COMP9732 Enterprise Cloud Systems Pair

COMP9732 Enterprise Cloud Systems Pair

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COMP9732 Enterprise Cloud Systems Pair

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COMP9732 Enterprise Cloud Systems Pair

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Course Code: COMP9732
University: Flinders University is not sponsored or endorsed by this college or university

Country: Australia


* Demonstrate an ability to write business documents to justify a technical solution
* Demonstrate an understanding of the inherent requirements of business process and planning to the development of enterprise cloud systems
* Develop a technical design for a stated cloud solution
* Manage and utilise the features of database systems
* Make use of tools to build and test enterprise applications
* Understand the nature and use of service-oriented architectures
* Understand how the various components of internet-distributed applications can be assembled into a coherent application
Topic outcomes achieved:
* The aim of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to make use of tools to build and test enterprise cloud solutions
* Demonstrate you understand how the various components of internet-distributed applications can be assembled into a coherent application
* Critically assess the technologies that support the building and deployment of enterprise cloud applications


Cloud execution is distributed pools of configurable system structure assets and more lifted whole advantages that can be quickly provisioned with immaterial association exertion, as regularly as conceivable over the Internet. Appropriated registering depends after sharing of points of interest for accomplish soundness and economies of scale, like an open utility.
Unapproachable mists empower relationship in regard to spinning on their inside relationship opposed to crippling assets on system foundation and support. Promoters see that scattered figuring enables relationship to maintain a strategic distance from or limit early IT foundation costs. Supporters likewise guarantee that scattered preparing enables sets out to get their applications up and running snappier, with overhauled sensibility and less help, and that it draws in IT social events to just more quickly alter points of interest for manage fluctuating and capricious intrigue. Cloud suppliers consistently utilize a “pay-as-you-go” delineate, which can incite stunning working costs if executives are not comfortable with cloud-regarding models.
The main goal of the cloud implementation is to enable the clients experience a more convenient way of solving the solutions in the industry. The payroll system is developed using the Microsoft azure framework whereby the processes are real time and up to date. It uses high very powerful techniques in giving out the desired feedback.  The cloud implementation is determined to reduce or cut the price of the manual payroll systems by ensuring that data is accessed in an easier way, (Boulis et al 2008).
The cloud computing helps in enrolling the devices in the internet that everything can be accessed automatically. Cloud implementation level of virtualization is normally affected by an adaptable course of action of different free enrolling gadgets, to sit dealing with assets can be doled out and utilized just more proficiently. Virtualization also gives the status required to animate IT activities, and declines cost by expanding foundation use. Autonomic selecting automates the framework through which the client can strategy assets on-inquire. By compelling client duty, computerization enlivens the procedure, lessens work expenses and declines the likelihood of human blunders (Jiang, Dawson-Haggerty, Dutta  and Culler, 2009).
Cloud Development and Implementation 
 Cloud computing is a new is ideally a new method to add capabilities to a computer without licensing new software in a new hardware or training personnel’s. Private cloud on the other hand is a  new improved way to organize and manage IT resources and services within a given company or enterprise (Quinton, Greenstreet, and Wilton,  2015). Web application is a critical part of the internet infrastructure following our case study were going to implement a cloud sever for database storage and running. Application services online.
As i begin the project needs us to create a virtual machine with Microsoft Azure by basically going to their site where one creates a virtual machine through a directory. They provide a tone of different vendors of service operating system. We’re going to choose on windows 10 Pro Version 1709 VM with the entailed details with a resource manager model: Name: Anonymous Username: Ultimate Password: Ultimate2018 Subscription: Pay-as-you-go
One needs to create a new Resource Group that is AZnewResourcegroup and the location: Australia Southeast. After the first page then where you will be promoted to take the sizes. We will take the second version of the B instance with higher availability set.  On the manage disk it manages the backup and availability of the disk. Every resource should be on a network. So were going to create a virtual network because we have a resource group. A brand new Subnet, Public IP address Network security group. If wanted to add extension there is automations then I won’t. Auto shut down I will use it for testing purpose then I will set a 7 pm. Availability set is not set. Booting diagnostic and guest of diagnostic is disabled.
After the setup there is a summary of the machine with the specification requires and finally click ok button to create.
After creating then one needs to navigate to the resources of the cloud machine that is laid up. Navigate to connect and it will automatic diverge to cloud server set to you
After setting up the criteria required and creating the cloud server set. It finally deploys a the machine to run as a server and gives out a deployment detail that is in ASP.NET form of code which is then able to run to by Visual Studio
On connecting it downloads the RDP file automatically to the machine. It simply by running the drop box and windows remote desktop will start and will connect to the same ip address. Remember when we created the VM we created a user ideal password. So it’s not using the normal windows credential.
So when the machine is booted for the first time it will ask for the validation of the security and your logged in .then it will create a username and set up everything. You will then modify the server usage using rules. It can be a DNCP server but in this case we need a WEB server and set all the feature for you.
For the web services one will choose some of the rule services by default to install and windows will do everything required by modifying the firewall. The impound rules by default there is no rule allowed by port 80 and 443. Once its complete its going to be enabled and traffic is being allowed to come through.
 A virtual machine is part of a subnet every subnet is part of a virtual network. Every subnet has a network security every interface there is a security group. By default it allows or vpn and everything in inbound security rules going though in everything. Rules have to be unique that will allow this traffic to the firewall (Sandberg, Goldberg, Kleiman, Walsh, and Lyon, 2009).
When you log in its going to create a user profile and normal machine start up. What we need to do is to go to starter manager and the way that you modify a server for usage is by using roles. Which assign gives a variety of options to the server manager? On the dialog box were needed to select which is

ASP .NET and Web Development
Azure Development
Data and analysis and processing

One of the things it does actually is to modify the firewall and it restrict traffic that comes in to the box from external. Web traffic, needs to be allowed to come into the server.
On sub netting, everyone has a network security. What we’re going to do is to add security rule from outside.
Migration of data and Roadmap Documentation 
First one needs to create database in the cloud. It will commence in the windows Azure management counsel. Windows Azure database it is compactible for SQL SQL server database, it is a managed storage platform of services Azure. The database builds higher availability its gets server database gets a primary database in two replica online data. Such that you may not experience a downtime. Crete a database and choose a work, Choose a server, virtual server, and choose a location.
In additional to the size of data you are going to import one might have to redo some of the complexity of the Azure SQL some of the T sequel that needs to be followed. Where are going to use this simple approach Azure data input and output. Let’s start by creating a database. And in this there are two table. Where are going to use the data in zip sent.
Create two very simple table structure. For the two table available. By arranging it normally one will make some adjustments and will now want to move a d gain the benefit. One will need to go to export and import data. On the advanced one can change which he want and let it run. The next thing is to upload into the Azure. We’re going to use a tool and also hook up a storage account.
Data service is AL rather easy or reshuffle where the more robust package the simple. Go to the dashboard and select margin. One uses the login name and password and everything when logging in, the performance level and the service tired one is going to choose.
There will be a notification for the import blog when you start sending the data from the SQL database where there was an option to select manage. Then export the data. And a password prompt is then required. On Azure the database is a cloud type of one. The data is then received to the other end, the database is then encrypted and the user is then prompted on what covered on the 3 tires and is able to manage the backup of the database.
High availability is one of the advantage of this incase one wants to make sure wants a large bulk of database and all of the tables arranged and sorted.
Creating a MY SQL Database. In this step we will launch a multi RDS instances. We will create and modify the database instance run as a multi A2 deployment. Azure RDP provision and maintain a synch status by replacing in a different availability zone. Update to database are synch replicated across availability zone to the stand by. In order to keep both in synch and protect your latest database update against database instance failing (Ramachandran et al., 2013) . During certain type of plan maintain ace or and unlikely event of database instance failure or availability zone failure. Azure RDS will automatic fall over to the standby so that you can resume database right and read as soon as the database standby is promoted. Since the name record of database instance remains the same your application can resume database operation without the need for manual administrative intervention. With multi A2 deployment you application is transparent. You don’t interact directly and cannot be used to support read traffic to setup an Azure database. Some following criteria need to be meet

create a database security group : by doing this you’re creating a secondary data platform for performance and reliability of the efficiency of the remote server and derivability of the connectivity
authorize your database instance : setting up the parameters required for the SQL database generation and administrative function that is needed to run and manage the application
Launch your database instance: by making it run is by basically deploying the function state and making it to authorize it to the state and database environment at large.

Contribution Report
Web services are accessible anywhere in the world with the cloud appearing as a single point of access for all the consumer needs. Cloud computing is currently gaining popularity as an inexpensive way providing storage and software. A wireless broadband connection option grow cloud computing allow the user and company to pay and use storage and software, in this environment application, data and software no longer exist on the client side, instead they are located on the server side and are treated as an abstract services and reside into cloud (Son, Her, and Kim, 2011). Many companies are locking forward with the invention if building easy clouds. There are tremendous potentials for customers to exploit the cloud computing technology. Special software tools like visualization allow a single machine to seen as multiple independent machine. In this way, a server can increase its utilization of up to 80% compared to the average of 16% obtained currently. Self-management of such servers will involve controlling power usage, sharing of the distributed data and failure detection and correction.
Technical layout
Given the cloud server to develop and make it run it is ideally very important to map and setup the layout that is required for the cloud server to perform to its efficiency and give reliable and adequate results. The cloud server that is Anonymous and is located remotely and also accessed remotely, is developed and deployed given task to run as the administrator. Given the administrative activity were able to set up a to run the server and were able to set up an My SQL database which will basically save all the application data and perform operation that will in turn be profitable in one way or another (Tiwari, Ballal. and Lewis, 2012). Given the technical support from azure, the resource group is a key element where all of your performance will be save. Unlike a database a resource group is a type of data service where virtual machine store some of their performing data. Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 VM which I can say it’s among the latest version of windows based servers. The storage and other criteria such as availability are not of importance of such. On to connecting to the virtual machine then the virtual machine it is important to note that when deploying a state of remote desktop your machine should be able to support the connectivity between the networks. By doing this it will establish a remote and secure connection between the two. One can access using a public ip address or a private given that the DNS must be configured to the respective public domain name. After setting it the click on connect to establish the connectivity between the two. Download the rdp file. This is basically a small setup that lets the user to connect to the remote desktop after downloading it, it will prompt you to input the credentials and certain login such as the username and the password that is needed. After finishing connect it. And it will automatically connect to the give ip address and automatically launch the remote desktop. After launching it you are able to run as the administrator and been given the admistrative rule to all the server functions and accessibilities.
You can also access all the server performance and details from the database using the given ip address by simply pasting the address you will then access the server and its functions.
Clients commonly accuse the troublesome business problems which they may face in their current business. Cloud implementation in overall has helped in reducing these problems since the programs and processes have been automated. This has improved the course of real time where each solution is performed automatic with no waste in time. The Microsoft azure has helped the customers in meeting these objectives. They have automated systems which in turn help the end user in their day to day working. Cloud computing also use some figuring estimations and frameworks which help their processes run so efficiently. Microsoft azure has helped the cloud implementation as far as data back-up is concerned. The data is backed up automatically, without any supervision and person’s presence. The use of payroll in cloud implementations in use of Microsoft Azure framework has helped the workers and clients in their day to day living. They experience a new platform where their salaries are processed automatically without delay. The institutions also experience a good working environment where they process the payroll for the clients in a good and organized manner.
Chu, D., Popa, L., Tavakoli, A., Hellerstein, J.M., Levis, P., Shenker, S. and Stoica, I., 2009, November. The design and implementation of a declarative Embedded Cloud implementing. In Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Embedded Cloud implementing systems (pp. 175-188). ACM.
Boulis, A., Han, C.C. and Srivastava, M.B., 2008, May. Design and implementation of a framework for efficient and programmable sensor object Cloud implementing .Proceedings of the 1st international conference on online systems, applications and services (pp. 187-200). ACM.
Han, D.M. and Lim, J.H., 2010. Design and implementation of smart home energy management systems based on ZigBee. IEEE Transactions of SQL 56(3).
Jiang, X., Dawson-Haggerty, S., Dutta, P. and Culler, D., 2009, April. Design and implementation of a high-fidelity ac metering comunicaition. In Information Processing in Sensorcloud, 2009. IPSN 2009. International Conference on (pp. 253-264). IEEE.
Kim, D.S., Lee, J.M., Kwon, W.H. and Yuh, I.K., 2011. Design and implementation of home cloud network systems using UPnP middleware for networked appliances. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 48(4), pp.963-972.
Quinton, B.R., Greenstreet, M.R. and Wilton, S.J., 2015, October. Asynchronous IC interconnect network design and implementation using a standard ASIC flow. In Computer Design: VLSI in Computers and Processors, 2005. ICCD 2005. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Conference on(pp. 267-274). IEEE.
Sandberg, R., Goldberg, D., Kleiman, S., Walsh, D. and Lyon, B., 2009, June. Design and implementation of the Sun network filesystem. In Proceedings of the Summer USENIX conference (pp. 119-130).
Son, B., Her, Y.S. and Kim, J.G., 2011. A design and implementation of forest-fires surveillance system based on wireless sensor networks for South Korea mountains. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS), 6(9), pp.124-130.
Tiwari, A., Ballal, P. and Lewis, F.L., 2012. Energy-efficient wireless server development and implementation for condition-based maintenance. ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN), 3(1), p.1.
Ramachandran, K., Buddhikot, M., Chandranmenon, G., Miller, S., Belding-Royer, E. and Almeroth, K., 2013, September. On the design and implementation of infrastructure of cloud computing. In Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Wireless (pp. 4-15). IEEE Press.

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