CAS 426W Communication Ethics

CAS 426W Communication Ethics

CAS 426W Communication Ethics



“Does the founder of Tesla uses a pick picking self-interest job qualification to hire its employees? I plan to explore and examine the company of Tesla because I find some egoism of the founder’s ethics in his business. One of those interviews or article he said that the principal of his company is hard work, exceptional performance, integrity, and fairness. I have seen many of these videos and social interviews or I can seem to find some sense of egoism by Jess reading and taking this course of business ethics. In one of his videos, he said that he would as a question to each person who applies for work. He will ask them what kind of problems have you solved in the past and what answers did you find a solution. By doing that, he will find out if the employee really did find an answer to the question or they are just faking it. This also has some cultural bias issue because people who are born in the United States who are good and explanations in English a better opportunity of getting the job but then you can explain it clearly and concisely. However, people who are second language speakers may be good or great in their job or careers however with poor communication and social skills they may not get the job from Tesla. The one who explained better in English will get that job. This has some egoism because the founder himself is looking for a worker or employee who have solved problems in the past and he can she can explain it better than a person who came from a different country. This is one of the Eagles traits that he wants action that has long-term self-interest and if if an action or qualification does not undermine the egoist long term self-interest they will be morally wrong. I have to find more research of the company” Instruction for the PowerPoint below: This course progresses you toward a final presentation, in which you must discuss a specific ethics topic of your choice or profile how a company of your choosing embodies a certain ethics topic. This PowerPoint presentation must be five to seven minutes long and include five to seven slides. Presentation Topic Approval In Week 2, you must gain approval of your ethics topic or company of your choosing by your instructor. A discussion topic will open where you must state your intended topic or company and begin crafting a potential research question will guide your investigation. You will submit an initial post detailing what you wish to explore or examine in at least 150 words and then respond to your peers. Your instructor feedback will include either (1) an approval, (2) approval with a note, or (3) a request to rephrase the question. The subject line of the discussion will notify you of the instructor’s decision. Be certain to go back and check that your post subject line reads as “APPROVED.” If you have not received this approval from your instructor, it will be reflected in your assignment grade. This discussion is worth 20 points. Note that you may refine your research question as you continue work on your paper, but, given the limited time frame, no major topic changes are permitted after Week 2 without instructor approval.

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