Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

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Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

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Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

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1.Has your understanding of the term’ ethics’ changed after studying this subject? If so , how has it changed? Justify your answer.
2.Discuss in details the two different types of stake holder to whom management owes a degree of social responsibility.
3.If you were given the responsibility of expanding business operations into foreign countries, what are the TWO (2) global ethical issues you would need to be aware of? Describe these in detail and use examples ( minimum 300-400 words ).
4.Explain the differences between ” business ethics ” and ” social responsibility ” and describe the four ( 4 ) benefits of business ethics.
5.What is more important in business ,ethics or profit? Justify your answers with appropriate example/s.
6.Today’s world is quite different from the one it has been before. Urbanisation and industrialisation have impacted our environment. Describe three global environmental issues that may have impacted out world. Describe these in detail and use examples. ( minimum 300-400 words ) .
7.Explain the key steps that need to be considered in implementing an effective ethics program into a company or organisation .
8.Describe the concept of ” ethical leadership ” and provide at least ONE example of an acclaimed ethical leader.
9.Explain in details the following ethical issues and dilemmas i business with ONE relevant example in each :
Sexual Harassment
Corporate Intelligence.
1.Ethics are supposed to be the moral strategies which always moderate a person’s behaviour. These  morals  are  mainly  designed  by  social  norms, cultural  practices and  other  religious  impact.  Ethics  mainly  denotes  that  a s person’s  behaviour  is  wrong  or  right. It  is  also  a  code  of  conduct  which  directs  a  human being that  how  she  or  he will  behave.  There are some misconduct in business ethics.  There are misuse of company resources, harassment,   bribery and accounting fraud.

In business  organizations  there  are  there  are  certain  code  of  conduct,  norms,  policies and practices which are  made  to maintain  the moral  balance  of the organization.  These are mainly known as business ethics and corporate ethics (Ferrell and Fraedrich 2015) .   The  reasons  for  which  business  ethics are  that sometimes  good  ethical  morals  are  not  sufficient  to restrain  form proper ethical  misconduct. Ethics also allows to take decisions in a  diverse company or organization.   It  also  helps  to  identify  proper  ethical  issues and  the  solutions  to solve  the  problems.     Ethics  also  enables  in  bringing  up investor  loyalty  of the  company,  employment  committee and  customer  satisfaction.
Sometimes the  business  ethics  become  little s stringent  like    imposing  restriction  on   freedom of speech of  each  individual.  This   is  one  of  the  problem of  Ethics  but overall  business  ethics  is much important  in maintaining the discipline and  order  and  peace  in  the  company.
2.Stakeholders who  have s a  claim  or  authority  in  some  part  or  aspects  of v a  company’s  products,  operations, markets,  industry  and outcomes.  There  are s certain  theories  of stakeholder which  is  related  to  the  Corporate  Social  Responsibility.  
The  descriptive  stakeholder  approach  is  explained  by  Clarkson  and  he  designs  that  corporate social  responsibility, responsiveness and  performance  are understood  by  assessing  the  particular  method  which  specifies s the  relationship  and  behaviour  with the  customers,  government, shareholders  with  the manager.
The  normative  stakeholder  is  manly  about  the   mortal  duty  of  the  company s or  organization  to  the  stakeholder.  It’s  not  only  about    profit  gaining  issues of  the  company  its  mainly  about  the  ethical  reputation  of  the  company.  Kantian ethics are, in part, based upon the notion that everybody has a moral duty to each other in respect of taking account of each other’s concerns and opinions.   These  are  the  two  approaches  of  the   stakeholder  which  is  much  related  with  the corporate social responsibility.
3.The global  ethical  culture  is  the   cooperative  efforts  and  potential  to  establish  goals  and  targets and  establishing  a s proper  ethical  culture and  behaviour. Companies  can  demonstrate  their  loyalty  to  social responsibility  by  acquiring  international  standards .  The  United  Nations  Global  Compact  is s a  the  initiative adopted  by  the  United  Nations  so  that  it  can  motivate  the  businesses  worldwide  so  that  it  becomes  much  acquainted  for  sustainable  and  socially responsible  policies  in  a  company.  The  UN Global  compact  is  moral-based  structure  which  has  formulated  principles  in  the  field of  human  rights,  labour,  the environment s and  anti-corruption.  
Presently  the Coca-Cola is a company  which follows the  principles of the UN Global  Compact .In  terms  of  human  rights ,  the  coca cola  company assists  and respects  the  internationally  proclaimed  human  rights.  The  Coca-cola company has committed  to   the  business  which  does s not  abuses  or  hampers  the human rights  of  people.  Then  principles  associated  with  the s freedom  of  association  for  the  labourers,  eradicating  forced  labour and  child  labour  in  the   company.  There is also elimination of discrepancy in employment and occupation.  Any company  like  Coca-cola  should  must   have  adopted  certain  preventive  strategies  to environmental  issues (Grosser 2016) .  The  organization  or  the  company  must    advertise  and  promote  the  ideas  of  environmental  responsibility.   Every company must use environment friendly technologies. The  last  principle  is  very s significant  because   it  works  against s all  types  of  corruption  including  bribery. Sexual s harassment  is  one  of s the  important  thing  which  violates     the  human  rights.    This thing should be strictly   prohibited in the office premise.  Coca-Cola   plays an important part in a number of Global Compact Local Networks around the world by serving on Steering Committees, conducting business community outreach and supporting Network events.
4.Business ethics  mainly  reveals  about  the code  of  conduct,  norms s and  values s which  are  framed  in  the  company  or s organization.  It  can  be said considered  that  without s business  ethics  it  is  just  impossible  to  run  a  organization  or s company.  This definitely creates anarchy, disorder, and a very unhealthy environment.  This  does  not s provide  the  way  to  a  healthy  work  place,  thus  consequently  the  work  progress  will  deteriorate  and  the  employees will feel  not good  to   work  in  the  office.  Therefore, proper rules and regulation, which modifies the behaviour of the people of the company is business ethics. Business ethics is a part of   Corporate Social Responsibility.  This  is  because  Corporate  Social  Responsibility    is  a wider  aspect  because  it  deals  with  maintaining  certain  aspects related  to  outside  of  office  or profit  making  things .  For example  it   delivers  rules  and  principles  related  to  human  rights  ,  environment  policies,  protection of  the  labourers  both in  terms  of  wage  and  time.  These  indirectly  enhances in  the competitive  advantage  of  the  company,  it  also  enables in  increasing  the productivity of the  company.
There are certain benefits of business Ethics.  The first ethics contribution is   that it enhances employee commitment. When the  company  dedicates  into  ethics  then the  employee  also v dedicates  to  the  work.   A safe working environment enables competitive salaries and benefits packages.  The second benefit is Ethical culture also enables in delivering productivity and profitability.   Therefore, this helps to gain loyal customer.    The  third benefit is it allows  to  impose  a  code which  assists in forming  a  weather of  integrity and  excellence.  It also reduces the inconsistent business standards.   The  fourth benefit is it  also s helps  in  making    proper communication with  the  suppliers,  vendors  and  stakeholders.  The fifth benefit  is business ethical codes are protection against the lawsuits.  Hence, ethical contributions   finally increase in providing   good and well-defined products to the customers.
5.It can  be  said  that  every  company  needs  profit  or  revenue  generation.  Otherwise  the  company  will  be  unable  to   continue  it  living  and  it  will provides security  and  earning  to  the  employees.  The reputation and infrastructure much depends on the   revenue generation  of s the  company.  But  the  thing  is  revenue generation  is  not  very  easy.   A proper  work  culture  is  much  required  for  every  company   so  that  the  employees  feel  working  in  a environment  which  makes them  feel  good and s very  ease. Automatically, the  company  which  follows  business  ethics  will  put  more  potential  and  efficiency  in  working and s taking decisions.  This  also  leads  to  the  path  of     providing  services  and  products  to  the  customers.   This also appropriates proper value proposition.   It  can  be inferred  that  if  proper  cultural  or  business  ethics  is  not  there  then  the  company  will  also  not  able  to  gain  profit.
A company who is much successful  always maintains a  proper corporate ethics otherwise  it is not possible  to  maintain  a healthy  environment  of workplace.  Hence, there will be disruption in the working. Therefore, there will be a hindrance in the productivity of the company. In that context   it is required the  business s ethics  has to be  maintained  first  if  profit  has  to  be  gained by the company.
6.There are  certain  global  environment s issues,  for  example   pollution,  deforestation  and  global  warming.  These are all  the  issues   which  have  mainly emerged  due  to  the  excess  number  of  industries  and  the  products  used  by  the  industrialists  There is  another  reason  for   which  these  environmental  issues have  emerged,  it is  mainly  due  to  the  use  of  luxurious  goods  .   Most  scientists opines  that the  concentration of  greenhouses  gases like  Chlorofluro Carbon gases  accelerates  global  warming.  There  are  also land pollution  which  occurs  from  residential  and  industrial  waste,  poor forest conservation .  This causes health issues, erosion and poisoned groundwater.  Plastics ,  old  cell  phones  and  obsolete  computers enables  in  the  landfills .  Deforestation  also  enables  in  poverty and also bring  changes  in  the  climate  of  environment.   Urbanization leads the US small communities into a huge scale urban growth.
There  are  certain  laws  under  the  Environmental  Protection  Agency  to  stop  these  activities.  In  present  days  solar  energy  which  is  a  renewable  energy  is used  to  save  the  other  forms  of  energy (Weiss 2014).  The   companies  and  firms  must  be  responsible  to  promote  green  marketing  and  also  use  jute bags  and  paper  bags  instead  of  plastic  bags.  These factors are integrated of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  For example Barista is using coffee cups which is biodegradable.    The brand is not utilizing   coffee cups with plastic lines.   Some companies are using jute bags instead of plastics. The  effects  of  using plastics  or  anything  made  up  of  plastic  is  that  they  are  not  recycled  for  which they mix with  mainly the  sea and ocean. It is much harmful for the sustenance  of the  marine . Moreover deforestation and global warming  is that  it  is  rapidly changing  the  climate  and  weather  of  every  area  of  the  world.
7.Effective ethics programme assures that all the  employees understand and behaves according with the ethical culture.   Ethic programs also enable to recognize organizational misconducts. The  most  ethical  misconducts  are   personal  business  during  company  time,  abusive  behaviour, lying  to  employers,  discrimination based  on  gender, health  and  safety  violations,  manipulating  the resource  of  the  company  and  internet  abuse.  Sometimes the  employees  of  the  organization also  stole  things  like  Post-it notes, tape, scissors, toilet papers, USB memory  sticks ,notepads  , pens s and  others.
A strong  ethical programs which  is  inclusive  of  written  codes  of  conduct , ethics  officers  to  observe  the  ethical  conducts ,  a  proper  ethical  training,    vigorous auditing  and monitoring  of  the  ethical  culture (Hartman et al. 2014) .  There  should  be  a  continuous  scrutiny  of  the  ethical  programs  and s code  of  conduct. Sometimes  there  is  ethical  dilemma  where  the  rules  and  regulations  are not  clear. When  a  person  does  any  unethical  things  then  he  or  she  will be guilty at first.  Thus  in  order  to  take  ethical  decisions  value  judgments and  collective  decisions  on  particular  things  are much  necessary. 
8.Ethical leadership is the capacity to guide and motivate others towards a specific goal.   The main purpose of the Ethical leader is to form an ethical culture in the company or organization. An ethical leader has the power and the potential to inspire others and impose the organization’s norms, policies and outlook of the company. It can  be considered that the  ethical  leadership  had positive  and  healthy relationship with the  employees of the organization and  will  take the required negative actions for the  misbehavior or misconduct done by the  employee of the organization.
In many cases, the colleagues of the organization influence the decisions and thinking.  Thus, they fail so execute the principles of ethical leadership.  This is  a very negative thing that  if the leaders are not able to   apply  the  correct  principles,  then s somewhere  or  other  it  has  a  negative  impact  on  the  company  itself.  The leadership qualities must be variant at different situations.   Ethical leaders must set up the value and moral of the company.   The leader has to train and foster the employees throughout their career.   They must also give credit to the employee’s values and outlook. There  is  one  example  of  ethical  leadership,  for  example-   Howard Schultz   who  is  the ethical leader of the  company Starbucks   conducts  certain  ethical  leadership  activities.  It  provides  mediocre  even  to  part-time officers and  construct  funds    so  that jobs  can be  formed   in  USA.
9.Corporate intelligence is the most effective help to proper business decision making.  It  enables  in  delivering  vital  facts  and  information  about  the  present and future  business  collaborators  , its  employees  and  stakeholders  when  the  company    desires  to  eliminate  the  risks   associated  with  it.    There  are certain  things  like entering  new  emerging  markets, resolving  corporate issues,    researching  about  the  business  opportunities.   It  can  be  said  that  companies  seek corporate   intelligence before  investment  or  joining  into  new  business  partners.   This  is  much  important  in  the arising  offshore  markets  where  there is no authentic  information on  particular  people  or  organization  is  not  available.  Then diligent mainstream advisers should take the decisions.
Pricewaterhouse  Coopers  is  the  firm  which  was  founded  by Samuel  Lowell  Price  in  London  in  the  year  of  1849  and  in  the  year  1993  it  was  established  in Slovenia.  This firm mainly provides tax services, audit services and risk assurance services. It  has  a  corporate  intelligence  team  which  has  a  clean and  a  targeted research  and  also  assessing of  market  information  and  intelligence  throughout  the world.   There  are  certain  research methods like permission  to  the international data  universe  online  and public  records.  This is a part of company’s Social responsibility.    This helps to remain competitively ahead of other companies.
Sexual  harassment   in  the  workplace  mainly  occurs  with  the  women.  According  to  the  United  Nations  General  Recommendation  19  to  the  Convention on the abolition  of  all  forms  of  discrimination  and  violation  against  women (Rupp et al.  2015).  The  harassment  includes  sexually  determined  behaviour  as physical contact and  advances,  telling  abusive  words .  Sometimes  the  women  employees  who put  objection  sometimes  are  forced  to  resign  or  are  not promoted  even if  they  are  efficient.   There are legislations related to it in India, Australia and England.    
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 was passed by both the LokSabha and the RajyaSabha and got the permisiion  of the President recently and it  has  become  a law in  India.   In Australia Sex and Age Discrimination Legislation Amendment Act 2011 amended the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 in May 2011 to expand the protections against sexual harassment.  Basically,  every  organization  and  companies  must include  strict  rules under the  business  ethics  for  the  protection  of  women.  Strong  penalty  must  be  adopted  to  punish  the  offenders.
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Research Paper
Highly knowledgeable expert, reasonable price. Great at explaining hard concerts!
Writer: Raymond B.
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Essay (any type)
Helped me with bear and bull markets right before my exam! Fast teacher. Would work with Grace again.
Writer: Lilian G.
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Research Paper
If you are scanning reviews trying to find a great tutoring service, then scan no more. This service elite!
Writer: Grace P.
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Essay (any type)
This writer is great, finished very fast and the essay was perfect. Writer goes out of her way to meet your assignment needs!
Writer: Amanda B.
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