EECT020 Principle Of Construction

EECT020 Principle Of Construction

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EECT020 Principle Of Construction

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EECT020 Principle Of Construction

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Course Code: EECT020
University: Coventry University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

Your company owns a range of cranes and BSP pile hammers, together with all ancillary equipment needed to drive piles and to undertake concrete works. Other equipment needed for excavation and transport will have to be hired.
Assessment criteria
The intent of this assignment is to relate the content of Principles of Construction to a practical situation and to encourage you to choose between alternate ways of undertaking a project. While it is not intended that you disregard the collective experience to which you have been exposed in lectures, you are encouraged to explore other methods that may occur to you.
Environmental and Sustainability
The increase in popularity of the wind turbines can be attributed to the low impacts on the environment. This is evaluated at the point of construction and also operation. The production of this kind of energy is of benefit to the entire environment considering that there is no production of carbon particles. This implies that no carbon footprint is left on the site. The construction or the erection of the turbines take a very little piece of the land.This means that the rest of the land can be used for other economic and social activities. The project seeks to find the cheapest means of having an erection of the turbines. It is more effective to have a construction that has less or very little reliance on the other sources of fuel.
The renewable energy that is generated from the wind turbines is increasingly gaining acceptance from most of the communities as the potential source of the energy. There are isolated cases where the returns from the investments are normally. The communities have been discouraged by this slow rate of the payback. This is because they are not reaping the profits as they have expected. Through the optimization process, the project will aim at lowering the initial cost of the installation that will definitely allow for the quick payback.
The project has strictly followed the recommended code of ethics that does not lead to any cultural conflict. The engineers that have been involved in the design have held the highest degree of integrity and honesty. The reliability and safety for the construction of the turbine were made in such a way that would not compromise the safety. This was to ensure that the erection of the turbine did not interfere with the environment completely…
It was found that star groupings of twist turbines in a wind cultivate affect nearby atmosphere conditions in and around breeze cultivate. The aftereffects of this investigation demonstrate that as air goes through the breeze cultivate, it is “agitated” by the wind turbine propellers, which causes the air at a higher rise to blend with air at the surface. The information appears that air warms reliably as it blends all through the twist cultivate amid medium-term and early morning hours. Notwithstanding warming, air movements through wind cultivate likewise dries out. The information demonstrated lower relative mugginess and higher vanishing where the breeze cultivation. Since air is warming and drying out as it goes through breeze cultivation and this could conceivably anticipate ice inside region of the foundation. These impacts have positive ramifications for agriculturists in the region, as the counteractive action of ice may help make a more drawn out developing season for yields
Supply chain management is considered very important in the deliveries of the turbines. The connections that exist between the manufacturers and their components are increasingly becoming very necessary. The supply chain issues have indicated that the capabilities, the pricing and the product strategies of every turbine are very crucial. The producers have been seeking to provide the most sustainable and competitive balance between the vertical component of the integration and outsourcing the components that fit the design of the turbine.
The procurement trends have led to the rise of the specific structures for every component. This will be underlining the complexity of the turbines. The breakdowns will illustrate several segments that normally include the bearing, gearboxes, blades, and shafts. The concentration of the components and their subsequent production were in the pinch point of the supply chain. The segments have very high barriers of the entry that is normally based on the volume of the investment and also ramp-up time of manufacturing.Similarly.the controls, generators, tower segments, and castings have lower barriers for the entry. There are several numbers of players in this particular sector.
Options and Justification
It is very much evident that similar uneven structures of the market that exist across the chain of the supply will create an opportunity to the manufacturers of the turbine in the near future. This supply will be integrated vertically in order to mitigate the risk. Besides this kind of activities, the supply chain structure tends to create a temporary shortage of the turbines. This will be a focal point ripple through the market width that will be generated by the variatios in the present components. In summary, it is possible to conclude that the market of the seller of today will be determined by the number of the units or the volume of the assembly. These units slip through the toughest pinch. In conclusion, the proliferation in the supplies is normally anticipated in the entire supply chain that is supported by the strong growth of the wind industry. 
Selection of the Equipment
Parts of the Windmills 




It serves to measure the speed of the wind and submit the data of the speed to the controller


They normally lift and rotate when the wind blows over them. This results in the rotation of the rotor


It serves to mechanically stop the rotor. This can as well be done electrically of hydraulically depending on the emergencies.


This component starts up the machine at wind speeds of about 8 to 16 miles and possibly shuts off the machine components at a velocity of 55mph


This component connects the low-speed shaft to the high-speed shaft and this leads to the increase of the velocity


Produces AC electricity that is needed for the operations.

High-speed shaft

Drives the generator

Low-speed shaft

Changes the low-speed shaft to around 30-60 pm


Contains  the gearbox


Turns the blades out of the wind to control the speed of the rotor


The hub and the blades make the rotor

Wind Vane

 Measures the direction of the wind alongside the communication of the yaw drive to ensure proper orientation of the turbine in respect to the direction of the wind.

Yaw Drive

Performs orientation of the turbines to ensure that they always face the wind in the cases where the wind direction changes.

Yaw motor

Provides Powers to the yaw drive.

Road Construction
Gravel roads are in general the lowermost service offered to the traveling civic and are commonly well-thought-out greatly substandard to paved roads. Yet, in various rural areas, the capacity of traffic is so small that paving and conserving a surfaced road is not financially realistic. In many cases, gravel roads are constructed to offer a means of receiving agricultural products in and out of farm grounds, timber out of wooded areas, or as the right of entry to isolated regions such as camping area and lakes. A lot of gravel roads attend to rural inhabitants as well. A lot of these roads will keep on being unpaved owing to very low traffic capacity and/or shortage of funds to sufficiently develop the subgrade and base prior to the laying of pavement layer(s).
In some republics, financial limitations mean gravel roads are the only category that can be offered. In order to sustain a gravel road as it should be, operatives ought to plainly comprehend the necessity of the three elementary items: a crowned motoring surface, a shoulder region that slants unswervingly away from the verge of the motoring surface, and a ditch. The shoulder region and the ditch of a lot of gravel roads may be negligible. This is predominantly true in areas with very tapered or narrowed right-of-ways. Nonetheless, of the site, the elementary shape of the cross section ought to be spot on or a gravel road will not carry out well, even under very low traffic.     
Subramanian states that; Mass haul is referred to as the capacity of the material multiplied by the distance it is relocated in the course of building. A mass haul diagram is made up of two substances: a mass haul line, and a mass haul view. The mass haul line signifies the free haul and overhauls capacities in cut and fills settings along with an orientation. The mass haul view is the network on which the mass haul line is plotted.
The central alignment of the mass haul view is identified as the equilibrium line. The position of the mass haul line in relation to the equilibrium line describes the material program in the present design. When the mass haul line upsurges beyond the equilibrium contour, it specifies an area in which material is cut. When the mass haul line drops beneath the equilibrium contour, it specifies an area in which material is filled. 
Construction of Mass Haul Diagram.
The Mass Haul Diagram and the formation level are generally drawn together. The formation level should be carefully chosen such as some regions of cut are well-adjusted by some zones of fill. The x-axis epitomizes the change along the project while y-axis denotes the aggregate capacity of the constituents. It is built through the following steps;

Compute the cross-sectional area at given breaks along the project
Compute the volumes of cut and fills stuck between the specified regions relative to the projected formation volumes of cut are well-thought-out to be positive while fills are regarded to as negative.

Compute the aggregate algebraic volume of each segment.

The longitudinal segment along the projected centerline is drawn, the planned formation level being incorporated.
The battle-axes of the Mass Haul Diagram are strained below the longitudinal outline such that change zero on the outline corresponds with change zero on the Mass Haul Diagram.
The Mass Haul curve with the accumulated volume as ordinates is plotted. The points are then linked by curves to achieve the finished Mass Haul Diagram.

Features of a Mass Haul Diagram

An increasing curve designates cutting as the aggregate volume is increasing.
The highest point on the curve designates the end of a sector cut.

The culmination of segment infill is displayed by the least point on the arc.

A decreasing curve shows filling as the aggregate volume is decreasing.
The vertical variance between highest point and forward least point exemplify volume an embankment.
The vertical variance sandwiched between the least point and forward extreme point represents volume a cutting.

Any horizontal contour drawn cutting the mass haul arc equals cut and fill between that point i.e. volumes of cut equals to a volume of fill between these points.
When the horizontal contour cuts the curve, the region above the line specifies that the earthwork volume need to be relocated onward (to the right) whereas any region lying beneath the balance contour indicates that the earthwork need to be relocated towards the rear ( to the left)

How to deal with excess cut or shortfall of soil.
Excess soil is referred to as soil that has been dug, mostly in the course of building activities that cannot or will not be reprocessed at the site where the soil was unearthed and ought to be relocated off-site Subramanian.
Excess soil can be dealt with as follows;
Reuse of the soil where the filling is required.
The excess soil can be used on the same construction site where the filling is required.
Land reclamation.
Excess soil can be transported to isolated open mining pits. The excess soil is used to cover the pits which pose danger when left open. The covered pit can be used for farming or other commercial activities beneficial to a human being.
Excess cut soil can be stored in a temporary location to be reused for leveling and landscaping after the construction activities are complete. The soil is used in making flower gardens and other landscaping practices.
Transportation to another construction site.
Salvaging extra soil at a building or development site where the introduced soil is necessary for tenacities such as site modification, filling in depressions/diggings, or re-grading.
The shortfall of soil in a construction site is addressed by borrowing. Borrowing from external sources is acceptable where the proper material is unobtainable on site. Where borrow from external sources is recommended, borrow regions are detailed. Alternatively, the Contractor may elect to outsource material acquired from his own sources. In all cases, get required permits prior to starting borrowing processes. Where material is acquired from borrow pits the pit region is first cleared and stripped of topsoil.
The process of gravel road construction
Assess the purpose of the road
Before you initiate any building practice, it’s significant to contemplate the categories of automobiles that will be expanding on the motorway. This will aid in determining the best track and girth of the motorway, in addition to the necessary penetration of the footing constituents.
For instance, a gravel motorway that ought to back heavyweight money-making automobiles has to be unconventional, with fewer bends and zigzags, to provide accommodations for the restricted maneuverability of these reasonably bulky automobiles. Unquestionably, it also ought to be considerably stronger than a motorway that’s expected to receive only light automobiles and relatively small traffic.
Design for the worst-case state
Be assured to model and construct your motorway with the weightiest automobiles, uppermost traffic capacities and most horrible climatic settings in mind. A clear line of vision is particularly significant in foggy and heavy rainfall regions.
According to some studies, motorists ought to be capable to perceive 21 to 31 meters up the motorway for every 17 kilometers of swiftness. Gradients must at no time be more than 10 %, predominantly if the motorway is used by large automobiles. The motorway must also be adequately inclusive to put up with all kinds of automobiles traveling in both ways.
Get the correct machinery and machinist
Most research works points out that, if you anticipate constructing a motorway with a long facility life, it’s apparent you require the appropriate equipment. Also, all weighty machinery is harmless and more operational when appropriately conserved. What may be less understandable is the importance of engagement a knowledgeable machine worker.
The working with a speed of a motor grader, end to end with the angle and gradient of the moldboard, can “create or halt” a motorway – and accomplishment of things just correct can take a machinist a couple of years of preparation.
Use appropriate constituents
You need a desiccated and steady footing, so earth with extraordinary clay or dampness are not appropriate. The motorway top ought to have the greatest class gravel comprising of a mixture of cracked stone, grit and fine constituents with a binding distinctive to form an even, stable surface.
Compress soils appropriately
Alongside grading, soil compressing is the utmost significant procedure in gravel motorway building. It decreases the capacity of water and air in the soil, producing a firmer, heavier, and more hard-wearing surface Johann Essen. A sound compressed soil can be more with no trouble battle the stresses generated by transportation flow and severe climatic conditions.
Construct a hard footing
A good motorway is constructed on a stabilized footing. The stress-free technique to accomplish a steady footing is to blend a binding constituent, such as Portland cement, salt or lime, calcium chloride, into the earth by use of a stabilizing mechanism. You can then compress the earth to produce a stable base that will not flop under a load of traffic.
A number of geosynthetic merchandises are accessible for steadying the compacted earth that is beneficial in most countries over and over again sandy terrain. For instance, woven fiberglass strands covered in an elastomeric polymer can maintain underlying constituents in place, tallying to the sturdiness of a gravel motorway.
Build in layers
The best gravel motorways are built up in strata from a steady footing. The footing and binder strata ought to be permitted to toughen and resolve prior to the application of the topmost superficial layer. If you begin with a pitiable footing, the whole road tends to be substandard, and no quantity of topmost dressing or grading will salvage the condition.
Proper drainage
Decent drainage is without question significant. A road with a good drainage system will be more durable and necessitate fewer repairs. A suitably molded crown and shoulder, ditches, culverts, and drains are all in charge of channeling water away from the motoring surface. 
Put on a surface reinforcement solution
If you need a gravel motorway to keep on an even motoring surface and free of flaws, grooves, and potholes, a special use of a bituminous surface treatment (BST) ought to be the solution. This is considered to offer a firm, all-season, waterproof superficial.
Regular Preservation
Repairs in the system of consistent grading preserve a gravel motorway in decent, traversable form, guaranteeing well-being and permitting for resourceful transference. Shared upkeep responsibilities consist of restructuring the motorway, unblocking the drainage structure of flora and debris and getting rid of any extra material.
Workmen Accommodation
Estimated Number:


Estimated number of workmen

Delivery of equipment and facilities




Road construction


Foundation construction


Turbine erection


Total number of workmen


As the task will be finished over a course of 5 months, it is farfetched that all laborers will be given settlement the whole length of the undertaking. The undertaking will be part into discrete, little activities, and these will be finished on various occasions. The most extreme number of people required for a solitary piece of the task is 20, as found in table 1, which implies fewer individuals should be suited and it will be less demanding to locate the proper resort. The aggregate number of men required for the venture is evaluated to be 100. Laborers with particular abilities must be procured for particular undertakings, yet a solitary individual could likewise take a shot at different errands this would additionally lessen the number of specialists required.
Analysis of Accommodation.




Rating (quality) /10

Quantity of beds

Quality evaluation

Overall rating /10

Awendo Sony Lodge

$34/night pp

6.2km+2.4km = 8.6km

8- Very good

6 Bed dormitory (Sleeps 6 people)



The  Migori holiday resort

$155 per night ($77.5 pp)

7.2km+2.4km = 9.6km

7.2- Good

2 single beds (Sleeps 2 people)



The Lajoie resort Rongo

$278.79 ($69.70 pp)

9.5km+2.4km = 11.9km

8.6- Very good

2 double beds (sleep, 4 people)



Lookout unit 10

$325 per night ($81.25 pp)

7.3km+2.4km = 9.7km

8.5- Very good

2 double beds (sleep, 4 people)



Ken rocks  Dede resort

$494 per night ($61.75)

7km+2.4km = 9.4km

8.6- Very good

3-bedroom villa (sleep, 8 people)

Very good


It is likely that laborers will be employed from our organization in Coopers Plains, and different organizations on the terrain, along these lines, there will be a requirement for convenience near the site, on the island. It was expressed that there is some work accessible from Dunwich, however, it can’t be accepted that specific aptitudes will be accessible.
A careful examination was experienced for a proper settlement for the laborers in table 2. Different elements of the convenience were investigated, for example, the offices gave and quality, however above all, the expense and separation from the worksite.
The majority of the conceivable resorts on the island are a sensible separation from the worksite. There was no settlement inside somewhere around 8km of the site. It was expressed that outdoors isn’t allowed on the worksite, or, in other words, climate occasions and other outside sources could end up risky for the laborers. Outdoors would have fundamentally diminished the expenses and travel time to the work site, however for the general consideration of the specialists; a resort or inn is the more secure choice and must be picked.
It is perfect to pick the nearest depend on the worksite as it will lessen travel time and increment the measure of time that they can work. The site is very disconnected amidst the island, which gives restricted alternatives to close convenience. The nearest town with resorts is in Point post. Five conceivable alternatives were examined, and it was discovered that the most reasonable was the Mantra Lodge and scuba focus. This was chosen as it is the nearest to the worksite, the least expensive, and can oblige a lot of individuals, which implies fewer rooms should be reserved. There will generally be a most extreme of 20 individuals chipping away at the task at any one time, so there should be 4 rooms booked at the resort (giving 24 beds).
Laborers Welfare
The consideration of laborers is crucial to the fruition of the undertaking, as they should work taking care of business capacity to finish the venture. There is a restorative focus in the town of Point post, however for night-time; all crises would need to be transported to the Marie Rose Center in Dunwich (16.8km from the resort and 10.6km from the site). A medical aid qualified individual is required to dependably be available on the worksite to help in case of a crisis. Kitchen and providing food should likewise be considered; there is a general store found 2km from the resort, and the resort has a common kitchen. It is fairly farfetched anyway to expect that the laborers will have sufficient energy to plan and cook their own suppers. To battle this, it could be considered to procure 1 or 2 staff individuals to give cooked dinners. Proper lunch/break hours will be given to every specialist, to guarantee they are continually working at streamlining. Latrine desk areas and water will likewise be given on the worksite to all laborers. Recreational exercises ought to be organized off-site, to guarantee they are given enough downtime, which will then give them more inspiration. The working occasions will be pursued entirely as just 6 days a week and amid the sunlight hours (Feldman 2012).
Means of Transport
Suitable methods for transportation will be required to get the laborers to and from the settlement and worksite. A minivan or potentially numerous laborers’ buses could be utilized as they can fit a not too bad number of individuals and would require fewer vehicles. A flatboat will be required to get them onto the island, where some could come in their own vehicles, and others would be given transportation in an organization gave auto/van to the convenience (Saravanan, Srinivasan, and Saritha 2015).
The establishment of an undertaking is an imperative segment of development. It underpins the forced heaps of the breeze turbine, opposes sidelong powers (wind stack) and forestalls the conceivable development of the structure. The right establishment must be chosen to guarantee the breeze turbine is steady and won’t fall over when subjected to various powers. Two distinct sorts of establishments can be utilized to help the structure; shallow and profound. A shallow establishment is for the most part likely not reasonable for the turbine as there was no water found in the sand when boring this implies the sand will be dry and can’t sufficiently smaller. It ought to anyway still be explored utilizing the right conditions to guarantee that it isn’t proper.
Check the stability of shallow foundation:
Self-weight of wind turbine = 33 Tonnes 
Total weight = Self-weight + Foundation weight (10% of self-weight)
= 33 + (33 x 0.1) = 36.3t
Estimate size of pad foundation:
Depth= 3m, Width= 3.5m, Thickness= 1m
The depth of the shallow foundation = 3m, from the bore log provided in Appendix 1, it can be seen that N= 12. The top of the soil may be too loose, so the second layer is chosen for more stability.
The width of foundation= 3.5m, from the allowable bearing pressure graph provided in Appendix 1.2, it can be seen that the allowable bearing capacity of this sand is less than 150kPa.
Bearing capacity required for the wind turbine =
From the estimations above, obviously, the shallow establishment isn’t appropriate for the breeze turbine as the bearing limit required is bigger than the reasonable limit. The sand would subsequently not have the capacity to help the structure.
Calculate the effect of sliding:
This is larger than the wind load (9.9t) and therefore will not slide.
Calculate the overturning effect:
The overturning moment is larger than the resistive moment; therefore it is not safe and would cause an overturning effect.
A deep foundation should be considered instead.
Consider deep foundation (piles)
Pile cap design:
Thickness = 1m, Width = 3.5m, Length = 3.5m
Weight = Volume x Density
Density of concrete pile cap = 2400kg/m3
Total weight = 33t + 29.4t = 62.4t
Calculate axial force of each pile:
As this a breeze turbine, it is expected that there will be a lot of twist interfacing with the structure, and it will require an exceptionally steady establishment in every single conceivable bearing that the breeze compel originates from. Picking the right measure of heaps is crucial to the structure as it needs to adjust the heap top and the turbine above it. 4 heaps, similarly isolated, will guarantee that the structure has a similar measure of help and steadiness toward every path. Each heap will convey a pivotal power of 68.4t, as ascertained previously. Thusly, a suitable kind of heap must be chosen to hold and bolster 68.4t. From the table given in informative supplement 1.4, it very well may be seen that pre-stressed cement can regularly bolster a heap of 70-100 tons. This is the most suitable material for the heap as it covers the required load, however, won’t be overdesigned-production it a fundamentally solid and moderate outline.
A heap top of 3.5m x 3.5m x 1m will be utilized to give a sufficiently expansive zone to the turbine and the heaps to be settled too. End bearing heaps will be utilized to boost the help for the turbine. It very well may be found in reference section 1 that the sand shake is 15m underneath the ground surface. The heap will along these lines be 15m long, so as to achieve the bedrock of the sand. The sand at which the heap will be set in has a heading limit of 450kPa-found from the chart in supplement 1.2, or, in other words than the required 247.64kPa and can without much of a stretch help the turbine. A breadth of 400mm will be picked as the commonplace size of the solid heap is 300-450mm (from informative supplement 1.4). The heaps will be dispersed 1.5m far from one another and 600mm from the sides of the heap top, as observed above in figure 2. The proposed configuration is basically fit for supporting the breeze turbine and will be savvy as it isn’t overdesigned-production it the most proper alternative.
Alternatives Methods of Erections
There are uses of the different methods that are normally explored so as to find the means of reducing the required time for the erection. The most commonly used methods include
Jack-Up with Offshore Platform Towers for Lifting
The erection techniques that are used for the drilling platforms for the offshore can be as well used for the erection of the turbines of the wind.The support of the offshore drills is obtained from the legs that are anchored to the floor of the ocean.
The mounting of the platforms is in such a way that allows for the upward and downward movement. This particular method will directly relate to the erection of the wind turbines since the assembly of the turbines would rely on side operation. The two towers that will be used for the processes of lifting are erected together with the two towers on each side of the turbine. The frame that is connected to the tower of the turbine will be raised up while using the other parts of the lifting towers. This particular operation allows for the erection of the turbine simultaneously.
The major advantage of the particular method of erection of the turbine is that the assembly and election time is highly reduced. This is because it is possible to have all the operations are performed at once as opposed to the breakdown of several stages. In this kind of the erection process, the site condition will really matter a lot. This is true considering the assembly of the components will be done on the site. Also, the frame that normally assists in the guidance of the turbine upward will lift the towers. This kind of structure would also have to be taken into consideration as well.
 Assuming that the efficiencies of the wind mill is to be calculated,the following formula is used.
 The energy produced by a single installed mill will be obtained as indicated;
Feldman, S.W., 2012. Rescission, Restitution, and the Principle of Fair Redress: A Response to Professors Brooks and Stremitzer. Val. UL Rev., 47, p.399.
Saravanan, T., Srinivasan, V. and Saritha, G., 2015. Basic Compensation Principle and Reference Current Generation. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(32).

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Highly knowledgeable expert, reasonable price. Great at explaining hard concerts!
Writer: Raymond B.
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Essay (any type)
Helped me with bear and bull markets right before my exam! Fast teacher. Would work with Grace again.
Writer: Lilian G.
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Research Paper
If you are scanning reviews trying to find a great tutoring service, then scan no more. This service elite!
Writer: Grace P.
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Essay (any type)
This writer is great, finished very fast and the essay was perfect. Writer goes out of her way to meet your assignment needs!
Writer: Amanda B.
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