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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing

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DMKT5008 Digital Marketing

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Course Code: DMKT5008
University: Greenwich School Of Management is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom


Learning outcomes assessed:

Explain the foundation principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital marketing.
Identify the relevant laws and guidelines that pertain to the different aspects of digital marketing.
Apply digital marketing tactics to develop an integrated and effective digital marketing approach across different digital domains.
Analyse the role of content within digital channels.
Examine the value of on-going analysis and measurement as a way of managing and evaluating their digital marketing efforts and budgetary spend.

You are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations about academic misconduct. You must:

Complete this work alone except where required or allowed by this assignment briefing paper and ensure it has not been written or composed by or with the assistance of any other person.
Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other people’s work in this assignment (with or without trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and are specifically acknowledged by reference to the author, work and page.

Your required to write a report that addresses the following 6 tasks:

Discuss the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Explain why it would be important for Clintons to invest in digital marketing.
Illustrate how Clintons could utilise website optimisation techniques to improve performance.
Critically discuss how Clintons can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), to improve its website visibility amongst its competitors.

The steps you would undertake to design an effective SEO and PPC campaign.
Identification of how the company could target its key audience through these channels.
An overview of the relevant laws and guidelines.

Discuss how Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing can be used to attract, retain and engage new and existing customers. LO3 Your answer should cover:

Key activities associated with implementing an online display (and video) advertising strategy and a Social Media Marketing strategy.
Justification of which channel is most affective.

Outline how Clintons could incorporate Content and Email Marketing into its digital marketing activities.


This report presents the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing and the importance of digital marketing. It also discusses the website optimization techniques to improve performance. It also illustrates the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) to improve its website visibility amongst its competitors. This report explains the Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing can be used to attract, retain, and engage new and existing customers.
Discuss the differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Explain why it would be important for Clintons to invest in digital marketing. 

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

The traditional marketing could enable the marketer to simply reach their specified local audience.

The digital marketing enables the organization to concentrate on both local as well as the global market audience

The traditional marketing approach could permit marketers for directly meeting to the local consumers and spared awareness about brand name (Ryan, 2016).   

There is no need to be face to face interacting with consumers for spreading the brand awareness. It could cover finite consumers in the least time.    

The consumer can have printed paper of resources of which they can browse and read over and over again.    

The consumer could access information about products and services by using websites and videos.

Traditional marketing could be simply understood by consumers because they are previously bared to such kinds of approach.     

The digital marketing can only target those consumers who have an internet connection (Stephen, 2016).

There is little communication between the customers and medium used. It is more of offering data to the customers that the brand available with the intention of these people patronizing the brand (Kannan, 2017).

Communication is effective particularly with the utilization of social media networks. Marketers take benefits such as convenience of interacting with target audience aiming to obtain favorable customer’s feedback.

Print and radio advertisement can be costly for Clinton. Printing material can be costly and Clinton may need to recruit people to distribute these.

Digital marketing is cost-effective. The practice of social media websites can be free of charge. By investing in paid ads online, the cost can be cheaper as compared to traditional marketing (Baltes, 2015).

Clintons invest in digital marketing
The digital marketing could be imperative for enhancing a number of consumers in the least time. Hence, Clintons should invest in the digital marketing.  Internet marketing is imperative because it aligns with the method customers make buying decision. In addition, it is stated there are a huge amount of consumers who use the internet and investigate about the products and services before taking a final buying decision. In addition, it is illustrated that internet marketing allows the organization to make a reliable relationship with their potential consumers by directly communicating with others (Karjaluoto, et al., 2015).  
From the application of digital marketing, Clintons can overcome the distance barrier. They can also be capable to sell their goods and services in any place of the nation without setting up regional outlets and spreading their target market. Clintons can develop an export business without setting any network in the different nation. In addition, it is addressed that if Clintons want to sell their products and services at a global level then the organization needs to make sure that their services are appropriate for regional market and observe with regional business regulations. After the use of digital marketing, organization does not have buy stock to display in the store. Consisquently, an organization would be capable to keep the cost of inventory by decline the stock cost (Yasmin, et al., 2015).     
It is also addressed that digital marketing facilities Clintons to address preferences of consumers towards e-cards. The digital marketing could support to track web pages and product data that consumer visit, an organization can make specified offers as reflect their interest. The digital marketing could aid Clintons in tracking consumers who are interested in their products and services.             
With the help of digital marketing, Clintons could be capable to make a platform for making an effective relationship with their consumer and enhancing consumer retention levels. In addition, it is evaluated that when the consumer is consuming any products and services of the organization from the online sites then the company should send a follow-up email to confirm their transaction and be thankful to their customers (Todor, 2016). The organization could also invite their consumers to submit their reviews on the websites with respect to the products and services of firm.               
In addition, it is also stated that the digital marketing enables the company to enhance the possibilities of getting higher profit. It enables the organization to make an association between social networking and online revenue growth. Moreover, it is analyzed that internet marketing permit organization to pay their staff around the clock. Delivering company products and services on the internet is convenient for consumers (Chaffey, 2016).  
Illustrate how Clintons could utilize website optimization techniques to improve performance
There are many advantages of utilize website optimization techniques as it is discussed below:
Web conversation 
The website optimization technique could support to improve the performance of the organization. It enables the Clintons to complete their three significant activities as it accosted with the conversation, visibility, and usability. It is analyzed that the website conversation is imperative for the success of Clintons. It enables the organization to directly converse with their consumers and tell them what the firm wants to deliver them. Under this stage, the organization could be capable to perform any kind of communication over the internet that provides an actual transmission of the text from receiver to the sender. The online chat comes from the informal conversation (Yadav, et al., Rahman, 2015).      
The visibility could support the Clintons to increase the visibility of a website for their potential consumers. The load time of the Clintons website could enable consumers to easily address websites. Further, the website speed is an important factor as it considers by the Google at the time of ranking the sites. A lower performing web could enhance less promotion in the search outcome. Thus, it is analyzed that Clintons could utilize website optimization techniques for increasing their consumer’s traffic and get a higher amount of profit (Dodson, 2016). 
The website optimization techniques lead to enhance the usability of the firm by improving many activities of Clintons like website reaction to consumer requests, load time, and website page speed. It could directly impact on the loyalty of consumers. A higher performance of websites could lead to higher consumer satisfaction. A great user experience is a method for making a large consumers base and robust brand (Chaffey, 2015).         
Critically discuss how Clintons can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), to improve its website visibility amongst its competitors
Pay-Per-click advertising 
PPC advertising is an internet advertising approach that is practiced to create clicks to company websites. It is the method by which Clintons can be capable to lead their consumers by considering the relevant keywords as it is associated with their products and services. It is the paid website and Clintons will pay an amount to the publisher for ads get clicked (Lamberton, and Stephen, 2016).
PPC is an effective approach as it is applied in the search engine marketing. There are many steps that are considered in the PPC as it is discussed as below:   
Goal Setting
It is significant for the organization to set their objectives for accomplishing the goal of the firm. Ad goal will enable Clintons to drive their campaign effectively. Hence, the organization should need to determine their ad objectives and keep in mind at the time of making a plan about their campaign strategy. In addition, it is analyzed that the marketing objectives of the company could be effective for increasing the sale of the firm (Lobstein, et al., 2017).     
Choosing Platform
There are many platforms that are available for PPC aids such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google, and Bing. Clintons should make a plan for their campaign strategy to get higher profit.     
It is analyzed that the Google is an effective technique for a PPC campaign. Hence, Clintons should use Google Adwords and enhance awareness towards products and services of the firm. Apart from this, it is also analyzed that Facebook ads and Bing ads provide all required boundaries for a reliable PPC campaign (Lobstein, et al., 2017).      
Plan targeting
Under this stage, the organization will be unable to make a plan for their targeted consumers.  Clintons could use two kinds of targeting to their consumers like Geo-targeting and Device targeting. These methods could support organization to get higher benefits (Dhote, et al., 2015).   
Geographic targeting permits the organization to appear in the places that are chosen by a firm like a city, areas, and country. Geo-targeting supports the organization to select appropriate consumers for offering their products and services. It could also lead Clintons to enhance their ROI. The appropriate geographic region could significantly support the campaign for a better outcome. The organization could identify states, countries, and areas where the ad campaign of the organization could be performed well (Jayaram, et al., 2015).                  
Device targeting
Device targeting is another significant way by which an organization could influence their consumers caused by increasing number of mobile users. The organization could use devise targeting to reach at their best consumers on any technique. By considering device targeting, the organization could customize their ads for the different operating system and devises of mobile. From this, Clintons could be capable to understand people who are online and using another operating system (Wang and Yuan, 2015).
Keyword Research
In the next step, the organization focuses on keyword research. It is a time-consuming process. Under this stage, Clintons could list their core keywords to spread the awareness of their products and services among their consumer. Clintons should review keywords for getting higher success (Siedlecki and Depaoli, 2016).     
Effective Ad Text
Ad text is an imperative tool for increasing possibilities of success of Ads. It could be a form of the marketing communication as it could be used by the Clintons to promote their goods and services on the search platforms. It is also analyzed that core keyword, promotion, and attractive discounts could lead to making a unique image of the organization in the marketplace (Girchenko and Kossmann, 2017). It is examined that the quality score of the firm could be relied on many factors and Ad text could be one of them. Thus, it is analyzed that the organization should use an effective ad text for making a diverse image in the marketplace. There are different factors that could also be considered by the organization to enhance their sale in the least time like resister today, order now, sign up here, and buy now. The organization could consider one of the keywords in their ad text and match the ad to their leading page (Kotler, et al., 2016).        
Add Ad Extensions
In the PPC advertising, Ad extension offers extra advantages in the least time and cost. The organization could use Ad Extensions and show their additional data by their Ads like phone number, store rating, additional webpage links, and address. It could lead to high CTR because they make the company advertisement more prominent and reliable. By using this, an organization would be capable to improve their score of the quality (Killian and McManus, 2015).        
Ad scheduling
Ad scheduling is a significant concept for improving ad strategy. The organization could demonstrate their ad wherever a consumer search online and they can demonstrate their ads on certain days and business hours. The result of ads could be different in an hour, weeks, and months. Hence, the organization should review days and time that would be more appropriate for their business (Kelly, et al., 2015).          
Optimize Landing Pages
Google considers landing page quality of the organization as it could be a most important factor to examine the quality score. It is also stated that if landing pages of the organization have poor content then they could make a negative image of the form among consumers by creating the bad experience. The consumers cannot buy any product and services of the company form the website if their landing page is irrelevant. In addition, it is also stated that a well optimizes landing page could have comprehensive data about goods and call to deed buttons such as “Buy Now” and “Subscribe here”. If an organization create multiple ads for their products then firm might improve their landing pages for each copy of ad (Girchenko, and Ovsiannikova, 2016).             
Filter out Negative Keywords
Under this method, the organization could be capable to identify their keywords that organization does not want to show among their consumers. In this, the company could research on their negative keywords that reflect the whole performance of the company. Further, it declines the ROI of the organization by decline sale of the firm (Baudrillard, 2016).      
Filter out Negative Keywords
Monitor Competitors
Benchmarking is a significant key element for any kinds of a marketing campaign. The company should always keep an eye on their market players. It is imperative for a firm that which kinds of keywords they are implying and plan for their approach. The organization should also keep it in the mind that their aids should be unique and different from their market players. The firm should smartly design their ad copy that should look effective as compared to their competitors (Dolph, 2016).      
Install Conversion Tracking Code
Organization installs their conversation tracking code for evaluating the keywords that are profitable and directing to the conversation. It will enable the organization to optimize their bid and improve their return on investment.     
Use Google Analytics
The organization should monitor and track the effectiveness of their PPC campaign. The organization should understand which way is effective for getting higher success. Further, the company could use Google analytics for influencing the behavior of users. The organization should examine the bounce rate for their websites to increase their consumer traffic. The bounce rate supports to identify a number of consumers who visited on company websites. Through this, the organization would be capable to track the conversation rate of their campaign. It will support to improve their PPC campaign and leading page (Zilincan, 2015).   
Effective PPC campaign is the procedure of continuous investigation and refinement. It is imperative for the company to never use “Set it and forget it” strategy for their PPC campaigns. The organization should do investigate the behavior of the consumer. The organization should also investigate on the profitable keywords and appropriate hour for their campaign. It could lead to getting higher competitive benefits by enhancing the number of consumers (Giomelakis and Veglis, 2015).         
Steps of SEO
There are certain factors that are considered in the search engine optimization like research, planning, action, and monitoring as it discussed as below:
Under this step, organizations will analysis their competitors to make their unique image in the marketplace. The organization could also search the keywords that could be effective for their firm and could lead to enhance the consumer’s traffic. A company will consider Google algorithms to enhance the awareness of their products and services in the least time and retain them for long period. Under this, the company should also make an effective strategy to operate their business and get a higher return (Mustafa, et al., 2015).  
Under this stage, the organization will evaluate keywords to enhance their number of consumers. In this, the organization will concentrate on those keywords that will be beneficial or specific to their organization and lead to make a higher profit. Afterward, the organization will also make a plan with respect to the Google sole console for demonstrating their company products on the higher rank as it leads attract a large number of consumers towards the brand of the organization. Further, the company will address sites on which they will demonstrate their ads. The company will make an effective strategy with respect to the site’s links for increasing traffic of consumers (Bansal and Sharma, 2015).          
Under this step, the organization will be capable to implement their developed strategy and get a reliable outcome. In this, the organization will optimize the page and increase their number of consumers in the limited time frame. From the application page optimization, the organization would be capable to the practice of improving consumer web pages with respect to rank higher and obtain more realistic traffic in the search engines. Further, the organization will promote their developed content on selected websites as it would be supportive to increase the number of consumers towards the brand of organization (Ashley and Tuten, 2015).  
Moreover, social media marketing could also use by the organization to promote their goods and services and get a reliable outcome. The social media marketing leads the company to share their specific information in the front of consumers, which would be effective for getting the higher competitive benefit. Further, it is analyzed that the organization will make a link with specific sites as they will promote the product and services of the organization. Through this, the organization will be capable to increase traffic of the consumers as it would be beneficial for increasing the possibilities of success from launching e-cards (Dijkmans, et al., 2015).
Under this method, the organization will manage their traffic to obtain their specified objective. The organization will evaluate the traffic of consumers and make a reliable decision. Further, the organization will concentrate on many activities like consumer traffic, web ranking, keyword ranking, link validation, site health, social media, and site search. Through this, the organization will monitor such activities and make a distinct image among consumers. Consequently, the organization will be capable to make higher competitive benefits (Nadeem, et al., 2015).        
Relevant laws and guidelines
There are certain rules and regulation that are considered by the organization at the time of using SEO and PPC like avoid irrelevant keywords and avoid hidden link.
Do not load pages with irrelevant keywords  
An organization should always keep in the mind that the loaded information could not be irrelevant. The company should load only relevant information as it is associated with their products and services. It could be effective to specifically aware to their consumers about goods and services (Dessart, et al., 2015).  
Avoid hidden text and links 
The organization should also avoid the hidden links and text during application of SEO and PPC. The company will also consider font color and background of their website. It could be effective for increasing the number of consumers with respect to products and services.     
Discuss how Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing can be used to attract, retain and engage new and existing customers 
The online display could be imperative for the organization as it leads to spreading the awareness about products and services among consumers in the least time. It is kind of online promotion that comes in many forms, including rich media, banner ads, and others. Instead of text-based ads, the organization could consider the display advertising to attract, retain, and engage new and existing customers. It is stated that the display advertising considers many elements like audio, video, and images to communicate their specific message. It could be more effective and relevant as compared to another method. Through this method, the organization would engage their consumers in entertainment way and spread awareness about their products and services (Hudson, et al., 2016).  
Apart from this, the video is becoming an integral component for internet users to gain online experience and no site hosts more video as compared to YouTube. The site claims approximately 3 billion video views per day and making it a better place for a marketer to identify the consumers at the global level. As a result, Clinton can use video advertising to attract, retain and engage the existing as well as new customers.
Mass marketing is another element of video advertising that can be used by Clinton to launch the e-card. Television commercials are heard with seen by an individual and television channel has turned the marketing activities to demonstrate the products and services. It is a shotgun approach that can be used by Clinton to demonstrate strong branding message. This approach only can be used when a company has good commercial seen by ten thousands of people. After that, the company does not need to advertise the product on the national platform but needs to keep the local areas in which products and services will take advantageous from strong brand recognition (Tuten and Solomon, 2017).     
In the current scenario, the popularity of digital marketing is increasing. There are several businesses, which invest in social media in order to promote their products and services and reach at a potential with existing customers. In this way, Clinton can use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn i.e. top social media sites.  
Clinton can not only advertise the e-card on websites and magazines but also, social media sites give the opportunity to Clinton to reach at the larger audience who can select to “like” or “follow” their products and services, and its updates. It is analyzed that Facebook alone is viewed by over 750 million users; LinkedIn has approximately 120 million users and approximately 3 billion users viewed per day on YouTube. Thus, these channels can be effective for Clinton to pull the attention of a large number of the customer towards their products and services (Sunstein, 2018). 
By using social media, Clinton can address which e-cards can be attractive like the best. It can also ask the customers to sign up the new email newsletter and assess how they are spending in festive seasons. It can interact with the customers directly via social media. Clinton can ask the questions with customers and address how quickly their fans and followers reach out to give the responses. Moreover, customers can leave a message on the page if they have a customer service issue. Social media marketing can enable Clinton to provide the assistance to customers on the spot. Social media networking also provides the opportunities for Clinton to directly communicate with customers. The information received on social media can aid Clinton to manage, operate, and finance the business (Tuten and Solomon, 2017). 
When customers feel like they have a way to access company in case of concern and feel like company genuinely care about their opinion then, they may become more loyal towards the brand. Hence, Clinton should use this strategy to increase brand loyalty among customers. Social media marketing can enable Clinton to develop the on-going liaison with their fans and followers each time when it posts, shares and responds to status update and video.
Social media marketing can be a vehicle for Clinton that helps to gain the number of people who visit on their site and a long stay on it. It can also motivate customers to keep coming back. Clinton can use the social media to post the links regarding products and services and link their fans with followers to blog posts.
Outline how Clintons could incorporate Content and Email Marketing into its digital marketing activities
Content marketing can help the Clintons to develop the valuable association with their customers and increase their sales. It will also help to build the trust among customers who assess the content. Through the content, Clinton will provide the credibility as it can aid to become loyal fan base. Hence, it can seek the knowledge from customers and wishes to invest in their business (Hudson, et al., 2016).  
Content marketing is cost-effective as compared to marketing options. In this way, Clinton can force customers to contribute their efforts, time, as well as a great deal of tolerance before procuring the profit. By using an effective content and sharing the experience and knowledge through the different medium of content marketing, Clinton can automatically drive the conversion without spending extra money for it (Dessart, et al., 2015).  
Apart from this, email is the hub of the journey for the customer. Clinton can use the Email marketing to assess the role of digital for its whole buying procedure whether it sell greeting cards or E-cards. One thread of this roadmap is that email is the hub of both marketing efforts and customer’s touch point with the brand. Hence, if the email program is weak then the customer journey will come up short. There is no matter how sophisticated and well-developed customer journey is on tech stack side along with email integration can cause Clinton to gain significant losses in revenue. It is analyzed that mobile makes email omnipresent. There is about 54% of all email opens are on the mobile device. Furthermore, email programs assure the company to make contact with old customers by using the previous emails (Nadeem, et al., 2015).
Explain how the Clintons could use website analytics to improve performance.
Web analytics is the set of online data practices to comprehend and optimize the presence of web. It turns the qualitative practice of staying the websites into the quantitative snapshot of everything regarding the customers. Clinton can also use the analytic information to adapt the new technologies by assessing what needs of customers is sited on their websites.
Web analytics will allow the Clinton to develop a significant digital strategy and add the new elements in overall marketing strategy in the future (Dijkmans, et al., 2015).
There is some sort of analytical information that can develop into the online strategy. The first things that should be considered are site referral on the friends of websites and another thing is traffic to the website. This information focuses on guests come from outside of the SEO and allow the Clinton to assess the impact of social media on sites, blogs and external partners who are directing the visitors to their site. When Clinton has the data to develop the stronger links with the external partners such as a call to action links on social media then, it can measure the online advertising campaign for success and attain the goal. It would also aid to measure the ROI on those campaigns. The web analytics can also yield certain attractive geographical demographic data on site visitors. It could affect the overall marketing strategy (Ashley and Tuten, 2015).  
With respect to the above discussion, it can be concluded that an organization could use digital marketing as compared to the traditional marketing to promote their products and services in the least time and cost. It can also be summarized that the organization will invest in the digital marketing for spreading the awareness about products and services. It can also be illustrated that the organization could use web optimization techniques to gain their consumer’s traffic as well as their brand awareness to get higher competitive benefits.
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MPM755 Building Success In Commerce
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Course Code: MPM755
University: Deakin University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

The process of developing a successful business entity requires a multidimensional analysis of several factors that relate to the internal and external environment in commerce. The areas covered in this current unit are essential in transforming the business perspective regarding the key commerce factors such as ethics, technology, culture, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, and globalization (Nzelibe, 1996; Barza, 2…

SNM660 Evidence Based Practice
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Course Code: SNM660
University: The University Of Sheffield is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

Critical reflection on the objective, design, methodology and outcome of the research undertaken Assessment-I
Smoking and tobacco addiction is one of the few among the most basic general restorative issues, particularly to developed nations such as the UK. It has been represented that among all risk segments smoking is the fourth driving purpose behind infections and other several ailments like asthma, breathing and problems in the l…
Australia Maidstone Management Business management with marketing University of New South Wales Masters in Business Administration 

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning
Download :
0 | Pages :

Course Code: BSBHRM513
University: Tafe NSW is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

Task 1
1.0 Data on staff turnover and demographics
That includes the staffing information of JKL industries for the fiscal year of 2014-15, it can be said that the company is having problems related to employee turnover. For the role of Senior Manager in Sydney, the organization needs 4 managers; however, one manager is exiting. It will make one empty position which might hurt the decision making process. On the other hand, In Brisba…

MKT2031 Issues In Small Business And Entrepreneurship
Download :
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Course Code: MKT2031
University: University Of Northampton is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial ventures
Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, manage, and put in order operations of any business venture with an intention to make profits despite the risks that may be involved in such venture. Small and large businesses have a vital role to play in the overall performance of the economy. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the difference between entrepreneurial ventures, individual, and c…
Turkey Istanbul Management University of Employee Masters in Business Administration 

MN506 System Management
Download :
0 | Pages :

Course Code: MN506
University: Melbourne Institute Of Technology is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia

An operating system (OS) is defined as a system software that is installed in the systems for the management of the hardware along with the other software resources. Every computer system and mobile device requires an operating system for functioning and execution of operations. There is a great use of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones that has increased. One of the widely used and implemented operating syste…
Australia Cheltenham Computer Science Litigation and Dispute Management University of New South Wales Information Technology 


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