Cultural Awareness To Intercultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness To Intercultural Awareness

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Cultural Awareness To Intercultural Awareness

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Cultural Awareness To Intercultural Awareness

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1. Culture encompasses the set of beliefs, moral values, traditions, language, and laws (or rules of behaviour) held in common by a nation, a community, or other defined group of people. Cultural factors can see some individuals refusing or avoiding service delivery, or needing an altered or different service due to their beliefs and cultural practices.Provide several examples of cultural factors for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clients that may impact or effect services being delivered to them?This may require you to undertake research and all communicate with Indigenous members of society, or representative associations.
2. Briefly discuss the type of issues that may influence relationships and communication with Aboriginal and/or or Torres Strait Islander people? Your answer should include at least 2 to 3 examples of issues as well as details of any problems associated with these issues, and how they might be overcome.
3. What is cultural safety, and how can this be encouraged in your workplace or area of activity?
4. For this question you will need to conduct some research within your own organisation or area activity including your own behaviours.Discuss how cultural safety is applied in your workplace or area activity, including by yourself, and also discuss ways in which this could be improved.
5. For this activity you will need to undertake some self-review and soul-searching. Use the resources provided as guidelines for communication and relationships with Aboriginal and/or or Torres strait Islander’s, and then compare this with your own views to see if you have any bias.A bias does not necessarily need to be something that is major, for example hating someone because of their race, colour, or religion, but can be something as simple as the expectation of eye contact, which for many indigenous individuals can be a problem.Provide details of any bias you have self-identified along with strategies or actions you can use to change or work around any bias in future dealings with indigenous people?
6. As a follow-on from the previous question, briefly discuss how your cultural awareness, and the awareness of other cultures within your workplace or area of activity impact on workplace relationships?
7. Provide and explain two examples of appropriate communication techniques and or work practices that you have or could use to show cultural respect and understanding?
8. In what circumstances might an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interpreter or colleague be used as cultural brokers?
9. Briefly discuss how you might go about developing effective partnerships between staff and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities?
10. Refer to the resources provided and undertake some research of your own with Indigenous organisations or support groups to determine what resources are generally utilised to promote partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups or communities.Then, provide details of what strategies you could utilise to promote such partnerships, and what resources would be required, and how and by whom these resources would be used?
11. What processes do you or could you use to document the ways delivery of services and programs are delivered to enhance cultural safety and encourage participation, in what is exactly your role in this process?
12. How would you or could you integrate strategies to encourage self-determination and community control in services and programs?Your answer should provide details of how this could be done, who could do it, and what resources would be required?
13. With whom would you seek agreement for outcomes against which cultural safety can be implemented and measured?
15. Provide details of how you have all could involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in evaluations, negotiations, and the determination of strategies and services?
16. Provide details of how you could evaluate programs and services against planned outcomes, benchmarks, and timelines?
17. Provide an example of how you could or would revise strategies while involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?


Answer 1
Culture refers to a complex whole consisting of beliefs, knowledge, rules or laws, morals, values, traditions, language and any other competencies acquired by human beings as members of the society (Lindholm, 2008). This means that culture is the total way of life that we live as people.  Members of the community have different beliefs based on their lifestyle, therefore, trying to introduce new ideas in the society may result in tension. Aboriginal people refer to those individuals whose culture and traditions lie on the mainland and Torres Strait Islander refers to native people of Torres Strait, Torres Strait lies between the South West Coast of Papua New Guinea and the northern tip Cape York in Queensland
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander have different risk factors that will pose a significant impact on their emotional and social well-being. This includes the effect of stolen generation and removal of children, public grief, and losses, traumas that are unresolved, violence, incarceration, health problems, discrimination of culture and race, separation from culture and issues of identity and social or economic issue. Several factors of Aboriginal or Torres Strait may influence the services being delivered to them this includes beliefs, language, culture, and customs. In addition there is also, thinking, learning styles, Interpersonal approach, Expectations (Purdie & Walker 2010).
Answer 2
Specific matters affect the relationship and communication between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for example respect, in that an individual has to respect them even though their practices, ideas, and actions do not interest (Murphy 2015, p5). For instance how they dress, eat and communicate. Respect will enable one acquire and maintain relevant information about aboriginal islander or Torres Strait Islanders (Pink & Allbon 2008). Additionally, a good relationship will be maintained reducing violence. Second confidentiality is essential to be discrete about them so that they might feel comfortable expressing themselves. Being indiscrete may result in the weak relationship, therefore, leading to rejection. These issues have resulted in severe problems; however, it is possible to overcome this by being patient, highly mannered and developing sense of belonging.
Answer 3
Cultural safety refers to a surrounding that is, emotionally, physically, and socially where assault challenge and identity denial of who you are and what you need is not experienced. Cultural safety is encouraged by respecting and being aware of people’s culture; this improves relations. Therefore, one will develop a sense of belonging this portrays safeness. Secondly, culture safety is encouraged by avoiding biasness of certain individuals which promotes discrimination in the area of work and activity. Discrimination promotes violence both physically and emotionally, hence, unsafe environment (Lindholm 2008).
Answer 4
To achieve a safe environment, we must observe our cultural identities and attitude. For example establish a rapport, be subtle to what culture means for service receivers, instructors and populations, listen rather than talk, be supportive and non-judgmental, depict respect and empathy, and use skills that are interpersonal that considers a person integrity and service recipients educators and communities. Additionally, we must be unbiased and flexible about our attitudes. Our organization does not reduce, degrade, or disempower the well-being of individuals and cultural identity. (Gerlach 2012, pp.151-158)  This can be applied to the daily actions of an individual by treating everyone equal, this has made the organization movement and stays easy hence success. Other strategies may enhance the ability to be cultural safe include acquiring knowledge concerning cultural shock and developing trust.
Answer 5
Biasness in culture leads to discrimination and stereotyping, for example aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders are violent people and do not pay attention to the people. It is necessary to maintain and develop effective communication and relationship with the aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders for example by maintaining networks that are effective to ensure referrals are made, take an approach that is holistic when delivering services, be stretchy enough to upkeep dissimilar cultural values and beliefs and foster an understanding of spiritual relationships.
Confirmation bias, which is the tendency to settle to, and remember, facts that confirm what you already believe in, is what interjected me. Therefore confirmation bias made me interact with people who shared the same view as me and anyone decision on the opposing side did not apply. Significant strategies should be applied to change such biases in future, for example, changing our perception. We should not focus on our belief alone but instead focus on other beliefs in different society. Additionally, it’s important to accept new ideas and not rely on usual information. Indigenous people are hard groups to study therefore it require patience and integrity to achieve your objective. Some information provided by indigenous communities might not be at par with your expectations making an individual confirm what best suits him or her. (Halligan &Zecevic 2011, pp.338-343)
Answer 6
Cultural awareness refers to a communication foundation that involves the ability to stand back from ourselves and being aware of our cultural belief, values, and perceptions (Baker 2012). The awareness of other cultures and our own culture serves a great impact on the relationships at workplace or work area. This is because many individuals have encompassed their cultural history and incorporated components of their heritage into their daily lives. Therefore our environment is more culturally diverse. Individuals are expected to familiarize with cultural awareness in workplace and areas to avoid negative ramification, which includes poor morale and legal action for poor behaviors (Baker 2012). The impact of cultural awareness of other include change in the mode of dressing, behavior, beliefs, values, and customs. Secondly, cultural awareness promotes good working relations; for example, some culture prohibits men to work together with women while other cultures promote this. Thirdly there will be an increase in Productivity and collaboration where there is a diversity of cultures. Teamwork is also encouraged in the society.
Answer 7
Several work practices show cultural respect and understanding since working with different Individuals from different cultures might be challenging. This is because beliefs and attitudes are different from ours. Some of this practices include; respecting peoples confidentiality and privacy, practice politeness that is by using titles and appropriate tone, respecting cultural practices at work, for example, dressing code and lastly showing consideration (thinking of the other people’s needs from their point of view).
Answer 8
Understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander might be difficult this includes there practices, language, and understanding (Dudgeon et al. 2010).Therefore, this requires an interpreter to help an individual understand them better and easier. Lack of understanding might result in devastation and lack of patience. This is necessary to meet duty care requirements.
Answer 9
Developing partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is important to acquire duty requirement. The best way to develop a partnership between workforce, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons include; forming appropriate reference group to enable an individual to acquire sufficient information, understanding routine and policies of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to avoid going against practices and duties(Dudgeon et al.2010).
Answer 10
Different strategies may be used to develop a partnership. However, these strategies are different. First, an individual should be flexible; flexibility is very important since adapting will be easy consequently the formation of the partnership, second, it is important to consider the roles and responsibilities of the individual to avoid confusion among members since confusion might result to the poor partnership. Thirdly, it is also important to show understanding; this involves an indulgent of cultural practices, beliefs, and customs to express support to the community. The misunderstanding might result in rejection and avoidance by the members of the community. Fourth you have to make relations with the leaders of the community to obtain favors and authority. This makes work easier for an individual and also maintains good relationships that lead to the partnership. Resources needed to improve partnership include people, at any circumstances, people are an important resource since they will provide you with what is required therefore they are useful to the staff, group, groups promote togetherness and therefore forming partners will be comfortable groups are essential when assigning obligations to obtain duty requirements.
Answer 11
Different processes can be used to document service delivery ways and programs to enhance cultural safety and encourage participation this includes the use of technology like computer and media to record and save the document. Since any decision and program made in future planning should include community members. For example working alongside with community leaders to offer an awareness of the community and workings and cultural context. The ability of the community to drive its health services is referred to as community entails their involvement in the planning process. A community controlled model is highly efficient in its outcomes as it has its basis from the community itself.
 Additionally, devices like cameras, audios, and phones can be used to document service delivery and programs to enhance cultural safety. My role in the process is to ensure that information is well properly documented to prevent loss of information or information getting to the wrong is also important to identify barrier that may hinder communication (barriers to in effect cross-cultural communication and causes of unsuccessful cross-cultural communication).
Answer 12
Self-determination involves the Aboriginal and/or the Torres Strait Islander persons been granted opportunity to take part in decision making on their affairs They can decide to be trained in qualifications that allow deliverance of health services  and related programs to their communities. Such strategy is handy in avoiding challenges the face in their health sector. Workers trained in the health issues of these people can work hand in hand with these community with a better and clearer view of their health challenges of that particular area. Chances are that they find appropriate ways to make this services more welcoming this in turn will reflect on the outcome. Zubrick el at .2010). For example an individual born in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait community can train and work in her or his community offering health services .local leaders play a major role in decision making on health matters therefore they can work alongside the community in analysation  of the services rendered.
Answer 13 and 14
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders client. involving aboriginal and torres strait Islander persons in evaluations, negotiations, and the determination of strategies and services is important this is done by involving the community in the decision-making process. Strategies are evaluated by reversing them based appropriate engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait. It also involves the implementation of new procedures or tweaking the existing one, depending on how the server is the issue (Zubrick et al, .2010).
Answer 15 and 16
Deliverance of services in a culturally safe environ contributes to the empowerment of the Aboriginal and /or the Torres Strait people and their communities. They should be involved in the evaluating process of the programs and delivery for the achievement of the intended goal .The evaluating process involves three aspect; agreement on measurable outcomes is the first followed by evaluations of programs and services against these outcomes then lastly revision of cultural safety strategies. Alternative processes can be used for evaluation but the indigenous Australian people need a structure that accommodates less and paves way for measurement of success to occur in a specific context culturally. Consultation is an important step in evaluation .Incase of revision of the strategies, successful adoption and implementation of these revisions is possible if the community was in control throughout the process.
The nature of the outcome varies depending on the strategies to be implemented if areas identified are culturally unsafe then it is essential to revise the strategy. Use people from diverse culture to seek suggestions. It involves providing extra education to staff members in approaching diversity.
Baker, W. (2012). From cultural awareness to intercultural awareness: Culture in ELT. ELT journal, 66(1), 62-70.
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Zubrick, S. R., Dudgeon, P., Gee, G., Glaskin, B., Kelly, K., Paradies, Y., … & Walker, R. (2010). Social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing. Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice, 75-90.

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