BUS7006 Risk Management And Innovation

BUS7006 Risk Management And Innovation

BUS7006 Risk Management and Innovation

Assignment Task

You should answer the following questions with reference to an organisation or part of an organisation, with which you are familiar. Please discuss your choice of organisation with your tutor if you are in any doubt about how appropriate it is.

Question one

a) Critically discuss three different methods or techniques available for risk assessment.

b) Discuss the relative roles of quantitative and qualitative risk assessment and discuss. which is the more appropriate for the organisation of your choice. Give your reasons.

Question two

a) Outline and critically discuss the organisational culture implications of embedding the effective management of risks within the day to day activities of an organisation.

b) Discuss how far that good practice exists within an organisation with which you are familiar and recommend steps that would improve practice in that area.

Question three

Define the concept of discontinuous innovation and discuss the main difficulties, which organisations encounter in undertaking discontinuous innovation. Critically discuss the idea that the formation of networks is an effective response to problems of discontinuous innovation.

Question four

Tidd and Bessant (2013) identify a range of components, which they claim are key if an organisation is to be an effective innovator. With reference to an organisation with which you are familiar, critically discuss the contribution, which each of the following makes to effective innovation:-

• Effective team working

• Creative climate

• An appropriate organisational structure.

Question five

With reference to the professional skills described in learning outcome 7 at the head of this document, reflect upon and discuss the role that they might play in contributing to effective risk management.

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