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As of not long ago, the theme of bullying has received little media consideration. while many people recognise bullying happens only at school level, but presently media is drawing attention towards the problem of workplace bullying. Perhaps as a threat, organisations would often ignore the problem because employers think adverse publicity will harm the business (Lucy, 2000, 384-387). Firstly, it is important to explain the term workplace bullying which means a purposeful pattern of mistreatment from one worker to other worker in verbal and nonverbal form at work, that incorporates physical assaults, violent messages, combative interactions that causes emotional and physical harm to the victim (Lutgen-Sandvik, 2006, 406-433). In other words, bullying means harassing a person by one or a group of persons repeatedly with intensions to harm that person emotionally.
 As, bullying is noticeable in various forms like some personal characteristic of the victim, leading to the various forms like masculinity based on gender, racial based on race, disability, sectarian based on religion, occupation or on any other personal characteristic which is undesirable by the recipient (Lucy, 2000, 384-387) . workplace bullying is indicated as between supervisor and subordinate, among co-worker (Einarsen et al., 1994, 381-401) . there are few reasons of bullying at work are: competition among workers, proficient status, envy, diverse good values, discrimination, frustration from overwork (Ståle, 2005). At the point when inhabitants are bullied, this negative conduct is disadvantageous to their career, physical and enthusiastic wellbeing which causes stress, anger, difficulty at work, depression to the point of feeling suicidal (Leisy and Ahmad, 2016).
There are some strategies took by the organizations to control workplace bullying. Firstly, according to a research work stress, mental health and job satisfaction are directly linked with bullying so, there is a strategy of positive organization scholarship and positive individual treatment to control work stress, mental health, individual conduct by organizations (Lutgen-Sandvik et al., 2016, 30). Secondly, some organizations have risk management framework strategy under which they explain the brief description of the meaning, causes and effects of the workplace bullying while their training so that every worker should be aware about the complete concept of workplace bullying (Carden and Boyd, 2013, 8-17). Third, some organizations have anti-bullying policies under which a victim can file a complaint in the organization through written complaint form and after investigating the matter organization can give a warning, change of position in workplace and can also terminate the culprit from organization (Catley et al., 2017, 100-114). Fourth, some organizations provide transformational leadership training to make positive relationship between leaders and subordinates to improve the working environment with a view to control bullying (Melanie et al., 2009, 48-62). Although, the problem of workplace bullying is still rising. According to the reports of safe work Australia the problem of bullying at work is increasing every year. When rates of workplace bullying in Australia were compared with 34 European countries, it results Australia had sixth rank among 34 countries (Potter E. Rachael, 2016, 1-44).
Workplace bullying is very common in Australian organizations and it has very important implications on the wellbeing of individual and productivity of organizations. It leads to the increase legal cost, and can also harm the reputation of associations. So, workplace bullying needs to dealt with timely and appropriate manner. Proper actions taken at the right time can save the organizations from harmful effects. Organizations needs to make sure strategies they are following to deal with such issues are effective enough and there is need to continually refine the strategies also.   
The aim of the research is to discover the extent to which organizations care about the reasons of workplace bullying and preventive measures taken to resolve the problem and their effectiveness.
The following research question needs to be addressed in further research:
1.    what are the reasons of workplace bullying?
2.    What are consequences?
3.    What preventive measures organizations take to resolve the issue?
4.    To what extent these strategies proved to be effective?
5.    Do organizations need to refine their strategies time and again?

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