BUS104 Case Study For Assessment

BUS104 Case Study For Assessment

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BUS104 Case Study For Assessment

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BUS104 Case Study For Assessment

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Course Code: BUS104
University: University Of The Sunshine Coast

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Country: Australia


Explain the planning process adopted by managers in organisations
Provide a brief summary of Ferguson Plarre’s organizational history
Describe Ferguson Plarre’s approach to goal setting.
How does Ferguson Plarre track progress toward goal achievement?
Leadership and the science of happiness Industrial Management.
Generating political priority for regulatory interventions targeting obesity prevention:
Corporate social responsibility and shareholder value of restaurant firms. 
An Effective Tool for Improving the Food Marketing Environment.


Answer 1
The first Australian Mc Donald’s opened in the regions of Sydney suburb of Yagoona after a decade of its establishment in the USA. It has been followed by a wide range of other Sydney stores and in 1973 by one in Sprinvale Road in Melbourne. The launch of the first Australian Mc Donald’s in the year 1971 had been identified as a prominent event. The majority of print advertising for Mc Donald’s in 1972 appeared to be about recruiting employees for the increasingly developing Australian business operation (Mcdonalds.com.au  2018). The Yagoona outlet had been shut down in the 1994 whereby the drive-through was removed and the building turned out as the GIO office. During that span, Macca’s store had been the single store with limited lifespan. Though the first restaurant at Yagoona was non-descript in relation to Mc Donald’s current organizational standards, however it was one of the initial steps towards its thriving rapid service restaurant sector in Australia(Mcdonalds.com.au 2018).
Mc Donald’s Australia launched their flagship burger ‘The McOz’ in 1999 in time for Sydney Olympics in 2000 where Mc Donald’s has been recognized as the official restaurant of the games purposed to served more than 1 million meals to the athletes, officials and viewers. In 2005, Mc Donald’s had celebrated its 50th Anniversary where the organization raised over $710,000 for CARE Australia through its restaurant chain in order to provide instant and enduring assistance to individuals who have been impacted by the adverse effect of Tsunami (Mcdonalds.com.au 2018). However, Mc Donald’s in recent times has been operating with around 850 restaurants and above 85,000 employees across the nation. In recent times Mc Donald’s Australia has introduced All Day Breakfast along with digital platform that is ‘Our Food Your Questions to answer purchasers’ queries and questions about Macca’s (Mcdonalds.com.au 2018). 
Answer 2
Mc Donald’s operations primarily rely on its fundamental players such as franchisees, suppliers, distributers and employees. The organization in Australia essentially refers to the integrated interdependency of these primary players as the ‘three-legged stool’. The stool forms the groundwork of the business and signifies its greatest strength as a business enterprise. Mc Donald’s are highly committed in assuring sustainable as well as profitable associations with its wide range of stakeholders, thus being critical for their business that their franchises, distributors and employees all could gain from Mc Donald’s business expansion. Mc Donald’s Australia comprises of over 9000 suppliers and are highly dedicated in ensuring that all suppliers of the business gain from their association with Mc Donald’s (Verseman  2017).
Verseman (2017) revealed that Mc Donald’s franchise model further provides assertive economic benefits by offering significant business opportunities for Australians. In recent times, it has been recorded that around 250 Australians are executing individual business as Mc Donald’s franchisees. The franchisee model further encourages significant entrepreneurial skills within an established business model and further Mc Donald’s facilitates franchisees to establish enduring as well as profitable businesses (Goulding & Lim 2014). Mc Donald’s Australia has been providing diverse range of opportunities and avenues to recognize skills and further develop leaders. Furthermore, at Mc Donald’s Australia the employers conduct their business to the highest potential standards of equality, honesty and integrity. The organization further assists their consumers to establish enhanced communities and further expand their value and size to improve the sustainability of the nation. Mc Donald’s Australia with its increasing expansion have been becoming highly focused on establishing its business in sustainable manner so that the impact on the environment is condensed and its contribution to the communities within which the company operates is assertive (Richards et al. 2015). Mc Donald’s Australia is immensely dedicated in supporting its producers and manufacturers and their first preference essentially relies on the source from within Australia whenever it is feasible and appropriate to do so. The company uses a very high proportion of Australian sourced food with over 90% of company’s food and packaging requirements manufactured in Australia (Mcdonalds.com.au 2018). The company in 2011 has spent over $ 670 million on Australian produce which includes over 380 million hamburger buns, around 85 million English muffins and around 25 million kilos of beef. However the standard of Mc Donald’s products in Australia has been identified at the global level leading to exporting success (NewsComAu 2018).  For example, Mc Donald’s export over 49 million kilos of Australian beef every year which is further used in Mc  Donald’s restaurants in South East Asia, Japan as well as the US (Telegraph.co.uk 2018).
Answer 3
The management function of Mc Donald’s Australia essentially ensures that all restaurants and franchisees work towards the success and attainment of collective goals and objectives. The prominence of the company is highly associated with innovation and well-established consumer associations which further have been sustained by the management functions (Mcdonalds.com.au 2018). The planning function significantly ensures that the organization recognizes and chooses appropriate goals and objectives and further evaluates for accomplishing organizational objectives. Mc Donald’s Australia has fundamentally emphasized on this principal function of management as it ascertains that all the restaurants of Mc Donald’s share and work towards collective objectives. The managers engaged in Mc Donald’s outlets further gain from such an effective function by effectively implementing decisions made in terms of organizational goals and purposes which the company desires to accomplish. Mc Donald’s has critically planned the action to execute and further attempt to amplify accessible resources (Verseman  2017).
Managers of Mc Donald’s depend on the organizing function in order to allocate or delegate authority to other employees. It has been observed that any achievable organizational structure promotes that customers and employees are identified as vital possessions of the organization (Zhu, Anagondahalli & Zhang 2017). Mc Donald’s Australia has attainably established an organizational culture which facilitates in improving employees’ ingenuity and motivation towards the role they are assigned for. The mutual management approach adapted by Mc Donald’s ensures that all retail outlets of the franchise situated in varied regions of Australia operate in an effective manner (Ford 2015).
Strategic plans and organizational structure have been frequently been supervised to ascertain they assist the organization to attain its goals and purposes. Regulation or controlling at Mc Donald’s is sustained through diverse range of activities purposed at ensuring employees are highly enthused and polices are distinct (Kim & Kim 2014). The line managers at each significant franchisee are further regulated by gaining the assurance that the company will conform to the range of suggestion provided by suppliers and distributors. CEO Andrew Gregory must undertake leadership approach in management to successfully contribute to the success of the organizational goals (Ford 2015). It has been noted by Reeve (2016) that the formation of a distinct perspective along with a highly empowering organizational culture to proficiently ensure that every stakeholder of Mc Donald’s comprehends the way individual roles tend to contribute towards the attainment of the company’s values and objectives. CEO Gregory must use strategies related to power, authority, affiliation and communication strategies to competently adapt this function. However the primary activities underlying this function at Mc Donald’s involve the coordination of employee conduct to successfully to guarantee that all activities are efficiently collaborated and the upholding of employee motivation and dedication (Change.org 2018). Thus in order to enhance the level of management and enthusiasm, Mc Donald’s Australia encourages its employees to perform in teams and further organizes events in order to facilitate the interaction of workers in various centres specifically for the stores which are located in similar regions. The CEO of Mc Donald’s must enhance its policies on leading which can further be attained by developing the autonomy of the franchisees which further aims to improve the competence level of employees in each franchise to introduce new and improved strategies to accomplish needs and requirements of respective markets (Reeve 2016).
Answer 4
Management in Mc Donald’s typically focus on establishing management skills which are technical, human and conceptual. Forms of technical skills are identified as the competence to implement tools, mechanisms and specialized expertise to execute methods and procedures. Majority of the technical expertise which CEO Gregory has been attained and can further be utilized in an efficient manner under such management skill (Richards et al. 2015). Furthermore, human competence are utilized to set up interpersonal associations, resolve human relation issues and further build approval of one’s co-workers. These management skills can further be used in order to associate to the employees with an approach that their conduct is reliable with the needs and demands of Mc Donald’s. Conceptual skills tend to involve the capacity to view the company as a whole and further to solve issues in a way which promotes the organization through analytical, innovative and intuitive talents which constitutes the CEO’s conceptual ability.
Furthermore, introductory management skills in MC Donald’s program for sustaining success give diminutive level of consideration to technical abilities. Reports reveal that major proportion of managers in Mc Donald’s employee base have obtained these competencies at a greater level than conceptual skills (Change.org 2018). However in a section of advanced management Mc Donald’s programs and initiatives for example the company’s financial management, the focus lies primarily on the integration of technical, human as well as conceptual skills instead of relying on customary technical approach. CEO Gregory moreover claimed that the relative significance related to conceptual, human and technical capacity alter as an employee advances from lower, to middle and further to senior management level in the organizational structure of Mc Donald’s (Mcdonalds.com.au  2018). Regardless to the importance of the three levels of management skills, conceptual ability have emerged as highly essential at the senior most level of management (Verseman  2017). Furthermore, the consistently elevated level of relevance of human skills and competence which will aid Mc Donald’s to efficiently comprehend the reasons of people issues are identified as fundamental cause for business disruption.
Answer 5
CEO Andrew Gregory must adapt skills of quality management in to facilitate Mc Donald’s maximise the excellence level of its products within constraints such as costs and price limitations. The CEO must implement an effective production line method in order to sustain the consistency level of product quality (Richards et al. 2015). The consistency level tends to persuade consumers’ expectations related to Mc Donald’s and its brand in this strategic decision area of business operations management. Furthermore, Andrew Gregory must implement strategic decision area of operations management in order to reduce inventory expenditure while efficiently aligning its restaurant operations (Zhu, Anagondahalli & Zhang 2017).  The CEO’s management skill must emphasize on direct sales of Mc Donald’s product as well as regional intermediaries along with suppliers to coordinate with the managerial base of Mc Donald’s to successfully manage the inventory management.
Answer 6
Through the exceptional leadership skills of Mc Donald’s CEO Andrew Gregory the company has initiatives to persuade and extra value meals to support Australian awareness and efficiently invented McCafe (Mcdonalds.com.au  2018). Thus following to the period of inactive growth, Mc Donald’s business with the strategic leadership skills of Gregory has returned to its highly innovative roots through prominent initiatives such as barista made coffee situated in all drive throughs, which have further guaranteed the company’s ability to surpass the rest of the global business in recent years (Mcdonalds.com.au 2018). Managers from other organizations must adapt the ability to persuade innovative strategies for consumers and acknowledge the feedbacks and opinions of customers (Telegraph.co.uk 2018).
Thus managers from other non-profit organizations must efficiently focus on progress and not perfection in order to liberate business from any kinds of innovation blockages or constrains. Furthermore, enterprises with franchisees must further adapt competence to generate money on their own accounts during times of discrepancies within the organization (NewsComAu 2018). In addition to this, managers of non profit organizations must align long term and short term decisions which are vital for the organization’s achievement and growth. These organizations must draw similar approaches with Mc Donald’s prospective strategic plans such as the 2020 vision plan (Ford 2015).
Baker, P., Gill, T., Friel, S., Carey, G. & Kay, A., 2017. Generating political priority for regulatory interventions targeting obesity prevention: an Australian case study. Social science & medicine, 177, pp.141-149.
Change.org (2018). Sign the Petition. [online] Change.org. Available at: https://www.change.org/p/ceo-managing-director-mcdonalds-australia-andrew-gregory-withdraw-the-proposal-to-build-a-24-hour-mcdonalds-drive-thru-and-restaurant-on-the-corner-of-reynolds-road-and-canning-highway-applecross-24dcede7-3660-4ac6-a300-aad9a8c30f13 [Accessed 6 Sep. 2018].
Ford, J., 2015. Going beyond the hero in leadership development: the place of healthcare context, complexity and relationships: Comment on” Leadership and leadership development in healthcare settings–a simplistic solution to complex problems?”. International journal of health policy and management, 4(4), p.261.
Goulding, E. & Lim, B., 2014. McDonald transvaginal cervical cerclage since 1957: from its roots in Australia into worldwide contemporary practice. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 121(9), pp.1107-1107.
Kim, M. & Kim, Y., 2014. Corporate social responsibility and shareholder value of restaurant firms. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 40, pp.120-129.
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NewsComAu (2018). Meet McDonald’s youngest Australian store manager. [online] NewsComAu. Available at: https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/careers/i-left-uni-to-work-at-mcdonalds/news-story/f55c6ae761b870b3c4b0eccfb92ee744 [Accessed 6 Sep. 2018].
Reeve, B., 2016. Self Regulation of Food Advertising to Children: An Effective Tool for Improving the Food Marketing Environment. Monash UL Rev., 42, p.419.
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Telegraph.co.uk 2018. McDonald’s rebrands to Macca’s in Australia. [online] Telegraph.co.uk. Available at: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9787581/McDonalds-rebrands-to-Maccas-in-Australia.html [Accessed 6 Sep. 2018].
Verseman, L., 2017. Corporate Social Responsibility: Are Franchises off the Hook, or Can a Treaty Catch Them. Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev., 16, p.221.
Zhu, L., Anagondahalli, D. & Zhang, A., 2017. Social media and culture in crisis communication: McDonald’s and KFC crises management in China. Public Relations Review, 43(3), pp.487-492.

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