CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence

CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence

CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence

Short Questions

1.a. Write up to five words to describe your self-identity – choose words that reflect who you are – your self-dimension, your cultural beliefs and values.

b. Describe one value that you hold as an adult that can be directly attributed to your upbringing. Reflect and comment on why this value has stayed with you into adulthood.

c. Describe your best personal attribute. Now describe how this attribute contributes to your self-identity.

d. Describe a tradition or ritual that is practiced by you and/or your family. Reflect on the meaning of this ritual and describe how it contributes to your self-identity. 

e. Imagine you have been transported to a place in the world where the culture – language, traditions, values, beliefs and practices, food, dress, gender roles, religious beliefs, individual rights, family roles and child rearing practices are completed different to your own. You are required to live in this place for 6 months without any contact with your home or family.

Describe how you might feel.

f.What would you miss most?

g.What assistance would you like from your new community to help you settle in and feel safe?

h. Referring to your answers from above, how would you support children in your care who come from families from a culture different to your own?

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2.What aspects of the environment have an influence on an individual’s cultural identity.

3.a. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (2009) describes cultural competence as ‘the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures’. Complete the following:

According to the EYLF what does cultural competence encompass?

b. Select one of the above skills that you feel you could work on to improve your own cultural competence and describe how you would go about acquiring or improving upon the selected skill.

c. With reference to the EYLF:

Principle 2 Partnerships, 

Principle 4 respect and Diversity 

Outcome 1 Children have a Strong Sense of Identity

How can Educators acknowledge and support children’s family and culture? Educators can

d. How can you access more information on the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards.

4.Educators can demonstrate cultural competence by gaining knowledge of the cultural practices and protocols of families using the services.

Give two examples of cultural practices Educators need to consider when communicating with families and community members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

5.a. Explain why Educators should avoid saying to children ‘We are all the same’?

b. Provide one example of how Educators can use routine experiences as opportunities to talk about differences and similarities.

6.Colonisation has had a severe impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Historically government policies have been identified as contributing to the disadvantage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture past and present.

a. What are some of the impacts of government legislation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture?

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b.What is the role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner

c.Outline the distinctive rights that Indigenous Australians hold as the original people of this land.

7.Outline three ways Educators can find out more about the Indigenous cultures within their community 

8.List 2 examples of policies and procedures an educator needs to follow in relation to working with children from a different cultural background.

9.How can childcare educators interact with children to help them have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing within their world?

10. How might you obtain information about the cultural identity of families attending a service?

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