BUS7AC Developing Skills For Business Leadership

BUS7AC Developing Skills For Business Leadership

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BUS7AC Developing Skills For Business Leadership

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BUS7AC Developing Skills For Business Leadership

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Course Code: BUS7AC
University: Wrexham Glyndwr University

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Country: United Kingdom

Describe about the Developing Skills For Business Leadership.

A person who has ability to inspire others to work, so that organisation can attain its objectives is considered as a leader (Chhokar et.al. 2013).  I think, true leader is the one who can stand alone and take all the decision on the basis of its group members. It is not easy for everyone to become a leader. There are some set of traits as well as qualities needed to attain this position (Winston, Creame and Miller, 2013).
One of the most popular model is ADDIE, which was developed in the year 1975 by Florida University (Jones, (2014) and helped me at many stages to become good leader. It is widely used by in structural designers to provide tanning to new comers. This is used for preparing step by step procedure which helps in making complete training programme. As, per me it’s a best model because it involve five different phases which act as a base for perform the task on the basis of certain standards that are establish to ensure uniformity in the course of actions (Reiser and Dempsey, 2012). 
As a leader, I am providing complete the support to my team member wherever, they required my help. In the beginning it was not easy for me because I was lacking behind in leadership knowledge, but gradually with the help of ADDIE I learned to how to manage things, motivate, supervise, inspire and how to build a confidence in my team (Gardiner, 2016). Being a leader of an organisation I am responsible to develop appropriate plan so, that organisation can attain its objectives as well as its goals.
There are many leadership theories available to support me and my plans such as, trait, behavioural, contingency, power and influence theories (Anderson et.al. 2017). My business plans are supported by all these theories in one or the other way.  Although it wasn’t easy to understand leadership before the formation of these theories but now, they not only helped in facilitating the strong understanding about leadership but also helped me in developing appropriate plans for the organisation (Wynne, 2016).
Trait theory focuses on the personality of the individual. There are some set of traits that made me a leader such as, cooperative nature, self – confidence, persistence in work, ability to tolerate stress, easy to mould as per the change in situations and many more (Clinton, 2016). All these traits had helped me to create a link with mine team members. Due to my flexible and cooperative nature, staff members feel comfortable to share their problems. This helps me to settle all grievances on time and develop healthy working atmosphere (Dugan, 2017). With the help of this theory I was able to attain idea regarding all the traits that are essential for me to be a good leader.
The way I behave in the organisation is quite impressive. In the recent era no employee wants to work under autocratic leader. As, such leaders don’t allow their employees to think or do the things as per their wish so, I behave like a democratic leader (Weaver, 2016). Being a democratic leader I take opinion as well as suggestions of all the employees before implement or any change in plans or policies related to them (Bass and Stogdill, 1990). This make the employees feel as if they are important of firm.    
After working long in the organisation I felt that there is no specific style of leadership or any one any follow a specific theory and behave as per it in all the situations. There are many different situations so, the best leader is the one who can mould himself as per the scenario.
Apart from the general way of working at the time of providing training of instructional designs, I try to give leaner proper freedom especially at the time of online learning. Whereas, control I can be established over their thinking when face to face training is given (Branc, 2009) I adopted this theory because it provide freedom to all staff member to build their own thinking and understanding. Along with this, employees are also encourage to give their opinion on the experience that they attain during programme.
Major reason because of which I think ADDIE is the best are- employees can actively involve, learn things by developing their own understanding in spite of memorization and this will overall enhance their communication skills (Davis, 2013). All these things helps employee to open up with other organisational member, which further reduce their hesitations (Quinones and Ehrenstein, 2010).
Once the employees are comfortable enough to work in the new organisation, they are provided training. Although there are many methods of training such as, lecturing, role playing, group discussion and by performing many leadership activities (Jackson and Parry, 2011).
In my organisation, trainers use lecturing and interactive methods for the purpose of providing training. Under lecturing method, employees are verbally explained the work that they have to perform in the organisation. On the basis of the experience experts provide complete knowledge regarding the work they have to perform (Marks et.al. 2014). This method is considered most suitable because it, helps in resolving all conflicts, issue and problems of employees. Some time as per my instructions printed papers which contain detail information are distributed among tranies, this not only helps in building better understanding among employees but help them to be connected with all training panels (Nahavandi, 2016).
Considering the fact, that only verbal information is not enough so, interactive methods are also used. In order to keep trainees attentive at the time of training trainers keep on involving them in group discussion, question card and role playing (Shepherd, 2014).            
As soon as one training session comes to an end, employees are divided into small groups and some topic or case study is given to them. At the end of discussion new employees able to attain good sum of knowledge from existing work force of the organisation. After they attain knowledge they are given question cards so, that they can write all there question and get appropriate answers on time for the same (Wettergren et.al. 2016). 
If still employees feel that they have any doubt then, with the help of role playing all their doubts get resolved. In this employees are given a particular situation and the way they act in that particular situation helps them in attaining experience and if same circumstances occurs on work place they can easily resolve it. I use the same module with my organisation.
As per ADDIE model which I have adopted for learning, there are 5 phases to learn. These phases involve, analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. At the first stage, designer are involve in identifying problems that may occur at the time of learning along with the learning environment. Second stage, learning objectives are defined and contents of the programme are determined. Third stage, learning material is arranged and at the fourth and fifth stage, training procure is decided, material are distributed and at the end feedback is obtained (Allen, 2012). On the basis of these feedbacks improvements are made is necessary. When I joined the organisation, all these stages helped me a lot to become a good leader as I was able to understand all the things with any confusion.
In this way by providing proper learning of employees will helps them to develop their overall personality. But still there are certain qualities which I think employees should in build in them so, that they can good leader in future. For this I think it’s important that they should build some qualities in them such as, ability to listen, continues improvement, develop a feel that what they had achieved is because of combine efforts of team members.
As per me, chances of more development increases by attaining coaching from external mentors.  This method is best among all because training is obtained from professionals who are socialised in their fields. After attaining training, learning new things and over all development, need may arise to manage the performance in order to perform as per the standards established by the organisation.
Performance management refers to a process in which involve number of activities are performed by the manager to ensure that all the tasks are performed by the employees efficiently so that organisation can attain its goals. Every company follow complete process to manage the performance of its employees (Laudon and Laudon, 2016).
Basically three steps are involved in it. Process of performance management involve, planning, monitoring and ends at reviewing and evaluating the performance. At the primary phase, managers are involve in identifying current performance, new responsibilities, tries to create link between job descriptions with work, developing proper work plan and training objectives.
In the second phase, in order to assure that all the work performed by the employees should be as per the standards drawn by the organisation, there performance is reviewed on the daily basis. Managers keep their eagle eye over the progress made towards the objective, hurdles that prevent employees to move forward and assure that they get proper support when they required.
At the end feedback is given which can be positive or negative depending on the type of work performed by the employee. I think in each and every organisation should be given rewards to employees if, they had provided good services to the organisation. This will motivate them to work hard. Whereas, negative feedback means that there is need to make improvements. These improvements can be made ether by providing training or suggestions so, that they can get back to track.
These feedbacks can be given individually especially when it comes to negative once. Wherever as, if they special events should be organised on which rewards can be given. This will provide recognition to employees. 
On the bases of work performed, many decisions are taken. Generally decision making involves selecting best alternative among all available. Similarly a good leader is the one who takes all the decisions only after analysing each and every aspect of a given situation. Many decisions taken by the organisation depends upon the contributions well as work performed by the employee in the organisation over a specific span of time.
Major decision that are taken on the basis of performance are- compensation increments, promotion, transfers, ability to perform new assignment and reducing work pressure over the employees. Although in many companies I use to give increment in the salary are given on the bases of skills, knowledge or amount of time they had given to the organisation. As per me it’s not correct, rating should be given to employees as per their work.
At my time there should be numerical rating scales in spite of non- numerical rating scales because subjective rating may create problem and chances are there of committing mistakes (Harms et.al. 2017). As per me 5- points’ scale should be used. Each and every point will tell how efficiently an employee is working in terms of task/ nature/ attitude/ goals.
According to me, these ratings should be given by each and every manager in order to reduce biasedness and it is important as, few might be generous and rest may be not. This will assure healthy work culture at the work place. Apart from all this above, quality of decision depends upon leadership traits. Some of these traits are, honesty, dedication, ability to convince others, positive attitude in each and every situation, creativity and so on. All these things helped me a lot to become a good leader.
Its bit difficult to find all the traits in an individual, but a good leader is considered to be the one, who possess maximum among them. Over and above this all gradually every person every person learn, develop, accrue experience with the passage of time 
It is very important for a leader to get aware about all the skills that will help them to improve. With the passage of time I realised that it’s important to brush up skills in order to understand new staff members otherwise, there are chances of conflicts between the employer and employees.
According to me an ADDIE model (Desi et.al 2017), although believes in giving time to an individual so, that they can build there owns understanding but sometimes there are chances that they build wrong illusions which results in improper work performance. So, in spite of giving them time instant questions should be asked in order to make sure appropriate understanding of things.
I think, good leaders are the one who keep their focus on each and every concept of teachings, mentoring, controlling and developing skills. Such leaders will train their employees efficiently which results in appropriate performance on the work place.
In spite of using one model, ELITE leadership model (Sternberg, 2016) should also be used. This model will help leaders to generate awareness for- self, social, their personnel, market trends, skills and many more.
According to me, a good leader is the one who set several criteria to judge the employee. If a person is not performing well on one ground then it does not mean that they don’t possess potential in them because each and every individual has their own talents, calibre to perform work. So at least there should be 10-15 points on the basis of which rating should be given. Further these points should be divided in three border areas. These areas can be, personality, work performance and behaviour with the other employees in the organisation.
Leader should develop a contingent working climate within the organisation. This will boost the energy among workforce to deliver their best to the organisation. Apart from this all the departments will perform their work by coordinating with one other. This will help organisation in attain their goals on time and establish strong image I the eyes of the society.
Lead the team by giving them suitable examples– as per me in spite of just telling verbally what is to be done and what should not be done, leaders should try to set practical and realistic examples so that they can get clear image of the task that they have to perform (Landale and Douglas, 2017). Apart from this leaders should also establish their good image by coming on time, making sure that they are well dressed, treat each and every individual equally without discriminating on the grounds of cast, colour creed sex.
Need to build proper channels of communication – leaders should establish good communication network within the organisation because communication is the only way to over the hurdles of misconception, misunderstanding, frustration, and many more problems faced by the employees at the time of working in the firm.
Proper communication will reduce the chances of performing the work with wrong information. Apart from this leaders should ensure that that there should be two way communication. This make the employees feel as, if they are important part of the organisation because firm is paying attention to their views, innovative ideas and addressing their all the grievances on time.
Develop understanding– I gradually understand that there is that need of establishing proper understanding for the health working environment.
Valuable meeting with the employees– good leaders are the one who make their meet to each and every individual in the organisation productive.  Considering the fact that “Time is money” leaders should not unnecessarily interrupt in the work of employees, as it may irritate them. Moreover that in the present era no one wants to work under the close supervision of their leaders, each and every person wants its own space. So, managers should focus on arranging productive meetings. This concept also helped me to in gaining good image among my staff members.
Always be curious to learn new things – if the leader is flexible enough to accept new changes, then it won’t be difficult to convince staff members to adopt new things. Curiosity is one of the most important trait of the good leader. If a person is new curious to learn anything new then it would be quite difficulty for the organisation to maintain their position in the market.
Accept all mistakes without any hesitation – I took long time to accept the fact that I won’t become small if I’ll say sorry on mine faults (Prince Et.al. 2017). Initially I use to hide my mistakes from subordinates but soon I realised that, people will respect me more if they will find me accepting mine mistake if I commit them this will not only helps me to build strong image but also develop an ability to learn new things from anyone without any hesitation (ENERENCZI, 2017).
Finally, I can say that good leaders are not born, anyone can become a leader (Cashman, K., 2017) after acquire the set a set range of qualities such as, understanding employees, develop faith among the team members, establishing coordination between different departments and so on. These all the theories helped me a lot to build an image of good leader in the eyes of society.
Benchmarks are also established by the leaders but, those at the time of establishing them they should assure that, standards should not be fixed to high or too low. If the standards are set too low then employees will not attain satisfaction even after attain them whereas, if the standards are too high then they won’t be able to attain them and this will make them feel frustrated and irritated. This all will results in increase in turnover of the organisation.   
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