Company Industries

Company Industries

Company Industries

Introduction (100 words – essentially summarise the table of contents you are going to talk about. In this section define the barriers of your paper, the topic)
This is what has to go into the term, “Quality and completeness of response” in the marking guide.

a)     Background of the company/person or industries – here talk about the industry dynamics (is slow or very fast paced, changes quickly or takes, the type of company, it is not long as I do not want many pages on the history of the company. Also included, what type of leadership model do you think best suits the industry and explain why. (I expect this to be very detailed.) You could compare and contrast various leadership styles (various theories and concepts such as Situation theory, Contingency theory, Behavioural Theory, Participative Theory, McGregor Theory).

b)     The Person/s you are looking at and their leadership style and why or how this works or does not work.  You could give a paragraph (no more on their background). This section has to relate to the previous paragraph. This section also has to be very detailed – Consider their skills, traits, behavior, personalities, ethics, motivations, leadership style, power types, method of communication that make them successful, how you see them as a leader. You may want to concentrate on some of these, this depends on how much information you can find. If you make some assumptions that is fine, just inform the reader.

c)     Gap Analysis
Look at the various models of leadership. Consider which of these models best suits this industry/person or group of people. The models could include: Situational Theory, Democratic Theory, you could look at various styles, McGregor X and Y or other. Also, which of these does not suit the topic pf the assignment. All this information could go into a table.

d)      Development of a Leadership Improvement Plan
This is where you describe the reason to change- consider that there has to be change. Look at the market or its dynamics or perhaps the inclusion of new managers or any reason to change. (Lewin’s Model – you could talk transactional or transformational leadership if they were replaced – See lecture attached)

e)     Anticipated Barriers to Change
This is from your lecture notes. Please refer to them and the book
f)    Conclusion – what have you learned from the report. Is leadership important for their success? Have they shown the difference between manager and leader in the report.

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