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Business Management Information

Business Management Information

The following information is designed to help you complete Part A of Assignment 1 for Management.  Please note Part A of Assignment 1 links to Part B of Assignment 1.  This means what you are preparing for Part A (Report Preparation Tasks) will be required for preparation and assessment of Part B (Individual Business Report).  The intention is that feedback provided to you on your Assignment 1 Part A submission will assist your performance for Part B submission.

ASSIGNMENT 1 PART A (Report Preparation Tasks)

Question 1:  ‘Submit a plan of your table of contents for the final report (the Individual Business Report for Part B).’

What do I have to do?
•    Show you know you to compile/put together a Table of Contents you will need to use for Part B (Individual Business Report).
•    Read the questions set for Part B (Individual Business Report) so you know what headings and subheadings you will use for this preparation task.
•    Check the marking rubric before, during, and after you have completed this task so you know what to do to achieve highest possible marks.
Why do I have to do this?
•    The Individual Business Report you will submit for assignment 1 Part B will need to have a Table of Contents.  Do you know how to write one?  You have a chance to test this out in your Part A submission so you don’t lose marks for your Table of Contents in your Part B submission.
How do I do this?
•    Get information about writing a Table of Contents for a report:
o    Go to Deakin’s website
o    Go to Deakin College’s AS (Academic Skills) Moodle site and find sources there about report writing
o    Check with your lecturer or the Academic Skills Advisors if unsure
•    Read through the four questions you have to answer in Part B of the Individual Business Report so you can develop your own appropriate headings and subheadings for each of the questions you need to address.  Consider also how you will use a numbering system for headings and subheadings for each question.  Do NOT include the assignment questions as headings and/or subheadings in your Table of Contents.

Question 2:  ‘Define and describe academic theory and concepts on the specific environment relevant to all organisations. (Start by reading pp. 34-41 of the textbook). Describe and discuss one real-life factor/condition relevant to your chosen organisation’s specific environment. Analyse the impact of this factor on the organisation in 2016/7. Include in your answer:
a)    A direct quotation using Deakin Harvard citation style.
b)    Indirect (paraphrased) quotation using Deakin Harvard citation style.  You should aim to use more paraphrased materials from sources throughout your response rather than primarily using direct quotations.’

What do I have to do?
•    Show you understand how to find academic journal articles relevant to the topic of specific external environment of organisations.  You should aim to access Deakin’s electronic databases to do this, you can use other reputable sources for academic articles such as Google Scholar too.
•    Show you know how to find appropriate and relevant source information about your organisation (much of this will come from non-academic sources, including your chosen organisation’s published information and websites).
•    Show you know how to write an appropriate response related to the question, using academic and other sources.  Business journals and newspaper articles are suitable non-academic sources you can use in addition to the requirement of use of at least one academic article per questions for Part B submission.
•    Show you know how to define and describe academic theory and concepts, and discuss these with respect to analysis of your chosen organisation.
•    Show you know how to correctly acknowledge the information you use from sources throughout your response.
•    Check the marking rubric before, during, and after you have completed this task so you know what to do to achieve highest possible marks.
Why do I have to do this?
•    For Part B (Individual Business Report) you need to use evidence-based research (in other words academic articles and other sources) on which you will base your analysis of your chosen organisation (either Atlassian or Samsung).  Of course you will be using non-academic sources too in your Individual Business Report and will use these sources as evidence-based research also.  For question 2 of Part A you are asked to show you know how to use both  direct and indirect (paraphrased) information from your sources (both academic and other) in your response to this question.  This will help you understand how to respond to each of the 4 questions in your Part B (Individual Business Report) response.
•    Your answers to each of the questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Individual Business Report (Part B) will be answered in a similar way.  This means you have the opportunity to practice how to use source information, both academic and non-academic (in other words your chosen organisation’s websites/information – which can include business journals and newspapers) and analyse this information to write your own answer before you submit your Part B Individual Business Report.
•    You need to be able to show you can appropriately use the information from your sources.  This means you should aim to explain the meaning of any direct quotations you use, and also any indirect (paraphrased) information.  Paraphrasing means use your own words.  You should do this where possible rather than using a series of direct quotes.
•    You need to be able to show you can ‘analyse’ a relevant specific external factor impacting on the organisation and how the organisation can/does respond to the impact of this factor.  To provide the required ‘analysis’ you will need to use your academic theory and other evidence-based research to support your discussion throughout.
•    You need to be able to show you can find appropriate information about your chosen organisation so you can use this information as the basis for your analysis of how the organisation is dealing with (or has dealt with) the impact of this factor in 2016/2017.
•    You need to be able to show you can use appropriate academic information as the basis for your own analysis/discussion of how the organisation has, or could, deal with the external specific factor you’ve chosen for your response.
•    How you respond to this question will provide the basis for your understanding of how to respond to each of the questions in Part B (Individual Business Report).

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