COM103 Business Communications

COM103 Business Communications

COM103 Business Communications




Complete Instructions: Business Report Part A
Prepare the Report Bodyof this business report starting at the Findings sections. This will indude the following:
1. Findings (or analysis) Analysis and evaluate a current business communication problem your company is experiencing (300 to SOO words).
2 Summary- Write a summary on yourfindings(12S to 250 words).
3. Recommendations- Write a recommendation that solves the communication problem (150 to 300 words).
4. Reference Page – Complete a properlyformatted reference page. S. Include one ongina I visual image (chart, graph, or diagram) Instructions: Your company, which is fully operational now is growing at a tremendous rate. Your team has decided that expanding yourbusiness would Increase yourcompanys value and prof rt. You will need to borrow money from the bank to support your expansion plans. The bank requires a business report that describes the current problems you are experiencing and recommendations on how your expansion plan will fix these problems.
Your expansion could be to increase your current location size, add more physical 
2. For the recommendation section of the report, you will need to provide a solution for the problem you have selected in P1. Each teem member will haw a different solution their problem. For example, you may need to find another location, buy new equipment, hire more staff, or implement new technology. 
3. Research your company problem and possible solution: • Your research must include at least two main sans; however, Incorporating more than the minimum number of two sources increases the credibility of your claims. You must use these two main sources within your analysis and/or recommendations. • Sources should be published w thin the past seven yews. Your sources must be credible, and you will be evaluated on the reliability and relevance of your sources. Do not use video material as sources. 
4. Sign-upSheet: Once you have determined your problem, ■,our sdubon and two main soaces ( incksling webl irk), you wit inc luck these on the sign-up sleet (Ecal docurnert) in Module 7 
• No more than a students total per problem. Please double-check this when signing up.  
• Note: All students will have different source titles for their two main research sources. For example, two students could use Business Inc. as a source; however, the articles (source title) they reference must be different. This will be a first-come, first-serve. If you see that another student in the class has already signed up with the source title you had intended.
• equipment is not efficient to support the current or future growth (be specific on what equipment)
• current communication tools fora smaller team are barely adequate
• current systems (i.e. accounting, inventory, supply chain, project management, scheduling or others) are messy and uncoordinated.
• current technology used is no longer efficient and appropriate for the expansion (define the technology such as marketing, accounting, privacy and security, customer relationship management, booking, and other technologies)
• negative customer feedback and customer service concerns
• limited growth for your business in the current market that may be related to location, type of customer, or limited product or service and/or the customer is demanding something different
• poor delivery services • inventory management issues and/or cost of supplies has grown
• competition has increased with new competitors in your area
• new rules and regulations (compliance responsibilities) have been imposed by government • day to day operations have slowed with high error rates (manual mistakes)

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