EEOP5018 Events And Entertainment Operations

EEOP5018 Events And Entertainment Operations

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EEOP5018 Events And Entertainment Operations

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EEOP5018 Events And Entertainment Operations

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Course Code: EEOP5018
University: Greenwich School Of Management is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

You are an Events Entertainment Operations Manager for New Way Events. You have been hired by a client to choose a location and advise on the operational requirements for a celebration event. New Way Events are aiming to raise money for a charity of your choice.
You are allowed to select one of the following event or entertainment areas:

A charity event
A film event
A music event
A wedding
A corporate event
A private party
An Art event

You will then write your assignment in three parts, 
1. Discuss the Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) for your chosen event and how they influenced your choice oflocation.
a) Type of Eventb) Target audiencec) Accessibility2. Produce an Event Operations Plan for running the event on the day, focussing on the following operational issues:a) Health & Safety (including Security and Staffing)b) Risk Managementc) CSR and Sustainabilityd) Supply Chain Managemente) Waste Managementf) Licence and Legal Issues3. Reflect on the processes that you followed to draw up the Event Operations Plan. Critically reflect on your own journey by thinking about the following points:
a) The changes you have made to your planning processes as an event Operations Manager as a result of your learningb) How have you used operations management theory to help you design and deliver your client’s event.c) The challenges you have encountered and the progress have you made in overcoming them.d) Any interaction you may have had with a professional in the industry.

Events are a powerful medium to convey the message among the masses. Successful events are the promoter of the objectives of an organization. They are of great importance in creating a strong relationship with the stakeholders. To organize a successful fundraising event it is very important to design an effective event operation plan. Fundraising events are an effective source of collecting a generous donation amount to support the cause. The event that has been chosen to raise the money for a cause is the musical concert. The reason for selection and other factors have been clearly discussed in the report below. Along with this the various factors affecting the event has been identified and discussed in order to use them strategically to make the event successful.
Critical Success Factors
Type of Event
The type of event that has been chosen for fundraising is a musical concert. A musical concert is a very strong medium to connect with a larger audience and it is a great opportunity to generate large amount of donations. Organizing a large scale event and calling celebrity artists to perform is not a feasible option because the resources and investment requirement is huge and the expenses on concert may surpass the charity amount collected (Stein, 2014). The feasible option in this case is to contact local artist. Local singers and musicians are always seeking a platform to publicize themselves. The other advantages of contacting local artists are that it will create a local awareness about the event.
For arranging a fundraiser event the budget is a huge constraint and they may ask for some heavy fees to perform. Local artist on the other hand can perform for free or for a lesser amount in lieu of the free publicity. To name some of the artist who are popular in UK are Beth Rowley, Eva stone, Lewis Watson etc. The event can be hosted by local RJ’s who will be willing to support a noble cause and can provide a free publicity on their radio channel. If planned well the concert can generate large amount of donation amount for a cause (Rovics, 2014). The other reason for choosing concert as a fundraiser event is that the crowd who will attend the concert will not hesitate in donating because they will pay for the tickets and in return they will get to hear some great music. The tickets and amount donated by sponsors will be given in charity. Along with this there will also be voluntary donation boxes for those who wish to donate a generous amount for a cause.
Target audience
In order to make the event a successful one it is very important, that it should be promoted within a right audience (McMillan, 2013). The concert that has been organized will mainly focus on the songs of EDM and POP genre, which is quite a rave amongst the younger audience. The target audience will typically the age of 16 to 34 years. The reason for targeting audience of this age group is that they consist for the larger share in the population segment of UK. Also the artists who are going to perform are also young so the younger audience will be able to connect with them more. In order to attract more of these audiences the right kind of marketing strategy is very important. Selling the concert tickets is very important in order to make the event successful (Gurung, 2013). The tickets can be sold by setting a kiosk outside the malls, schools and colleges with the help of volunteers who can induce individuals to buy tickets in order to support a noble cause. Also the information of the event can be printed in the school and college newsletter.
The other cost effective way to promote the events is through online source. Creating a Facebook page of the event and updating it regularly, making a twitter account and following people and another effective option can be creating a fundraising page on JustGiving (JustGiving, 2017). Flyers and pamphlets can also be printed and distributed in coffee shops and supermarket. The tickets can also be sold online via Brown paper tickets. While promoting the concert one thing that should be kept in mind is that the event performances should appeal to the target audience only then they will ensure their support in the charity. All these mentioned marketing tactics is a great and cost effective way to promote the charity event among the youth and adults and ensure a sufficient amount of donations for a cause.
As the organizer of the event, there is obligation towards all the attendee that the event can be a memorable and unforgettable experience for all. The factors which make an event successful is not only the performances or the overall show but also the arrangements and convenience of the individuals. The first thing comes into the mind when it comes to accessibility is the location at which the concert is being organized. The location should be at the heart of the city so that everyone can reach at the place. The location should also accommodate enough number of members so that the chances of accidents are less. Not just normal individuals but the arrangements should be done for physically challenged people also (MEA, 2012).
At the event venue proper wheelchair path, their special entry and a space should be provided so that they can enjoy the concert. The venue that has been chosen is The Royal Parks which have a long history of holding grand concerts and events. Along with the accessibility the other factor that is to be kept in the mind is the rent expenses. The rent of the royal parks for the fundraising event is quite reasonable as compared to the normal event (The Royal Parks, 2016). There should be an accessible parking for everyone including physically challenged individuals. Availability of the washrooms should also be checked. Adequate drinking water supply should be there for all the individuals. An ambulance should also be kept ready at the event venue in case there is any accident medical facility along with an ambulance should be kept ready (Ontario, 2016). A proper planning on the part of the organizing team should be done so that the event is accessible for all potential participants.
Event operation Plan
In order to successfully organize an event it is very important that it should be executed well. An event operation plan is a guideline to ensure that the events is successfully organized and it solves the ultimate purpose of charity. The components that are to be included in the event operation plan are:
Health and safety: During the concert there are very high chances of slips, trips, fire etc. It is the preliminary duty of the Event manager to identify any potential hazards at the concert. Also on the call ambulance facility should be made available in case of any medical emergency. The venue should also be tightly secured with every security guard standing in every corner as the place will be very crowded and there can be chances of any mishap or accident. Proper police and security guard should be available for crowd control (Connor, 2007). Also at the time of entry any drug, liquor and cigarettes packets should be checked. Medical Risk classification tool refers to the planning and treating the specific medical condition should be kept handy for serious health conditions like heart attack, blood pressure, epilepsy etc. (WA.GOV, 2009).
Risk Management: Risk management refers to identifying the potential risk after analyzing the situation and makes a systematic plan to mitigate the effect of such risk. The major risk in any concert is the attendant risks. There are four type of risk associated with attendant risk. These are


In order to deal with any type of risk efficiently, the event organizing team will prepare a risk management plan which will include identifying the potential risk at the venue by engaging every staff in thinking what could be the possible risk associated with a concert. After analyzing the risk its possibility of the occurrence should be stated. Then the intensity of the risk and its consequences is analyzed and then treated effectively (Peter Berg, 2010). Also the possible risk should also insured such as providing insurance cover for a public liability, for individuals working their such as security guards, sponsors etc. should be provided with workers’ compensation insurance cover or personal accident cover and the visitors motor vehicle should also be insures so that there is some harm during an event should be compensated.
CSR and sustainability: Many a times the organizations who arrange an event whether for profits or fundraising do not know the social and environmental impact of their activities. CSR activities and sustainable practices ensures sponsors for the event and positive image of the organization in front of the stakeholders (AISTS, 2015). During the concert there are various issues such as tons of amount of trash generated by the crowd, energy consumption at a large scale and carbon footprints of the vehicle pollution by individuals who drive to the concert. The effect of these concerts should be minimized (Herreira, 2016). A city bus should be organized and work on the biodiesel fuel which will significantly reduce the carbon footprints. The volunteers of the event should also motivate the individuals who are coming to attend the event that they should carpool or take public transportations. The concert stage that is prepared should be made from recycled materials. The concert timings should be from afternoon to evening so that the use of electricity and generators used for lightings should be avoided (Bain, 2013).
Supply chain management: Supply chain management focuses on how the resources that are utilized during the event should be managed or acquired in a cost effective way. As this is a musical fundraising concert the cost of acquiring the resources should be minimized. The supply chain consist of an event manager, suppliers and customers. The contractors for building up the stage, the lightings and the sound system should either be arranged locally or outsourced depending upon the market analysis done by the event operations team. The supply chain management is very important during commencement and ending of the event. During the starting up of the event arranging all the lights and equipment’s and other facilities such as dustbins, posters etc. should be arranged from the supplier who provide best of the prices. During the event the buses used for transportation and after the events cleaning services companies should be chosen by doing an analysis of all the alternatives. If supply chain is properly managed than the cost of organizing an event will reduce and the fundraising amount will be more after deducting all the expenses.
Waste Management: It is the duty of the organizer to arrange for the cleaning up of the venue before and after the concert. There should be cleaning staff that should be hired to clean the backstage areas every time. The stage should also be cleaned up after every musical performance. The grass area should also be made litter free. There is also a waste management committee to be formed which will ensure that the garbage and other waste done by the attendee’s should be cleaned up logically and in an environment friendly way. A hauling company should be hired who will provide recycling and composting of trash collected from event site (Waitomo, 2012). The event site should also have dustbins which will have labels of biodegradable and non-biodegradable items. Along with this posters should also be placed at event venue to educate the crowd about importance of cleaning the area (CSWD, 2017).
License and legal issues: In order to organize a concert, license and permission should be taken from Government of UK. The license is mandatory if the musical event includes the gathering of more than 500 people (Gov.UK, 2015). There is also a local license needed from the local authority stating that they have allowed the event management company to organize a musical event at selected timings. Also the neighborhood permission will also be required because the noise level will be high and to avoid any legal implication taking permission is a safest option. If the concert is allowing alcohol which is not in the case of our fundraising event should also have to take prior permission. Copyright permission should also be taken for the songs that are going to sing by the singers to avoid any violation of copyright laws. A license from performing art society should also be taken (PRS, 2017). The event should also have a Phonographic performance limited license for the recorded music (PPL, 2017).
Changes in the planning process as an Event operations manager
Organizing an event on a large scale is a tough task. In order to arrange a successful event whether for profit or nonprofit strategic planning is very important. There were many lessons that I have learnt and integrated in my planning process. As an event manager I have always thought event planning lies in the hand of generally the individuals who have authority and the rest of the team is only be guided properly so that they can implement the plan but in order to successfully execute the event the involvement of each individual is important so that their energies can be diversified in the same direction and they feel motivated to make the event a successful. The scale of operations in an event management industry has increased drastically. Events he become a medium to support or fulfill a cause or an objective.
Earlier my thought process regarding roles and responsibility of the event manager was very limited. I used to believe that the role of an event management company is to organize events and the rest of the responsibility of the visitors was on their own head. But now I know that during an event planning process attendee safety and security is very important. Also I had a notion that event managers have a great spending capacity due to the availability of the sponsors but they have the pressure of organizing an event with a budget constraint. The risk management is also a crucial element in organizing an event. Overall I had learned that event management is a strategic process.
Operation management theory in organizing an event
Operations are the primary revenue generating activity of the business that is to be managed so as to reduce the cost and increase the profitability of the business. It involves transforming the input into the final goods and services (Heizer & Render, 2011). Operation management is adjusted in order to meet the goals and objectives of the company. Like operation management event management is also planned to meet the objectives of the organization. The role of an event manager is to manage the operations of the company by analyzing the taste of the target market audience and alter the production process accordingly so as to secure a competitive position in the market (Materman, 2014). In event management also the event manager design the event plan by keeping in mind the objective, the target audience and all other aspects need to be considered in order to secure a competitive position in the market. An event manager like the operations manager has ton keep providing attention to every small detail whether it is food, lighting, music or anything. Each factor plays a very significant role in the success of an event.
Challenges during organizing an event
The major challenge that I have faced during the organizing an event is the availability of financial resources. As this was a nonprofit event the budget has been a major constraint because the expenses cannot be exceeded because then the collection amount will spend in paying of concert expenses. Also arranging and convincing the sponsors was also difficult because they were not getting any monetary benefit (Finkel, 2010). To overcome these challenges cost effective marketing techniques are utilized to promote the concert among the target audience. Also supply chain management is also an effective tool to reduce cost of the suppliers used for the concert. The location that has been chosen, The Royal Park is also chosen because the ground rent was comparatively low for the fundraising event. Lastly the local singers and artist have been called to support the cause at a very nominal rate.
Interaction with Liz King
I had a great opportunity in meeting the very famous event planner Liz King. Liz King is one of the most influential personalities in the field of event management who gave up her job to pursue her passion. On having a conversation with her she told that she doesn’t rely and limited to arranging events for her clients. She started organizing her own events. The reason was that she believes that in order to expand the base of the business it is very important to shift the conventional thinking of slow and steady expansion of the client base. She realized that doing something of her own will provide a shield during the times of the economic fluctuation. She is also responsible in organizing event management workshops for professional. She has also emphasized on the importance of social media for the young entrepreneur. Technology is the game changer in this industry.
The report concludes that in order to organize a successful fundraising event budget plays a very important role. There are various factors such as the type of the event, event location, promotion techniques etc. contribute in the success of an event. The report discusses about the various health and safety issues prevailing at the event site. There is also various kind of risk involved that should be well managed. There were many misconceptions regarding the roles and responsibilities of an event manager but during organizing this event there were many things that I have integrated in my planning process. There were many challenges at the time of organizing the event but the major factor was to limited financial resources but it has been overcome strategically. An event can be successful with the help of an effective event operation plan and the support of the community.
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