Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper
EMR-Abraxas Medical Systems (iConnect network)
This scholarly paper is to be presented using the format set forth in the Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition. The list of references includes all reference sources used to support your paper. Citation required where appropriate.
Analysis must include: How does the EHR provide solutions / capabilities / for:
1. Legal, Privacy, Confidentiality and Organizational components
2. Reporting capabilities – operational and analytical
3. Describe how the EHR may help or hinder your duties as a nurse? What can you do to improve your organization/team/staff approach to the EHR in the future?
4. An abstract for your scholarly paper is required Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper.
Attached is a copy of the rubric criteria. Only the highlighted sections on this rubric need to be completed for this Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay paper.
Do a literature search from at least (2) nursing/healthcare journal articles. Analyze the key issues in the articles and support your position.

Electronic Health Record Application Paper Criteria:

1. Purpose of the Electronic Medical Record application

2. Analysis
How does the EHR provide solutions / capabilities / for:
40% total from 8 sections below

§  Performance measures, Core Measures, Quality Measures CMS reporting

§  Legal, Privacy, Confidentiality and Organizational components

§  HIMSS EMR Adoption Model Score – Stage 0-7

§  ARRA, HITECH, and Meaningful Use

§  Reporting capabilities – operational and analytical

§  Options for mobile platforms (smartphones, iPad, portable devices)

§  Patient Education before, during, and after clinical encounter Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper

§  How would nurse informaticist support the Change Management of implementing or modifying EMR? (Super User, Subject Matter Expert, etc.)

3. Impact on nursing practice, administration, education and research as applicable

4. Describe how the EHR may help or hinder your duties as a nurse? What can you do to improve your organization/team/staff approach to the EHR in the future?

5. Current literature research supporting all aspects of paper. At least (2) References from nursing/healthcare journal articles
10 %

6. APA Format:

Title page – header in APA format, student name, affiliation, title of paper, course & date.
Body of paper – headings (one or two levels), references cited correctly in text, quotes are appropriate in amount & length, paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation is appropriate. Avoid jargon, slang, and conversational tone. Clear, concise, organized.
Reference page – Citations according to 6th edition, all citations on the reference page are found in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper
Overall format – Margins are 1 inch, new times roman, 12 pitch font, double spaced
Note: Papers may/will be submitted to Turnitin to check for plagiarism.



Abraxas Medical Systems Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Paper
Following many decades of development, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are currently exerting an essential effect on health care practices than it was previously. Although the primary reasons for instigating EMRs concentrates on refining medical care system as a whole, one must consider the effect and the application of increased EMR to patient-physician encounter and the medical system as a whole. In this paper, the writer analyzes how Electronic Health Record provides solutions and capabilities for privacy, legal and confidentiality components of a healthcare organization as well as the operational and analytical reporting capabilities. The paper describes how Electronic Health Record helps or hinders the nurse’s duties and what I can do as a nurse to improve the organizational approach to EMR in the future Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper.
EMR-Abraxas Medical Systems (iConnect network)
According to Blechman, Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a real-time patient-centered digital record of patients’ data which makes the information available securely and instantly to users who are authorized (2015). EHR can streamline and automate workflow, allow access to evidence-based tools essential in the decision-making process about the care of the patient and stores medical records of a patient with their laboratory test results. Abraxas Medical Solutions Inc. has specialized in developing and marketing software solutions for healthcare institutions to enhance efficient charting and clinical workflow functionalities of the stated institutions above.
How Abraxas EHR software provides solutions and capabilities to legal, privacy, confidentiality and organizational components.
The Electronic Health Record software stores the patient’s data electronically which can only be retrieved by authorized users hence improving privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s information. A paper-based medical record lacked security where the access was controlled by locks, doors, tedious sign-out procedures for authorized persons and use of identification cards to access the information. Such measures do not provide sufficient privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s information Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper. Due to such a doubt, EHR has been designed to restrict the number of users to have access to the data. The EHR provides legal capabilities through its ability to allow the patient routinely review their electronic medical records which contain clinical documentation concerning their diagnosis.
According to Hanauer (2015), the data which is shared as an outcome of a medical affiliation is often deliberated as private hence such information must be secured. The patient’s information ought to be unrestricted to third parties merely by the consensus of the patient or the regulation permitting a nurse to do so. EHR allows a two-tier approach to authentication, enhancing biometric identifier scans to permit the access to the patient’s medical records hence improving the privacy and confidentiality of patient’s information. In Electronic Health Record systems, user access to patient’s confidential report is based on pre-established and role-based privileges Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper.
How EHR improves operational and analytical reporting capabilities
When healthcare institutions have access to accurate and complete records, patients will obtain efficient and improved health care. Electronic Health Records can advance the aptitude to detect ailments, prevent or reduce medical faults and improve the reporting capabilities for operations and analysis. According to research by Blechman, ninety-two percent of healthcare institutions who use EHR system make patient’s record readily available at any point of care hence efficient operational reporting (2015) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper. Also, the health care providers reported that EHR permits clinicians to deliver enhanced patient’s care and also enjoys clinical benefits in their analytical reporting capability. EHR always alerts a clinician in the event of an emergency such as patient’s lethal allergy which makes the emergency supervisor modify care correctly even when the patient is cataleptic thus improving operations.
Hanauer (2015) mentions that EHR system aids in diagnosis through making health institutions to have reliable access to the complete health information of the patient. Such comprehensive picture makes the health professionals diagnose the patient’s problem soonest due to the ready availability of data. Similarly, EHR keeps the record of the medication for the patient. Consequently, the system spontaneously checks for hitches every time a new prescription is issued hence signals the nurse thus improving operational capabilities Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper. Furthermore, EHR instantly and systematically identifies and corrects any operational errors thereby improving the operational and analytical abilities. Such problems are difficult to adjust on a paper-based setting since it may take a lot of time.
How EHR can help or hinder my duties as a nurse and what I can do to improve my organization’s approach in future
Personally, EHR speeds up my process to offer medication, getting reports and communicate efficiently with other facilities. On the contrary, EHR affects how I do my work through slowing down and also speeding up the process of charting and investigating the records of the patient. Occasionally the computers may be down which eventually slows down the chatting process. It is sometimes frustrating when the network goes down unexpectedly especially when I don’t know what to do.
I will do the following to improve my organizational approach to EHR in future. I will ask our management to advocate for enhanced and regular surveillance and monitoring of the system to allow for efficiency and reduce errors and technicalities which may occur as a result of operation slowing down. I will also propose support team who will regularly check the system and computer functionality to prevent EHR from slowing down Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper.
Blechman, E. (2015). “Electronic health records.” U.S. Patent Application No. 14/588,304.
Hanauer, D. A., Mei, Q., Law, J., Khanna, R., & Zheng, K. (2015). Supporting information retrieval from electronic health records: A report of University of Michigan’s nine-year experience in developing and using the Electronic Medical Record Search Engine (EMERSE). Journal of biomedical informatics, 55, 290-300 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Application Essay Paper.

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