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BUSN9248 Managing People

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BUSN9248 Managing People

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BUSN9248 Managing People

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Course Code: BUSN9248
University: Flinders University

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Country: Australia

A. Report and journal article analysis linking your personality report to research evidence.

Task Description 
As part of this assignment, students must complete the personality assessment called the IPIP here: http://www.personal.psu.edu/~j5j/IPIP/
You should personally complete the shortened version of the questionnaire consisting of 120 questions. This website provides an automated personality report. Make sure that you save your report as a pdf document as it will be required as part of your submission.
You are asked to review your scores and then address the following:
1. Use your report to identify your top two scores. What are these? Choose two and build an evidence based case using recent journal articles from the recommended list to indicate that you are (a) a good performer at work and that (b) will make a good manager. When we say “recent” this means any article from 2010 until now.

The report you are preparing demonstrates that you can comprehend and integrate the research based evidence provided in the journal articles and apply it. It is recommended that you choose from the journals listed in the topic outline. If you select other journals include a short note to say why you thought it was appropriate.

You should utilise at least 8 relevant journal articles and other academic references to support your claims that your strengths make you a (a) great employee and (b) great manager

It is essential that you use your own report for the purposes of preparing your essay. Turnitin is very effective in identifying reports cut and pasted from past personality reports or other people’s essays. Plagiarism will result in an automatic fail of the assessment and lead to disciplinary proceedings potentially resulting in expulsion from the University.

Your assignment must be submitted through FLO site.

Your analysis must be consistently and comprehensively referenced using the Harvard system. You will find notes about the Harvard referencing system on FLO site.

B. Assessment: Portfolio

Task Description  
The purpose of the self-assessment portfolio is to help you to put the theory into practice. You can best do this if you relate your readings to what these mean to you as an individual, as an employee and a Manager.
You are asked to complete the assessments as part of your reading and class preparation. You need to prepare a 500 word summary for each assessment using the scoring guide to help you to prepare the format of your answers. Your portfolio is submitted through FLO site.
You will also “re-use” assessment 1 as part of your first assignment (report and journal analysis).
The assessment activities are as follows and all come from the text book except assessment 1 which is hyperlinked:
C. Assessment: Group Case Study Analysis and Peer evaluation
Task Description 
There are two components to the assessment a group score – based on case study content/ report and your contribution in the team work.
Students will be allocated a case that deals with an issue related to managing people, business and other issues. Students will be allocated to groups early on in the teaching period. However all students must be in a group. The cases for this assignment will be available from Week 3 of the semester.


Assessment A
My top personality strengths
The personality test evaluates three factors that are discussed in terms of Extraversion, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. In this regard, my personality test reveals that I scored 52 in Extraversion, 82 in agreeableness and 97 in conscientiousness. In addition to this, there are other factors like Openness to experience and Neuroticism are also taken into consideration that were scored 37 and 3 respectively. From that assessment it can be seen that in Extraversion and Agreeableness, I have scored the most. Therefore, Extraversion and Agreeableness are taken as my top personality strengths.
How a high score on Agreeableness has been linked to being a good employee
Agreeableness is associated with the distinctive behaviours of a person in terms of friendliness, generosity, helpful and willing to compromise. In this context, it can be argued that the role of Agreeableness is to highlight the optimistic value of an individual. In this context the article of Huang et al. (2017) asserted that there are some benefits of Agreeableness that make an employee better. As the character is not only deal with his effectiveness only the behaviour or attitude is also considered to have paramount importance as well therefore, it is important for the employees to put focus on their behaviour too. As a matter of fact, Van Hoye and Turban (2015) advocated that the extrinsic aspects of Agreeableness helps the employees to get success in career. In this regard, it can be argued that workplace bullying and ranging is a common phenomenon in present days.  In fact, it is not possible for the higher authority to look after the communication and relation between the employees. Henceforth, it is the role of the employees themselves to make a better framework in order to establish a better workplace environment. In return it will also able to generate more effectiveness and efficiency among the employees.
In response to this, Agreeableness is identified as an important aspect on which the employees must focus upon. It will deliver better relationship among the employees and able to foster more efficiency among the employees so that they can concentrate on their tasks positively. Therefore, the positive outcome of Agreeableness helps the staff to become a good employee that can benefit not only for the maximisation of profit for the company but also paves the way for individual career growth.
How high score on Agreeableness has been linked to being a good manager
As far as the managerial role is concerned it is more related to the leadership quality of the managers in order to influence the employees to deliver more efficiency in their profession and at the same time develop a good relationship between the managers and the employees in order to establish a better operational framework inside the company. According to Lounsbury et al.  (2014) it can be argued that the leadership of the higher authority or the managers should be resilient enough that can generate a positive and stern personality. In this regard, resilient nature does not indicate a firm and conservative attitude that the manager will possess. Rather it will be coupled with a rational, relevant, creative and optimistic attitude that help to motivate the employees to a great extent. Therefore Agreeableness plays a significant role in order to generate a better personality of the managers.
In addition to this, the friendliness and trustworthy nature of the managers are played a significant part to become a good manager. In his research, Li and Armstrong (2015) depicted the role of managers from a depicted perspective. It was indicated that the role of the managers were not only supervise the employees and monitored them so that the operation would be flawless. As a matter of fact, there is other factors that are equally contribute in order to foster a better manager. For an example, the manager must understand the abilities of the employees and encourage them to introduce more innovation and creativity into the process. It required an understanding between the manager and the employees so that the manager will get acknowledged with the abilities of his employees. Moreover, a healthy conversation with the manager will motivate the employees to a great extent. From that point of view, it can be stated that Agreeableness is an important and crucial factor that encompasses a great deal of positivity and flexible attitude of the manager to be considered as a better person and manager.
How high score on Conscientiousness has been linked to being a good employee
In response to the understanding regarding conscientiousness it can be stated that the role of conscientiousness is to control the impulses of an individual. In fact, conscientiousness is resembled with the characteristics of sharp decision making and long term consequences of the personality of the individual. In this regard, the research carried out by Doll and Rosopa (2015) reflected that it is imperative for the employees to perceive a character of conscientiousness. In crisis situation or during immense work pressure it became important for the employees to take decisions accordingly in order to develop a better operation outcome. In this context, it can be stated that it is the responsibility of the employees to take decisions properly in order to deal with the dire situation. Henceforth, the conscientiousness fosters a better result for the employees to become effective and efficient enough and help the management during crisis.
On the other hand, Ohme and Zacher (2015) opined that the impulsive behaviour is detrimental for employee attitude. The destructiveness and the affecting the effectiveness of a person would considered to be a disadvantage for an employee. Moreover, it can be asserted that the role of the impulse is related to the made of choices that highlighted on the sequences of decision making process. In this context, it can be asserted that the role of the employees is to establish a better decision making process that is resembled with progress in the employee personality. In addition to this, it can be argued that the employee should have the ability to make effective decision making on the basis of their knowledge and experience. In this context, the employee can rely on the conscientiousness to perceive a better understanding of the situation and make decisions accordingly.
How high score on Conscientiousness has been linked to being a good manager
It can be stated that the decision making process is a fundamental activity for the manager in a business organisation. In fact, the future of a company mostly relies on the effective decision making of the managers. Therefore, there are a series of factors that are played key role in the decision making process of the managers. Based on the idea it can be considered that conscientiousness has a major impact on the decision making process. This specific characteristics is pertinent for dealing with important decision making during the dire or emergency situation. In this context, the rational and effective decision making can foster a strategic advantage for the organisation to deal sufficiently. As the research of Mobasher et al. (2014) articulated that it is essential for the managers to perceive a vision that enables them to take rational decision making. As a matter of fact, it can be asserted that the vision must have a progressive and relevant feature that facilitate better understanding of the situation. As the purpose of the organisations to deliver a sustainable development for future business so that the managers play a crucial role in this context. Furthermore, there are some obstacles that can perturb the vision of the managers. From that perspective it can be argued that the conscientiousness deals with the impulse of the people and entitled to control it (Hussain Shah, Bashir and Hussain 2016). Therefore, in case of decision making process it will be highly beneficial for the managers to procure better decision making. As a result of that the practice of conscientiousness also provides a great deal of impact on the role of the future of the companies and gradually helps it to maximise its customers through business expansion. Moreover, it also develop a trust among the employees about the managers and the staffs are assured to get their interests be taken seriously. Therefore, the conscientiousness is highly helpful to develop a better manager.
Integrating results
 In my opinion, Agreeableness can help me to deliver a better framework for developing my personality both as a manager and an employee. With the help of the agreeableness I can develop my personality with more friendly and resilient attitude in order to make a promising career growth. In this regard, at first I have to learn about the importance of the agreeable character. After that, it is essential to get a clear perception regarding the basic features of agreeableness. In this context, the friendliness, morality, altruism, modesty and cooperation are the main factors that can develop a better personality as both employee and manager.
On the other hand, conscientiousness is also a major factor that can contribute effectively in my personality building. In this context, it can be stated that the role of the conscientiousness is to enhance my abilities and decision making power so that in case of dire situation I could take adequate measures. Moreover, the conscientiousness personality also able to control my impulses so that the negative characteristics will be repealed. At the same time conscientiousness provides more optimistic and positive impact on individual character. As an employee or a manager it is highly significant to maintain a conscientiousness personality.
Assessment B
Part 1: Personality
Before the test I can say that extraversion and openness are considered to the most effective measures that I possess for being a manger. In my opinion I presume these two elements are the most important part for an HR manager. According to Karabay, Akyüz, and Elçi (2016) it can be argued that extraversion is related to the communication with people. It is also resembled with full of enthusiasm, action orientation and the direct relationship with individuals (Colbert, Barrick and Bradley 2014). Moreover, it is also important for the HRM to possess such character. In his research Li and Armstrong (2015) advocated that the HR manager must put focus on the interests of the employees and it requires a direct communication with the company staff. Otherwise, it is not possible for the HR managers to find out the employee related issues and initiate adequate measures to combat with the issue. In this regard, I must say that I learned a lot about making effective communication with others. In addition to this, I have also completed a certificate course on communication skill. It helps me to understand the importance of verbal communications and facilitates a better understanding regarding the role of the significance of the communication. During my course, I came to learn about the personality feature of extraversion and wants to develop it as much as possible. Therefore, in my organisation, I can take routine session with the employees in a monthly basis. Moreover, monitoring the workplace environment with in-depth knowledge about the interests and perception of the employees can be a better alternative for me to develop an effective HR framework.
On the other hand, openness can be a strategic feature for the personality of a Human Resource Manager. As far as the research of Li, Mobley and Kelly (2016) is concerned, it can be argued that openness is identified as a cognitive style that the manager must follow in order to encourage innovation and creativity inside the working culture of the organisation. In this regard, openness incorporates some fundamental elements such as imagination, creativity, intellectual curiosity, appreciation of art and so on (Wang et al. 2016). As a matter of fact, it can be argued that the openness to experience is committed to deal with the culture or intellect in such a manner that encourages the employees to generate and practice the innovative ideas and creative productions (Bujisic, Bilgihan and Smith 2015). Henceforth, it can be argued that there are some spontaneous initiatives that the manager follows in order to increase the volume and quality of products and services. Moreover, it can also bring a relaxed workplace environment so that the employees can concentrate on the tasks particularly. Therefore, I presume openness is an effective measure that the HR manager must follow in order to create a good relation and communication with the employees. In this regard, I can make individual contacts with the employees during the free time or lunches so that they can feel a relaxation by sharing their workplace related grievances. Furthermore, direct interaction with them in a monthly basis will be considered as a significant measure.
Part 2: Impression management
Emotional intelligence is identified as an important element that is strongly influenced by the personal qualities, self-control and skill attached with the employees. According to Schutte and Loi (2014) it can be stated that hiring managers with a better decision making comprised of the better decision making process is considered to be a strategic advantage for the companies. In this context, it can be argued that a better EQ score can generate better production efforts by the individuals (Carson, Carson and Birkenmeier 2016). It may be the employees or the managers. Moreover, it is also asserted that a better score in EQ will facilitate a better team with enormous flexibility and efficiency. In response to this, the cultural interaction coupled with the degree of qualification is an important aspect for further research.
In this context, there are five core components of the Emotional intelligence such as,
It is related to the understanding of the employee in the context of his or her moods and emotions. It is important for the employees to deal with the proper emotional attachment in order to deal with other team members. From that point of view my self-awareness score was quite impressive and satisfactory. It means I have a significant amount of understanding myself and I can control my emotions so that it generates a positive effect on my profession.
Besides this, self-regulation is also an important aspect that is resembled with the impulses. As it was discussed previously that controlling impulse is a major facet because increasing impulse will lead to destruction of inner-self and it was not beneficial for the organisation as well. In this context, the role of the manager or the employee is to think before doing the task otherwise any hasty decision can bring catastrophe. From that point of view, my self-regulation quotient was moderate and it connotes my ability to control my impulse and emotions and exploit it when it is required.
Internal motivation
In addition to this, internal motivation is referred as a process to pursue goals for personal reasons rather than expecting some rewards. In means, an individual must pursue his goals without expecting any rewards. It is important for self-development. As far as my emotional intelligence is concerned, it can be argued that it scored very poor and identified that I have lack of understanding regarding the importance of internal motivation and have least amount of it.
It is associated with the understanding to deal with others’ purposes that are essential to build a successful team. The leadership quality is highly important in this regard that will be entitled to deal with the role of the leadership and formulates a better team bonding. In this context, my score was good and I have great deal of understanding regarding the team understanding.
Social skills
It is related to the ability to manage relationships and build networks among employees and leaders. As a matter of fact, it is important for the benefit of the organisation. Therefore, my social skill is quite good as well as it projects an overall score of 140 out of 200 which is good and effective enough.
Assessment C: Case study analysis
The purpose of the following report is to demonstrate the business issues that have been depicted in the provided case study. The chosen company for the report is DSS Consulting. The changes had been needed in the organization for so many reasons and Chris Peterson had been working really hard to re-organizing the operations of the DSS. It was time for Chris to show the effectiveness of the group in the best ways so the budget and planning could be improved for the overall improvement of the organization (Hu and Liden 2015). The purpose of the new system was to make sure that the new system could be taken positively by the clients of DSS.
Analysis of the case
According to the critics, the organizational change has been seen as a very important aspect for the progress of the company. It had been noted in the case that there were several concerns in this group and the effectiveness of the group had been hampered in a huge way. In order to remedy this, the satisfaction of the team members was indeed very important and they had to be motivated as well. As the team did not get the proper support from the other members of the system, it would be much important for Chris to reinvent the things for the betterment of the situation (Hu and Liden 2015).
Motivation of the team members
In the words of the critical scholars it can be said that the motivation of the team members to succeed in the works of the organizations. The company DSS Consulting had been established with the purpose to provide the small district schools to provide with the proper advice so they could deal with the difficult problems in the management. As the founder members of the company were beginning to be less involved in the company, the staff of the company were feeling not enough motivated to provide the best efforts to their company (Gallie et al. 2012).
Reorganizing the structure
It is very important for all the four departments of the organization to work smoothly and solve the several complex challenges that deals with the small district schools. This lack of motivation among the employees had resulted in the fact that the involvement of the employees had been lessened. The small district schools needed more concrete solutions to their complex and diverse problems indeed. On the other hand, the involvement of the employees should be increased to meet the demands of the clients of DSS. It was time for the management of the organization creates some new marketing strategies that would fit into the practice areas of the organization. One of the biggest purposes of the organization was to provide a larger customer base with their services (Njoroge and Yazdanifard 2014).
The appointment of Meg Cooke as the Chief Operating officer of the organization might fancy these chances as well. If they were to serve the larger district areas they would have to expand their services and make the proper marketing campaigns as well. The shift of the structure of the organization could be considered as a huge change towards the future success for the organization (Kasemsap 2018). This new strategic change within the organization would be much important because this would divide the teams into the cross-functional teams. This would help the organization to deliver their services in a well-organized manner. The responsibilities of these cross-functional teams had increased and they had to maintain a fair amount of good relationship among their customers. The teams would deliver their services to the proper geographic regions for delivering the services in the best manners.
The leadership effects
According to the scholars, the customer-focused organizations should always deliver their services in a way that the customer satisfaction is achieved. In order to do this, the shift to the hybrid structure had been implemented (Kumar, Gaur and Pattnaik 2012). The good relationships would be highly responsible for building good relationships with the school districts and fetch more business opportunities for the DSS Consulting. The role of the Information Technology would be highly important since they will analyze the needs and desires of the customers properly and deliver them with the best resources for their expected solutions. This formulation of the new strategy would be much effective only when the cross-functional teams would act in the best manner (Bolden 2016). This sums up the fact that the organizations DSS Consulting should concentrate on expanding their business areas to ensure that the business practices would develop and cater to the needs of the clients. The leadership quality of Chris Peterson had been very much integral since the she completed the consulting projects with much effectiveness (Clinton 2018). The teams would have to work in the different regions to ensure that all the demands of the clients of DSS could be met. The assignments of the employees should be restructured because the staff of DSS should be convinced to comply with the new structure of work within the organization.
The report can be concluded by saying that the DSS consulting should look to implement this new system with the purpose to make the situation better and attract a larger base of customers towards them. However, the cross-functional teams will have to work very effectively so they can achieve the goals of the organization. The complex assignments should be handled by the employees tactfully the gain the interest of maximum number of customers from both small and large district schools.
Case study questions
Identification of the case issues
The case issue is related to the dissatisfaction of the customers of the DSS Consulting. The organizing of the new structure has been the main reason for the confusion among the employees. The working system will not be clear to them since they will not be able to make the proper identifications about the collective knowledge about the new set of products. The lack of implementation of the proper integrated system has also been an important issue in this case as well.
Identification of alternative solutions
The proper team work and the perfect training about the identifying of the products will be an essential tool for resolving the issues. The leadership of Chris Peterson will be a very important factor for the betterment of the system indeed. The motivation by the employees will have to be practiced for the best outcomes indeed. The integration system will be a very important factor to find the alternative solution. The budgeting system should be made restructured as well.
Recommending a particular solution
To be specific, the planning and budgeting system should be designed in a better way so the organization should not worry about the investment opportunities. It must be mentioned that the program should be described in a detailed manner and this should be the most important way to implement the budgeting system (Lunenburg 2012). The price of the products and services should be done as per the economic condition and per capita income of the region.
Implementation of the recommended solution
1. The implementation of this budgeting system should be done by arranging effective meetings with the important customers of the small and large district schools of the different regions. If the customers raise some important and particular questions it will be highly important for the organization to resolve those questions. The budget will depend on the price of the products.  

Chris should have been much innovative and creative in her choices for the better outcomes. It has to be remembered that the cross-functional teams might not be able to work properly for the betterment of the situation. Chris should have taken the responsibility of integrating with the other departments so the intended targets could be achieved. The group will go on to expand and this demands for the better unity within the team (Huczynski, Buchanan and Huczynski 2013). Chris should have approached to Meg for providing her with a better and upgraded technology system by which she could keep the track of all the changes.
As a leader Meg Cooke has done extremely well as a leader and she will continue to grow as a proper leader indeed. I have learned several things from this experience. Especially I have learned that Meg Cook’s determination to change the structure of the organization has been extremely important for the overall expansion of the DSS Consulting. I believe this similar kind of situation should be handled with the utmost patience by Meg Cooke. However, she must be congratulated for the risks she has taken to overcome the difficult situation of cross-functioning of the teams and improper delivery of services by the employees.

Peer evaluation 

Name of group member (including yours)

Reasons for high or low contribution

Percentage of contribution (total should be 100% of all group members)

Member One

He has contributed in a high manner since he has been working in the organization for a long time now and he understands the nature of the work very well.


,Member Two

She has joined the organization just few years back and she has not been able to contribute much to the success of the organization. She is a slow learner indeed.


Member Three

He has been doing well for the organization and his contribution is moderate since has improved his skills than the past.


Member Four

She has not been that much expert in her work and her team work has not been that much up to the mark. This is why her contribution has not been that much huge.


Member Five

He has been improving over the past six months and this is why he been able to adjust with his team and produced a satisfactory level of contribution to the team.





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Critical reflection on the objective, design, methodology and outcome of the research undertaken Assessment-I
Smoking and tobacco addiction is one of the few among the most basic general restorative issues, particularly to developed nations such as the UK. It has been represented that among all risk segments smoking is the fourth driving purpose behind infections and other several ailments like asthma, breathing and problems in the l…
Australia Maidstone Management Business management with marketing University of New South Wales Masters in Business Administration 

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning
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Course Code: BSBHRM513
University: Tafe NSW

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Country: Australia

Task 1
1.0 Data on staff turnover and demographics
That includes the staffing information of JKL industries for the fiscal year of 2014-15, it can be said that the company is having problems related to employee turnover. For the role of Senior Manager in Sydney, the organization needs 4 managers; however, one manager is exiting. It will make one empty position which might hurt the decision making process. On the other hand, In Brisba…

MKT2031 Issues In Small Business And Entrepreneurship
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Course Code: MKT2031
University: University Of Northampton

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Country: United Kingdom

Entrepreneurial ventures
Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, manage, and put in order operations of any business venture with an intention to make profits despite the risks that may be involved in such venture. Small and large businesses have a vital role to play in the overall performance of the economy. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the difference between entrepreneurial ventures, individual, and c…
Turkey Istanbul Management University of Employee Masters in Business Administration 

MN506 System Management
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Course Code: MN506
University: Melbourne Institute Of Technology

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Country: Australia

An operating system (OS) is defined as a system software that is installed in the systems for the management of the hardware along with the other software resources. Every computer system and mobile device requires an operating system for functioning and execution of operations. There is a great use of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones that has increased. One of the widely used and implemented operating syste…
Australia Cheltenham Computer Science Litigation and Dispute Management University of New South Wales Information Technology 


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