does this power supply failure affect the system integration process? What functionality disorder is foreseen if the system automatically shut down? What are the technological solutions are needed to be taken into consideration to mitigate the issues? How does the system operators can contribute to resolve the malfunctioning of the system? Which kind of process vulnerability can occur due to the power failure? What are the after consequences faced if the system restarts suddenly? What are the major losses can be found due to the malfunctioning of the system? How the technological improvement can mitigate the issues with the sudden power failure aspect? What are the backup or contingency plans for the sudden failure of the power supply? How does such issue affect the entire safety networks of the system?
Energy Efficiency and Control of Waste Energy
Why it is necessary to ensure the energy efficiency? What are the major significances of the efficient energy services? How the wastages of the energy can affect the environment? How the energy efficiency linked with the occupational health and safety aspect? Why is it necessary to develop the practices of restoring energy? What major benefits the humans would receive if the energy is saved for the future? What are the innovative methods of saving energy? How the wastages of the energy resources can be controlled? How the humans can contribute to the energy saving process? What will happen if the energy waste keeps on increasing? What are the future initiatives can be undertaken to reduce the waste of the energy resources? How does the energy resource contribute to the human health and safety aspects? Why the social awareness is necessary for reducing the wastages of the energy resources?
Plant construction/material, layout, spacing between stages, emergency access
What are the benefits derived from managing the plant construction process? What factors are needed to be taken into consideration for establishing the structured plant construction? What are the necessary materials are needed to be involved for developing the well-constructed plant? How the quality of the materials used for the construction process may impact on the health factors of the individuals working at the construction sites? Why is it necessary to maintain the high safety level for each of the activity performed during the construction process? Why is it necessary to monitor the construction project in every step? What are the significances of using a proper layout for designing the plant? Why there is the necessity of ensuring the spacing between the stages? Why these stages are important to be developed? What instant action is needed to be undertaken during the emergency cases? How does the failure to the proper plant construction affect the entire project? Who are involved during the construction process of a well-maintained plant? How the risks with the plant construction can be addressed?
Individual Operator Safety, exposure to heat, harmful processes/materials
Why is it necessary to maintain the proper operational safety parameter? How does the mismanagement of occupational health and safety aspects affect the individual? What consequences are faced during the uncertain occurrence of the events? What are the initiatives needed to be undertaken to protect the individuals from the exposure to heat? How the harmful materials used for the projects may harm the individual health? Why is necessary to check the materials before it is used for the project works? What are the exposures related to the occupational health and safety needed to be addressed? What are the beneficial practices can prevent the accidental hazards at the work site? What are the major types of the risks faced by the workforces at the construction sites? What safety practices are needed to be implemented by the OHS practitioners to mitigate the accidental risks? What are the roles and responsibilities of the project supervisors to prevent the risks found at the construction site? What are the consequences faced due to the harmful processes and materials involved in the construction projects?
Working at heights, depths, enclosed spaces, within harmful environments
What are the major determinants faced by the project associates at the construction sites? How to deal with the issues faced by the workers working at heights? What are the safety parameters need to be addressed for the workers working in depths? What health hazards the workers might face in time of working in an enclosed space? Which type of the harmful environments faced by the workers at the construction sites? How to deal with the workers with the claustrophobic tendency? How it might create impact on the construction activities? How to mitigate the risks associated with the harmful environments? What are the possible solutions to overcome these challenges in future? What action plan is needed to be taken into consideration to structure a construction process?
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